Sharing vimproject file between WinXP and cygwin

2006-07-19 Thread Jean-Rene David
I've been using the Project plugin for many years now and I like it a lot. However one problem keeps bugging me. I would like to share my ~/.vimprojects file between my cygwin and windows version of vim. The problem is the paths for the project. When I enter a posix path, the windows version

Re: Specifying vim options in the files being edited

2006-09-08 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Russell Bateman [2006.09.08 15:30]: You see that pretty well anything you can do on the ex command line in Vim (:set ignorecase, etc.), you can put in these modelines. That's not true. You can only set options. Excerpt from :help modeline: No other commands than set are supported, for

Re: How to directly enter visual mode from insert mode ?

2006-10-03 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Ivan Vecerina [2006.10.03 12:15]: [...] Best case, I can type: ESClv [...] Is there an easy way to do so ? According to :h i_esc there is not builtin way to do this. But you could use a mapping: imap F8 esclv -- JR

Re: search visual block

2006-10-17 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Lev Lvovsky [2006.10.17 17:15]: Is it possible to search for a string by selecting that string in visual mode? Meaning, if I highlight something, and then want to search for that thing which is highlighted in the rest of the doc? You already got lots of good answers. Here's another one.

Re: search visual block

2006-10-18 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Robert Cussons [2006.10.18 06:30]: I did notice that between the if and else there are which just act as comments as they are on newlines, Sorry, I should have known that wouldn't come out right. There's a literal newline between the quotes. You can enter it by pressing CTRL-VCTRL-M.

Re: search visual block

2006-10-18 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Benji Fisher [2006.10.18 09:15]: I try to avoid such problems by not including raw CR, ESC, etc. characters in my vim scripts. I suggest replacing the two :execute lines with execute normal ? . l:pattern . \CR and execute normal / . l:pattern . \CR I was looking for a way

Re: search visual block

2006-10-18 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Robert Cussons [2006.10.18 09:29]: Everything seems to work fine now, except the searched for items aren't highlighted like they normally are when I search Whether or not search items are highlighted depends on the value of the 'hlsearch' option. The search item gets highlighted on my end

Re: automatically going from header file to implementation file

2006-10-18 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Naim Far [2006.10.18 13:00]: Does any body know a way of automatically going from header file to its implementation file?! and vice versa?! a.vim : Alternate Files quickly (.c -- .h etc) -- JR

Re: Can the mailing list owner set Reply-to field be [EMAIL PROTECTED]

2006-10-18 Thread Jean-Rene David
* A.J.Mechelynck [2006.10.18 23:30]: Reply to Sender is meant to reply only to the author of an email. Reply to All is meant to reply to the author and all other recipients. Reply to All usually results in the author receiving duplicates. However since most mailers offer nothing but those two

Re: Question about listchars

2006-10-19 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Jeff Lanzarotta [2006.10.19 13:13]: If there a way to check and see if the listchar is actually set or not? For options I change often, I use the following to display its value in the statusline. function! OptSet(opt, string) if(exists(a:opt) expand(a:opt)) return a:string else

Re: what are blue signs appearing in vimdiff panes ?

2006-10-23 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Yakov Lerner [2006.10.23 07:00]: If you look at lines 879-884 of the left pane, and lines 1583-1588 of the right pane you can see blue signs near line numbers. What do they signify ? They mean those lines are an open diff fold. I just did vimdiff and no special options. What do they

Re: projects manager/explorer

2006-11-02 Thread Jean-Rene David
* victor NOAGBODJI [2006.11.02 11:45]: Just looking for something like that in gvim. Do you know something like that? Searching for project on yields many hits. I use the project plugin. I like it, despite some warts. -- JR

Getting out of netrw

2006-11-03 Thread Jean-Rene David
Say I open vim7's new super duper file explorer netrw to browse some local directory. Say then I decide I don't want to open any new file and just want to go back to what I was doing. What would be the standard way to do that? I can use C-O to eventually land up where I was but I need to

Re: Getting out of netrw

2006-11-04 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Gary Johnson [2006.11.04 18:30]: When you open file A, then open file B, then want to go back to A, you don't do so by quitting B--you explicitly open A. Looking at it that way, it makes good sense. Thanks again for all the suggestions. -- JR

Re: highlight after :s///g

2006-11-09 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Tim Chase [2006.11.09 17:30]: :map f4 :let @/='~'cr Using :match also works, and doesn't modify @/. :match Search '~' Note that this gives a warning if no previous replacement string exists. -- JR

Search unfolded lines only

2006-11-13 Thread Jean-Rene David
Is there any way to search for text in open folds only? For example, if fold 1 and fold 2 below are closed and fold 3 is open, and placing the cursor on the line which says Start search here, I would like to end up on the foo in fold 3 when typing /fooCR. Start search here {{{ fold1 foo

Re: Searching/replacing literally

2006-11-23 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Meino Christian Cramer [2006.11.23 02:45]: I want to search a longer string totally literally...regexp totally switched of, no exceptions. function! LiteralSearch(string) range let l:pattern = escape(a:string, '\\/.*$^~[]') let @/ = l:pattern normal n endfunction :command

Re: compile code from within vim

2006-11-26 Thread Jean-Rene David
* atstake atstake [2006.11.26 20:45]: [...] eg. if it's a .pl file it would do perl filename, show the result and if there's any error it would take me to the line where the error is. Is there any easy way to do this with functions? Any example would be greatly appreciated. To change the

Re: search and replace function in vimrc

2006-11-27 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Samuel Wright [2006.11.27 11:15]: The regular expression works if I call it directly, but when I write :function FixJHIndex it just echoes the function definition. What am I missing? :function does exactly as documented. You want: :call FixJHIndex() See :h :call :h :function -- JR

Re: aligning text to a certain column

2006-12-05 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Lev Lvovsky [2006.12.05 13:53]: how can I align text under and after the cursor position to a specific column number? :.,$s/^\s*/ /g will align the first non-blank on the fourth column, from the cursor's line to the end of the file. and probably just as important, how can I find

Re: Making C-] do something different

2006-12-19 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Chuck Mason [2006.12.13 17:15]: In :help it follows links (Maybe there's a helptags file?). Bingo. :h helptags [...] For instance I have a line that looks like: ... sometext somenumber1 someothertext2 And if the user presses C-] anywhere on the line I would like to take

Re: Find and replace in visual area.

2007-01-08 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Silva, Paulo [2007.01.08 11:30]: I'm trying to do a replace in a selection. After selecting the area, with v, directional keys, v again (or not - both give the same result). Then I type :%s/\%V20/21/ Don't know why it doesn't work on your end. Works here. In any case, to do what you

Re: Folding away based on a seach

2007-01-11 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Samuel Wright [2007.01.11 06:15]: I have a todo list of single line entries. I'd like to fold everything away apart from a custom seach, say :customsearch urgent would fold away all lines that did not contain urgent. Has this been done already in some way? Yes.

Re: disable é ma p in tex-suite

2007-01-23 Thread Jean-Rene David
* neolistic [2007.01.23 10:15]: * Jean-Rene David-2 wrote: See here for a possible solution: I think this solution can work but I don't have the perms for the plugin direcory, is there a solution to unmap

Re: Deleting control line feed in string

2007-01-30 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Mueller Stefan [2007.01.30 07:56]: How can I delete a control line feed in a string :s/\\n// Should do what you want. Insert range as appropriate. Or :let value = substitute(string, n,,g) :h substitute() Discusses this specific case. HTH, -- JR

Re: :wq vs ZZ

2007-02-13 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Gene Kwiecinski [2007.02.13 17:00]: [...] I never liked :wq, because you gotta do depress shift : release shift w q enter For most actions in vim, I too often look for the very fastest, fewest-keystrokes way. However quitting is not one of them. I

Re: How to: display only the lines that have a matching pattern and fold /hide others.

2007-02-21 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Muddassirali Mirzani [2007.02.21 07:30]: Is there a way to display only the lines that match a search pattern and hide/fold others. The foldutil plugin makes that very easy. I use it quite a bit. -- JR

Re: search something from vim in certain directory

2007-02-22 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Peng Yu [2007.02.22 11:15]: I have a C++ project in some dir say project or its subdir. Although I can use find and grep outside vim to search for any word in project. But this is not very convenient. Well you can use an external grep from within vim. One advantage is that it's relatively

Re: search something from vim in certain directory

2007-02-22 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Peng Yu [2007.02.22 16:15]: I read the help. But I still don't see how to search in all the *.h and *.cc in a certain directory. Do I have to rely on the external command find? It would help if you told us what version of vim you use and what you tried. If you have vim 7, you can use:

Re: trying to leave the GUI world and enter the world of VIM

2007-02-27 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Peter Michaux [2007.02.26 22:00]: Does vim have the concept of a project of files? You might want to look at this: Found by searching with the keyword 'project'. HTH, -- JR

Re: Mapping to the numerical - and + and *

2007-02-28 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Eric Leenman [2007.02.28 08:00]: Is it possible to map the - and + and * keys on the nummerical section of a keyboard (in other words the keys in the group where the num-lock key is also) That part of the keyboard is sometimes referred to as the keypad. You can refer to those keys in vim

Re: Mapping to the numerical - and + and *

2007-03-01 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Eric Leenman [2007.03.01 13:30]: How were you planning to use those? I want to use these as cut, paste and copy iso CTRL-X, V and C. Cutting and copying are compound operations in the sense that you need to specify /what/ they are going to act on. There are many ways to do this, depending

Re: mark an anchor

2007-03-02 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Bin Chen [2007.03.02 09:45]: If I am in line 100, now I want to search a key which will lead me to wherever. I want to back to the place before the seach, can vim support anchor for me to back? If I understand your question, CTRL-O will do what you want. :h CTRL-O -- JR

Re: How to switch between horizontal split and vertical split?

2007-03-13 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Peng Yu [2007.03.13 12:15]: Suppose I have horizontal splited window1 and window2, is there any way to change them into vertical split and vice versa? CTRL-W H CTRL-W J Note the capital H and J. -- JR

Re: How to show path?

2007-03-16 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Peng Yu [2007.03.16 16:30]: Can somebody let me know how to show the current value of path? :set path? -- JR

Re: Consistently exit message display with 'q'?

2007-03-20 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Bram Moolenaar [2007.03.20 11:45]: How many times did I repeat a command just because I had pressed Space one time too many... You can type g to go back to the messages. Thanks! Didn't know about that. Reading the help, this only brings back the last viewed page of messages though. Not

Re: Count characters

2007-03-22 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Harald Kröll [2007.03.22 13:30]: Is there some function or script to count characters (letters without whitespaces) in vim? One way is to use the 'substitute' command's ability to tell you how many items it replaced. So if you type: :%s/\S//g You will get a message saying how many non-blank

Re: Customizing vim: How to change the char before commands

2007-03-22 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Some user [2007.03.22 15:00]: RANT Though I don't really get the reason why every command is preceded by colon. Not to nitpick, but commands themselves don't really care about the colon. The colon is used to *change mode*. In normal mode, you can just type away your commands

Re: How to turn a q recording into a map?

2007-03-23 Thread Jean-Rene David
* [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2007.03.23 19:45]: I was thinking that there should be a way to take the register lines and automatically turn them into an noremap (including adding the @ to start register playback). Has anyone perfected this? If you want your mapping to follow the (possibly changing)

Re: Error format and quickfix

2007-03-27 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Christophe Dupre [2007.03.27 07:15]: Here is what I get when I do copen. || ccsc main.c +FH +P +DC +LO +EA +STDOUT I+=..\Includes || Warning 201 C:\Project\Test\OnlineMS\Firmware\Source\rs232.c Line 48(1,1): Assignment inside relational expression || *** Error 12

Re: Deleting some lines from a log file

2007-03-27 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Eddine [2007.03.27 09:45]: ENTRY 184 185 **; 186 * PGMs Complexes 1 : enable - O : disable *; 187

Re: Search Replace in VIM Script

2007-03-27 Thread Jean-Rene David
* oskar [2007.03.27 11:25]: I have a vim script which I want to use to search replace a part out of a given line. The fields in the line are based on field length and the field I want to change starts at position 33 and ends after 4 charachter. Sample data and the result you expect would

Re: OT: Reply-To munging [was: [SOLVED] Need advice on pattern matching using match()]

2007-04-04 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Michael Klier [2007.04.04 17:30]: I am sure this has been questioned before but why is the Reply-To: header field not set via the mailing-list? Short answer: because it makes it more difficult to reply to the author without making it easier to reply to the list. Long answer:

Re: How to open a BIG file quickly?

2007-04-05 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Tom Purl [2007.04.05 10:30]: On Thu, April 5, 2007 2:38 am, ³Â·½ÈÙ wrote: If I want to open one 1G bytes size file,it's really slow. I suggest splitting it into smaller chunks with another tool. Just out of curiosity, why are you trying to edit a 1 GB file with any text editor?

Re: How to open a BIG file quickly?

2007-04-05 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Tom Purl [2007.04.05 12:00]: I need to do that quite often. They are usually log files from a long running program in debug mode. Actually, you can think of a log file as a sort of flat file database. Here's an example I appreciate all the help but I really don't have a problem with

Re: how to delete all occur of a character

2007-04-09 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Przemyslaw Gawronski [2007.04.09 09:45]: :argdo %s/\//g | updateCR is not special, so no need to quote it. :argdo %s///g | updateCR -- JR

Re: delete buffer questions

2007-04-09 Thread Jean-Rene David
* alebo [2007.04.09 15:00]: But if I use another kind of deletion like dw, I couldnt fetch it from the buffers 1-9, only from the first unnamed buffer. Why is this so and which kind of delete operations are supported in the delete buffers? If you delete less than one line, the data is put in

Re: Setting font in console vim

2007-04-12 Thread Jean-Rene David
* [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2007.04.12 10:30]: I can set the font in gvim using: Set guifont= But how do I do the same with console vim? You change the console font. :-) If you use cygwin I can tell you how I do it for rxvt or xterm. -- JR

Re: command to delete just whitespace

2007-04-15 Thread Jean-Rene David
* shawn bright [2007.04.15 20:15]: Hey there, i am looking for a command that will delete all whitespace up until the first character. for example []some_characters []some_characters. :s/^\[\]\zs\s*// -- JR

Re: Troubles configuring vim (multi-questions)

2007-04-16 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Gene Kwiecinski [2007.04.16 11:45]: Displays ^I just fine, but trashes actual indentation, at least for me (dunno if there's any magical 'vim' setting, like :set keepindent or something). set listchars+=tab:- -- JR

Re: CLTR-N and enter

2007-04-17 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Eric Leenman [2007.04.17 04:15]: Is it possible to select the right word with another key then the enter-key, and thus staying on the same line before CTRL-N was pressed at all? Yes, just continue typing... See: :h popupmenu-keys It defines the only keys which are special in the popup

Re: about fonts in gvim

2007-04-18 Thread Jean-Rene David
* shawn bright [2007.04.18 12:45]: is there a way i can permanently set the font for gvim ? i can't find a config file for it. :h 'guifont' -- JR

Re: Filename completion with all directories in 'path'?

2007-04-19 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Ben Kovitz [2007.04.19 20:00]: Is there a way to make filename completion (pressing tab at the command line in :find) use all the directories in the 'path'? Not exactly what you ask, but here is a nice little script I use quite a bit which you might find helpful:

Re: omni-completion

2007-05-09 Thread Jean-Rene David
* Normandie Azucena [2007.05.09 09:30]: this will seem to be a dumb question. what is omni-completion? How can I use it in vim? How can I create my own? Have you given :h omni-completion a try? -- JR

Re: vim 7.1 and cr/lf interpretation

2007-05-15 Thread Jean-Rene David
* A.J.Mechelynck [2007.05.15 08:01]: If you had, as I already told you twice (this is the third one) done :set fileformats= :e ++ff=dos list02.p :w your file would have been repaired immediately. SO WHY DIDN'T YOU? Or equivalently: :e list02.p GAC-VC-MESC add ^M at

Re: Why bottom-posting is prefered on Vim Mainling List?

2007-05-30 Thread Jean-Rene David
* [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2007.05.29 05:15]: See, though I always do trim, I still suffered from those who do not trim and use bottom-posting. I take it your mail program doesn't have a hide-quoted-text function. Who says text-based mail programs are primitive? :-) -- JR