RE: Bard jail

2020-02-28 Thread Merv Keck
I've done that more than once when reading short books. BARD has increased my number when I have asked them to give me more books. I rarely only read an average of 350 a year though. And I use other sources besides BARD such as Bookshare and Audible. Merv -Original Message- From:

RE: From Apple Insider: 'Ring's app caught spying on users, sharing data with third-parties By Mike Peterson Tuesday, January 28, 2020,

2020-01-28 Thread Merv Keck
This is no surprise. Isn't Android French for Please Hack my phone? -Original Message- From: On Behalf Of Mr. Ed Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2020 5:41 PM To: Subject: RE: From Apple Insider: 'Ring's app caught spying on users, sharing

RE: Disney Plus accessibility and described movies

2019-11-12 Thread Merv Keck
I was hoping for the older material myself. Even if it was not described. Merv -Original Message- From: On Behalf Of Patti Johnson Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 12:34 PM To: Subject: Re: Disney Plus accessibility and described

RE: Reminders App is it me or it?

2019-11-04 Thread Merv Keck
Oh cool. I live by my reminders. I really do. Smile! I even have started making categories. From: On Behalf Of Robin Frost Sent: Monday, November 4, 2019 12:02 PM To: Subject: Re: Reminders App is it me or it? Hi, First Mr. Apple

RE: Reminders App is it me or it?

2019-11-04 Thread Merv Keck
I am now seeing this as well since updating to 13.2. I will send a feedback report to Apple but was wondering if this is being seen by others as well. I depend daily on my multiple reminders and liked the new picker boxes. Merv From: On Behalf Of Robin Frost

RE: Is there an app that replaces MoneyReader?

2019-10-03 Thread Merv Keck
I’m not planning on upgrading my 8+ until spring of 2021 or Fall 2020 at the earliest. If Money Reader is not back I use US currency and not a lot of that anymore. I rarely carry cash these days. I tested the latest Seeing a I which I think is 3.2.2 but I may be mistaken. I found it to be

RE: Replacement for Plantronics voyager edge?

2019-09-30 Thread Merv Keck
My Edge is at least three years old now and working great. In fact I ran it through the washer and dryer twice so far. Merv -Original Message- From: On Behalf Of Cristobal Muñoz Sent: Monday, September 30, 2019 1:10 PM To: Subject:

RE: product channel not working on Seeing AI

2019-08-26 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I keep my light on all the time. I do this because I have extreme light sensitivity so my apartment is very dark as often as I am able to have it. And I find that it performs better when I keep the light on. Battery usage is not an issue for me because I keep it plugged in at home and I

RE: What 3words, The app that can save your life

2019-08-16 Thread Merv Keck
I was curious about that myself. My three words changed at least five times even though I never moved an inch. I wouldn’t know which three words to give and how they would find me if the words kept changing. Merv From: On Behalf Of Vivian Conger Sent: Friday,

RE: will be sending back my Logitech keyboard

2019-06-18 Thread Merv Keck
You should consider the Logitech K480. It is easy to pair. Big and heavy compared to the 780. Has no dongle. Also has no numeric keypad if you want one of those. But if you don't need a numeric keypad it is only about $22 and can be used on 3 devices. I use mine with the iPhone, iPad Pro, and

RE: The truth about what's actually good and bad about Apple News+, Apple Insider, Front Page News

2019-05-04 Thread Merv Keck
I've been hooked on Apple News Plus since it became available. The crashing at first was a pain. I haven't had a crash in weeks though just as they stated it does seem to be fixed. Both the Plus and the free News seems to learn my preferences and my news is becoming very customized. When I was

RE: Pureflix and Accessibility on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

2019-04-25 Thread Merv Keck
> that will show decent entertainment. > Patti > > On 4/25/19, Merv Keck wrote: >> I have no idea what censorship has to do with app accessibility. >> Pureflix is simply a streaming option like Hulu or Netflix or Acorn. >> They offer thousands of movies and sh

Re: Pureflix and Accessibility on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

2019-04-25 Thread Merv Keck
in making any changes. >> >> >> If all I have left in this world is God, I have >> everything! >> >> >> Sent from Mail for Windows 10 >> >> From: Merv Keck >> Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 4:15

Pureflix and Accessibility on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

2019-04-24 Thread Merv Keck
HI all, We recently resub scribed to Pureflix which is a family streaming service similar to Netflix. In the past, the app on the iPhone, iPad, and apple TV have been accessible. Now, it seems that none of the apps are accessible. The Web site is still partially accessible,

RE: Call for listener contributions

2019-04-18 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, This is great news. I passed it along on my Alexa group. The Dot to Dot Podcast is very popular with the members over there. Merv For all things Echo: From: On Behalf Of Robin

Re: Voice dream scanner has been released

2019-03-30 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I also have KNFB and just downloaded Voice DREAm Scanner. I also updated VDR. I am totally impressed with Voice Dream Scanner. I was worried that I would be disappointed because of all of the hype while it was in beta. Even on the KNFB list. In my opinion, after using Voice Dream Scanner on

RE: A question regarding an Echo Dot that probably is off topic for this list, where can I get help?

2019-01-16 Thread Merv Keck
HI, I use Tune In Live here at the house with my two Dots. The group I am on has over 360 members who are blind and/or visually impaired. Merv From: On Behalf Of Kevin Minor Sent:

RE: airplay2 speakers advice (maybe Sonos)?

2019-01-06 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, We have three pairs of Sonos Ones. When a friend recommended them I didn't think I could afford them. Now I can't imagine not having them here. I also have both Echo and Google represented throughout the house but Sonos is King of the Castle. Or at least Queen. Since the Sonos has Alexa.

RE: My 2018 Top Favorite Apps for iOS

2018-12-23 Thread Merv Keck
I prefer Apple Music as well. However, until they get voice control on Sonos with Alexa I also have Spotify. It is rare but Spotify does supplement Apple Music and I have found that the quality is often better than amazon Music Unlimited. Merv From: On Behalf

RE: Airplay question

2018-12-17 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, The Sonos One supports Airplay. So you may be able to play anything from your iDevice through your Sonos One by changing the routes available to the Sonos one in the control center. I do it all the time with whatever app I happen to be using. I can’t guarantee that every app I have tried

RE: Alexa will also get a Skype skill, was: Apple Music comes to Amazon Echo smart speakers starting December 17th | MacDailyNews

2018-12-01 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I wrote to Sonos Support and asked if Apple Music will have the same voice support that Spotify now enjoys on Sonos. Because someone on my echoing group speculated that because Alexa is a third party app on Sonos it may not be available with voice control with Sonos as it will be with

RE: iPhone 8+

2018-11-23 Thread Merv Keck
They are on the 8+. I have an 8+ and I am happy with it. From: On Behalf Of Robert Wright Sent: Friday, November 23, 2018 11:03 PM To: Subject: iPhone 8+ Where are the speakers located? Are they still on the bottom next to the lightning

RE: Does any one stil use iTunes to listen to internashional radio stations

2018-11-23 Thread Merv Keck
I know someone who did up until a month or two ago. I use Sonos or if I want to use my computer I use Tapin Radio Pro. Merv -Original Message- From: On Behalf Of Richard Turner Sent: Friday, November 23, 2018 6:26 PM To: Subject: Re:

RE: Siri Shortcuts

2018-09-17 Thread Merv Keck
I had a little trouble finding it. When I did find it, I already had it on my Phone. Was Workflow rebranded by any chance? Because I did not download it intentionally while running IOS 11.4.1. However, I did have Workflow on my iPhone 8+. From: On Behalf Of Traci

RE: iPhone xs 512gb Space Grey and Watch series 4 on backorder

2018-09-14 Thread Merv Keck
Everyone keeps asking what to do with 512 GB of storage. Last year I went six days without power during a hurricane. Last month I went five days without internet access due to a Spectrum Spasm. I have both Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited as well as Netflix, Pureflix, and amazon Prime.

RE: Sonos problem

2018-08-10 Thread Merv Keck
Are you inside the United States? I just tried this number and it works: 1 800 680 2345 Hope that helps. Merv From: On Behalf Of Marie Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 4:51 PM To: viphone Subject: Sonos problem I can no longer find a way to reach Sonos via

RE: Speaking of BT headsets?

2018-08-04 Thread Merv Keck
My Edge has gone through the washer and dryer and been caught in a rainstorm, and still works flawlessly. I have thought about getting the newer version which I think is called the 5150 but the Edge works so well I haven’t needed to spend the money yet. I would like to find a stereo Bluetooth

RE: iPhone verses iPad

2018-05-17 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I teach both iPhone and iPad. Email is absolutely fantastic on the larger screen. Even with no useable vision. I have helped people who had absolutely no experience with computers or iDevices learn to use both their iPhone and iPad. And the larger screen makes some applications very easy to

RE: purchasing iPad vs. mini iPad

2018-05-16 Thread Merv Keck
Apple is coming out with some very affordable iPads these days. The last Mini I believe was the Mini 4 which was released in October 2015. It is quite a bit slower than the one most recently released which has received a pretty good reception in the tech community. Merv From:

RE: braille display wont connect automatically via bluetooth on ios 11.3.1 iphone 5s

2018-04-26 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, You are the third person running I have seen using a Focus 14 with this issue on an iPhone today. I wonder if you are running IOS 11.3 or a beta? The other two were running the latest beta of IOS 11. I wonder if this is a bug that needs reported to Apple. Merv From:

Outside Navigation?

2018-04-02 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, If I wanted to walk outside from point A to Point B in a place such as an apartment community where there were no sidewalks. Such as to a Trash Dumpster or a set of Mailboxes that might be a quarter of a mile away. But still inside the apartment community. Is there an app that will allow me

RE: Echo?

2018-03-30 Thread Merv Keck
Canada is pretty new to the Echo skill ecosystem. Many people use a U.S. address in order to get access to more amazon Echo functionality. But if it grows anywhere nearly as quickly as it grew in every other country I think it will come in to its own before long. I like the voice control that

RE: Apple releases iOS 11.3, the biggest update for iPhones since iOS 11 first launched, Ars Technica

2018-03-30 Thread Merv Keck
I found that if I accentuate the Viz in Apple visz when I say "Wake Word play Apple Viz! Podcast" that she complies quite easily. It is currently playing on my Sonos Ones in the ManCave group. Laughs! Merv - For all things Echo: -Original Message-

RE: Echo?

2018-03-30 Thread Merv Keck
I have both Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. I have both Sonos and amazon products here in the house. The Sonos Ones with Alexa are fantastic for music. Because we live in a community that is controlled by an enterprise level mesh system. And we are not permitted to have personal routers

RE: MLB and Sonos

2018-03-29 Thread Merv Keck
This new tune In Live for $2.95 a month is supposed to be on all Alexa enabled devices but so far is not working on the Sonos. Only Echo devices. I’m hoping it is on Sonos by tomorrow when the Phillies play so I can hear a decent sounding game. Merv From:

Re: Uber Eats Pricing Problem

2018-03-28 Thread Merv Keck
We have only really ever had one bad delivery. And it was the fault of the eating establishment not the delivery service. And Customer service gave us 50% refund without us even asking. We get from places that do not normally deliver such as The Wing House or Glory Days Diner. And we have not

RE: Okay, I have to Admit It, HomePod Is The Best

2018-02-17 Thread Merv Keck
I just ordered a pair of Sonos Ones directly from Sonos. They gave me $50 off plus free expedited shipping because I was a repeat customer. So the pair was $349 plus free shipping. -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of

RE: turning off do not disturb while driving

2018-02-03 Thread Merv Keck
I have had the same experience. Last week I missed an important message because it came back. I’m thinking that every time I do an IOS update I’m going to have to do the Do Not disturb dance. Which seriously disturbs me. Sad face! Merv From:

RE: best braille display foor ios and bluetooth

2018-02-03 Thread Merv Keck
The Focus works very well with laptops, iPhones, and other devices. You can update the firmware yourself. I have done it. It is not bulky. It is very sturdy. Especially the new fifth gen 40 and 14.. I still wish they had a 20 instead of a 14 but both the 20 and 14 are great. Merv

RE: Trained audio engineer gives his opinion on the HomePod

2018-01-30 Thread Merv Keck
I whole heartedly agree with everything Sieghard said. In fact, I have an announcement sitting in my inbox for a sale offering two of the Play Ones for $349 right now. I have three already but I am thinking of paring them. I love the Sonos ecosystem and might as well stick with it. Merv

RE: Thoughts about some new Bluetooth toys

2018-01-13 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, Those sleep phones look pretty good. From the product page, however, I could not tell if they have a pair that is compatible with the newer iPhone. Or if I need a lightning or Bluetooth adapter to use them. Lately I have been falling asleep reading just about every night with earbuds in.

RE: Publix App

2017-12-15 Thread Merv Keck
My Publix App went non-accessible about a month or two ago. On my 6S+. I have the latest version of the Publix app and IOS 11.2. I wonder if I should uninstall the app and reinstall it? Merv -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of

RE: Amazon Prime Video now available for Apple TV Third Generation and newer

2017-12-07 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I have Prime set up and registered on my Apple TV 4 now. I was wondering if described movies and television shows are set apart anywhere as they are in the Netflix app? In the Netflix app they have their own category. Navigating seems a little more of a chore in Prime. Sound certainly

RE: Serious Radio do you use the iPhone or a standalone radio for at home use

2017-11-21 Thread Merv Keck
This seems like a silly question, however, does the Sonos act as a hardware medium or an internet medium for Sirius radio? For example back before the merger I had a Polk radio for XM. Now I live in an absolute dead zone. Even taxi drivers lose their signals when they drive in to this complex

RE: Tune In and sonos

2017-11-19 Thread Merv Keck
I wish Tune In Premium came through my new sonos One. Maybe they will do that one day in the future. Right now I can only get it on my iPhone and iPad. And my iPhone keeps forgetting the Premium account and I have to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix it. Merv From:

RE: Voice Dream Reader no longer linking with my Dropbox

2017-11-19 Thread Merv Keck
Oddly enough, I have been getting that issue for the last two or three versions of Voice Dream Reader. I am using a 6S+ iPhone so this may not apply depending on what device you are using. However, after trying many times to connect to Dropbox, and getting an error message, I discovered that if

RE: Amazon Echo and Alexa

2017-11-16 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, The list for echo devices for the blind is You can enable skills via your computer, your echo device, or the Alexa app. To enable a skill using the Echo just say: Wake Word enable Skill Name. Or Wake Word Disable Skill Name. If you wish to disable a skill.

RE: voyager edge headset-RE: Bluetooth headsets with iPhone

2017-11-11 Thread Merv Keck
I absolutely love my Edge. I have used the charger many times to charge my Edge three full times between plugging it in to charge the Edge in the charger. I use the Edge on the go quite a lot. And I am very pleased with its performance. Not to mention its durability. One time I washed and dried

RE: iOS 11 'cop button' also helps users w/ Medical ID protect their data if unconscious

2017-08-20 Thread Merv Keck
That's pretty funny. When I'm having a seizure I wake up in another town sometimes with absolutely no recollection of what my password is or the name of the person sitting beside me. Laughs! I'm surprised I haven't bricked my phone during a seizure by now. Merv -Original Message-

RE: Radio app suggestions for the 4th gen Apple TV.

2017-08-20 Thread Merv Keck
Is MyTuner Pro totally accessible with Voiceover? When the Apple tV 4 first came out I tried the free version and it was not completely accessible. Merv From: [] On Behalf Of Larry Lumpkin Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2017 1:20 PM To:

RE: looking for input on any of the amazon devices

2017-08-05 Thread Merv Keck
eed to download on the iphone side? > > Sent from my iPhone > >> On Aug 5, 2017, at 12:14 AM, Merv Keck <> wrote: >> >> All of the Amazon devices are accessible if you are referring to the Show, >> Dot, Tap, or Echo. >> There are

RE: looking for input on any of the amazon devices

2017-08-05 Thread Merv Keck
The Show is the newest in the amazon line of Echo devices. It is an Echo with a seven inch touch screen. And it is accessible with voice view. The average cost in US dollars is around $229. Chris G of Mystic Access did a podcast and review of the unboxing and accessibility of the new Echo show.

RE: looking for input on any of the amazon devices

2017-08-04 Thread Merv Keck
All of the Amazon devices are accessible if you are referring to the Show, Dot, Tap, or Echo. There are currently over 15,000 skills available and more being added each day. Merv - For all things Echo: -Original Message- From:

RE: Accessible radio app for UK residents?

2017-08-02 Thread Merv Keck
I am currently using one called UK radios on my iPad. It still gets updated and I am using it with IOS 11 beta. I don't remember who makes it but they make a number of different apps for different countries including Canada, Israel, and the United Kingdom. The interface is accessible and looks

RE: PureFlix

2017-07-22 Thread Merv Keck
stuff, and that sort of thing. I was so totally hooked on Downton Abbey when it was around, so anything along that line is something I'll watch. Patti On 7/22/17, Merv Keck <> <> wrote: I've always been curious about acorn. I g

RE: PureFlix

2017-07-22 Thread Merv Keck
: Re: PureFlix > > I will support anything like this that gives a chance to see decent > quality tv, rather than the junk that is on network and even cable tv > these days. > My personal opinion. So even if Pureflix didn't offer a ton of stuff, > I'd still support it, given what it

RE: PureFlix

2017-07-22 Thread Merv Keck
Patti Johnson >>> Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2017 7:52 AM >>> To: >>> Subject: Re: PureFlix >>> >>> I will support anything like this that gives a chance to see decent >>> quality tv, rather than the ju

RE: PureFlix

2017-07-21 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, has a listing of movies and shows. I gave up Hulu a long time ago in anticipation of Pureflix. They have some content that I have been waiting for a while. -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of MamaPeach

Pureflix App and the Apple TV 4

2017-07-21 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I have been waiting for the Pureflix app to come to the Apple TV 4 for about a year now. It has finally arrived. However, I have no clue if it is accessible. I was wondering if anyone has tried it yet with Voiceover? Pureflix is like Netflix but with family friendly programming. Thanks in

Tune In Radio Premium on more than one device?

2017-07-20 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I am considering Tune In Premium on my iPad and iPhone. I was wondering, if I buy it on one device, will I also be able to use it on the other device or will I be required to purchase a second subscription. Which I do not intend to do. I would make a choice as to which device I wanted to

RE: setting up an amazon echo

2017-07-11 Thread Merv Keck
ername: bbstheblindrapper Facetime: <> On Jul 11, 2017, at 7:52 PM, Merv Keck < <> > wrote: There is a user list for the blind. <> m

RE: setting up an amazon echo

2017-07-11 Thread Merv Keck
There is a user list for the blind. You can set up your echo device using the app or the computer. From: 'Ray T. Mahorney' via VIPhone [] Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 7:37 PM To:

RE: Recommending app for remembering to pay bills

2017-05-25 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I do use the reminder app for paying monthly and annual bills. The only issue with the reminder app is that it is not the most powerful I have ever worked with. There have been times when I would like to more easily sort my reminders. But for the most part it does work pretty well. Merv

RE: ParcelTrack App Recommendation

2017-05-20 Thread Merv Keck
I’ll have to try this one. I have yet to find one to track dynamex yet. Laughs! Amazon uses them for same day shipping down here in Florida. From: [] On Behalf Of Robin Frost Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2017 1:46 AM To:

RE: Introducing Alexa calling and messaging

2017-05-12 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, For me it is voice controlled. I don't need a phone or a computer to use it. Which I do for skype and the other applications you stated. And I can use it as a wireless intercom or to talk and message across the country or world without picking up a phone or taking my focus away from

RE: Introducing Alexa calling and messaging

2017-05-10 Thread Merv Keck
I have used both the calling and messaging on my Echo Dot. It works very well. I am now considering a pair of Echo Shows. I have been waiting to see if anyone can give me a handle on the accessibility of the touch screen. But the demonstrations I have seen sound pretty good. And it works so

RE: Apple rumours hint at special iPhone for the blind with integrated 2-row 20-cell braille display

2017-04-01 Thread Merv Keck
Considering how many resources Facebook and other companies spend each year trying to eliminate fake news, I am constantly amazed at the number of people who are amused by these obviously fake and not amusing stories. If someone posted a fake story about a blind friendly device on May 22nd or a

RE: apple tv 4th gen apps accessibility going down hill

2017-03-25 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I was very disappointed with many of the apps I have tried lately. I purchased an Apple TV 4 even though my third gen worked fine because I wanted access to the thousands of channels instead of the 20 or 30 that were available on the third gen. Ok apps as they call them not channels.

RE: A Question to iTunes for Windows Users with Two-Factor Authentication Enabled on Their iCloud Accounts

2017-03-23 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I do not use the iCloud Panel but I do use itunes and the Cloud. I have an iPad Mini 4 and an iPhone 6S+ and I have two factor authentication enabled. I use that very successfully with both devices. Oh it also works well with the Apple TV 4. Although I am glad I have a Bluetooth Keyboard

Apple TV 4 and Amazon Shopping

2017-03-23 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, Today I discovered the Amazon Shopping App on my Apple TV 4. It seems to be working very well. The only strange thing so far is when I searched for something it brought me results with both $US and $Canadian. I live in Florida and was signed in with my Prime account. Everything seems

RE: iTunes 12,6

2017-03-23 Thread Merv Keck
So far I am using 12.6 successfully on my windows 10 Home with Jaws 18. One weird quirk I noticed was that some files I had deleted but apparently were in the cloud showed back up and had to be deleted again. I have the cloud enabled in preferences because it seems to make my experience work

RE: questions regarding Apple TV

2017-03-15 Thread Merv Keck
Netflix asking if you are still watching used to be on the web site. I don't know if it is still there or not. I haven't tried accessing the site since losing my vision in 2014. I have quite a bit of difficulty accessing the rotor on the Apple TV 4. I find it much more difficult than any other

RE: Problem With Bluetooth Keyboard

2017-02-12 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, Were the batteries included? The only time I have ever seen that was when the batteries were going dead. A fresh set eliminated the issue. I have the K480 and absolutely love using it with my iPhone 6S+, iPad Mini 4, and Apple TV 4. That dial is great for switching between the three

RE: Voice over talking when listening to voice mail long IPhone 7 with IOS 10.2.x

2017-02-05 Thread Merv Keck
This is also happening on my 6S+. It is not reading the transcription. It just says something like about Voiceover being on or active. I don't remember exactly what the message says because I am usually concentrating on the voicemail. But it is definitely saying something about Voiceover and

RE: [vi-kindle] Turning voice on a brand new Fire

2017-01-27 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, Thanks. I have it all set up now. Nicki found some good resources on google and I set it all up for her except for the Wi-Fi password. I really have problems with the touch typing. That light touch on the virtual keyboard always gives me fits even on the iPhone. I don't use it. When I get a

RE: IPad Mini 4

2017-01-14 Thread Merv Keck
I chose a Mini 4 on the AT Next plan because I already had two iPhones on the plan. So adding the 128 GB Mini 4 was the more economical option for me as far as tablets were concerned. It was also the perfect size and was fast enough to do everything I needed it to do. In two years from

RE: OT my experience with spectrum re accessibility

2016-12-30 Thread Merv Keck
We are formerly Brighthouse now spectrum. They are calling me after January sixth with an estimated time of arrival for the set top box. They gave me the video portal on the PC in the meantime. However it is for the most part useless. And I only bothered with it twice. Now it does not even

RE: Bluetooth headsets for use with IPhone 7

2016-12-28 Thread Merv Keck
From: Merv Keck Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2016 4:00 PM To: <> Subject: RE: Bluetooth headsets for use with IPhone 7 I also use the Plantronics Edge with both my iPhone 6S+ and my iPad Mini 4. I even ran it t

RE: Bluetooth headsets for use with IPhone 7

2016-12-28 Thread Merv Keck
I also use the Plantronics Edge with both my iPhone 6S+ and my iPad Mini 4. I even ran it through the washer and dryer once and it still works great. Merv From: [] On Behalf Of Cristóbal Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2016 6:57 PM

Activating an item in the Apple TV 4 Rotor

2016-12-07 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, This morning my Apple TV 4 started randomly raising and lowering voiceover volume when navigating on the home screen and in app menus. Streaming volume is fine. It is just voiceover that goes up and down seemingly at will. I am not using a sound bar. Just the HDMI on the TV. I did a little

Bluetooth Keyboards and Carriage Returns

2016-12-04 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, When sending a text with my iPhone, if I hit enter on my Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard I send the text message. Does anyone know how to begin a new line in a text message which would normally be done on a PC Word Processor by hitting the enter key, without sending the message? According to

RE: Delete & remove in iOS

2016-11-20 Thread Merv Keck
Health might be useless to you. but I get gift cards from Amazon and iTunes for walking five miles a day thanks to the Health app. I use it to count my steps. Then I open my insurance app and the information from the health app is seamlessly transferred to the insurance app and when I get

RE: Bluetooth keyboard more than one device

2016-11-20 Thread Merv Keck
HI, If you do not need a numeric Keypad check out the Logitech K480. It pairs with three devices. It has a wheel on the top left side that lets you literally dial your device. I sit here and type on my iPad and my iPhone simultaneously by just dialing one and then the other and it is very

RE: Network Connection In Progress

2016-11-14 Thread Merv Keck
I just discovered mine was on by default on my iPad. I had turned it off a long time ago on my iPhone 6S+ but never thought about checking when I received my iPad a month ago. Thanks Sieghard for pointing that out. Merv -Original Message- From:

RE: Quick Question for Apple iOS Beta Testers

2016-11-07 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I chose to beta test on a secondary device. I have an iPad Mini 4 which I beta test with but not my iPhone or my watch or Apple TV for that matter. Just in case something comes up with the beta that causes voiceover to do something unexpected I can’t get caught without my phone. I do not

RE: Accessibility Report - Safari (and other) Edit Fields On Web Pages

2016-10-26 Thread Merv Keck
I respectfully suggest that anyone who chooses to copy your email would run it through a spell checker before submitting it to Apple. From: [] On Behalf Of Gordan Radic Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 5:33 PM To:

Requesting info about Apple Beta Test lists

2016-10-15 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I recently acquired an iPad Mini 4 to add to my growing family of iDevices. I have decided to beta test IOS 10 and above on my new 128 GB Mini 4. I am aware of one list for beta testing. However, I would like to make sure I am proficient as possible in all things beta. So I would appreciate

RE: Messages... adding an effect?

2016-09-15 Thread Merv Keck
I very much appreciate this message. I finally know after several hours of playing with messages why I was unable to send a successful effect. I have reduced motion turned on. Thanks for this very useful information. From: [] On Behalf

RE: Messages... adding an effect?

2016-09-14 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, I noticed today that I can add music to a message. It gave me a list of tracks. I’m not sure if they came from music I recently listened to in Apple Music because that is what it looked like to me. Is this an effect or something different? Is there a fee for adding music to a message?

RE: My question is still how large are they going to allow these devices to become?

2016-09-11 Thread Merv Keck
Android has a few models that are even larger but are still classified as phones not tablets. I think as long as they continue to offer both a smaller choice and a larger choice then why not go as big as they want. There are pros and cons to both small and large. And different applications for

RE: Apple Watch

2016-07-14 Thread Merv Keck
I got my 38 mm sport for $250 $U S back in February or March. I thought that was a fair deal for a new Apple Watch so I decided to not wait until September. So far I have been pretty happy with everything except battery life. Even with a lot of things turned off I end up charging my watch twice

RE: Netflix Shows

2016-07-11 Thread Merv Keck
In the 4th Generation Apple TT, at least in mine, that has been fixed with the latest update a few days ago. It no longer says label. -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of christopher hallsworth Sent: Monday, July 11, 2016 11:35

RE: Netflix Audio Description

2016-06-27 Thread Merv Keck
I have not been able to get Audio Description the last couple of days. I don't know if this season just doesn't have it which would be strange for them to not have it for season seven when they had it for the first six seasons, or if there is another issue. But I do miss it when it is not

RE: Comprehensive Analysis of Apple's Big Reveal from a Blindness Perspective

2016-06-07 Thread Merv Keck
Blindness technology eBooks, tutorials and training On 7/06/2016, at 11:26 AM, Merv Keck < <> > wrote: Jonathan or anyone: Is there an Apple TV 4 recommended app for listening to Mushroom radio here in the U

RE: Comprehensive Analysis of Apple's Big Reveal from a Blindness Perspective

2016-06-06 Thread Merv Keck
Jonathan or anyone: Is there an Apple TV 4 recommended app for listening to Mushroom radio here in the United states? I have an iPhone and of course could listen live on my PC on Monday. However, I thought it might be fun to listen via the Apple TV fourth Generation if possible. From:

RE: Weather Channel app; setting up alerts

2016-06-06 Thread Merv Keck
I have them all turned on for the iPhone. If there are more I’ll have to check them out. From: [] On Behalf Of Robin Frost Sent: Monday, June 6, 2016 7:11 AM To: Subject: Re: Weather Channel appp; setting up

RE: apple watch after the update

2016-05-20 Thread Merv Keck
Hi, Someone asked me after the update if I noticed that behavior. I checked and sure enough mine is doing the same thing. From: [] On Behalf Of Lois Butterfield Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 2:35 PM To: Subject:

RE: Publix grocery store app

2016-05-12 Thread Merv Keck
was so she would know what was what. The website for shipt is: -Original Message- From: Merv Keck Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2016 1:02 PM To: Subject: RE: Publix grocery store app Hi, I use this app every week to find out what is on sale before

RE: best internet browser for blind on iPhone?

2016-05-12 Thread Merv Keck
> On May 12, 2016, at 1:06 PM, Merv Keck < > <>> wrote: > >> I like Firefox on the iPhone. >> >> *From:* <> >> [mailto:viphone@googlegroups

RE: best internet browser for blind on iPhone?

2016-05-12 Thread Merv Keck
I like Firefox on the iPhone. From: [] On Behalf Of Gianni Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2016 6:08 AM To: Subject: best internet browser for blind on iphone? Dear, I sometimes feel that Safari is slow on the

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