Re: Which Stores Accept Apple Pay? The Always Up-to-Date List (iOS & iPhone), Gadget Hacks

2018-03-10 Thread SSEric
I did find an app in the Apple store with local businesses excepting Apple Pay. However, it was not complete and to add a business you know excepts Apple Pay you had to physically be there. I do not recall the name of the app, but if I can find it anyone can! Eric (614)

Re: Getting iPhone battery replaced

2018-02-14 Thread SSEric
This may not be the most elegant solution, but how about a battery case. You can find quite a number of them for under $25. It might work for you as temporary solution until you get your battery and then could be useful for times when you will need more battery Eric (614)

Re: Trouble With Uber App

2017-12-12 Thread SSEric
Ask someone who does have a working Uber account to contact help and ask the question on your behalf. Perhaps you should be there so that you can follow instructions. Eric (614) 296-9467 On Dec 12, 2017, at 12:48 PM, Richard Petty wrote: I

Re: Zolo liberty+ Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds, maybe they give Apple Airpods a run for their money

2017-12-11 Thread SSEric
iptive info. > On 11/27/17, SSEric <> wrote: > I did order those last Monday and received them Wednesday. They are pretty > much as described. They do have the silicone tip that goes into the ear > canal. Each earbud itself is probably about the size of a gumball

Re: Zolo liberty+ Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds, maybe they give Apple Airpods a run for their money

2017-11-27 Thread SSEric
I did order those last Monday and received them Wednesday. They are pretty much as described. They do have the silicone tip that goes into the ear canal. Each earbud itself is probably about the size of a gumball with the tip sticking out of it. The earbud is covered with a very thin silicone

Re: a native reminders app question

2017-11-11 Thread SSEric
You can also put your shopping list in Notes and share that way. On Nov 10, 2017, at 10:13 PM, Nancy Badger wrote: There is an app called AnyList that does this very well. My husband and I share lists all the time. Nancy Nancy Badger, Ph.D Executive Director of

Re: iOS 11.0.3 Reminders: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

2017-10-21 Thread SSEric
Privacy > Location Services > System Services? -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of SSEric Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 12:00 PM To: Subject: Re: iOS 11.0.3 Reminders: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Re: iOS 11.0.3 Reminders: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

2017-10-19 Thread SSEric
Wow! I have only recently started using Reminders as intended, but I have found no accessibility issues using iOS 11. I will be anxious to hear what problems you are having. You might want to take a look at Alarmed. You can have Siri set reminders in the Reminders app and when you open Alarmed

Location-Based Reminders

2017-10-09 Thread SSEric
I have a couple of reminders set when I arrive at locations. I have visited both of these several times and have not received an alert. Can someone tell me what could be going wrong? By the way, I also have these same locations set in the Alarmed app. I am not getting notices of arrival from

Re: Google search not working like it used to on Safari for iOS.

2017-10-06 Thread SSEric
I use Duck Duck Go as my search. It opens like Google, but without a lot of junk. Eric (614) 296-9467 On Oct 6, 2017, at 6:44 PM, wrote: So, to make a long story short, I updated to iOS 11 a week or so ago. It was fine, except for this one issue. I

Reading Mail

2017-10-03 Thread SSEric
This must have been addressed before, but I missed it. Can I stop in coming mail from displaying with columns. It is very difficult to comprehend a message when it is constantly being broken up into column numbers. I don’t really notice a pattern of senders this occurs with. Any help will be

Re: Just Press Record Query.

2017-10-01 Thread SSEric
I find that I no longer land on the record button when opening the app or going to it from the app switcher. The button is very easy to find, just above the physical home button. But… Also, it seems they have done away with the daily folders. While not deal breakers for me, it does change the

Re: notifications not speaking on lock screen

2017-09-26 Thread SSEric
0:08 AM, Davy Cuppens <> wrote: >> >> Hi all >> >> This is a major bug in ios11. Therefore I do not advise to update if >> you find this feature important. >> Regards >> Davy >> >> 2017-09-24 23:05 GMT+02:00, SSEr

Re: Recommendations for around $100 In-ear Wired Headphones

2017-09-26 Thread SSEric
Check out the Bose MEI-II. (I hope I got that right.) I have had them for many years now, and they are the best sounding and most comfortable earbuds I have had. They are around $129 for the ones with the mic and controls. Eric (614) 296-9467 On Sep 26, 2017, at 1:01 AM,

Re: notifications not speaking on lock screen

2017-09-24 Thread SSEric
I have an I phone 6S running iOS 11. My notifications setting is set to always, and it still is not reading in coming notifications. The interesting thing is, if voiceover is speaking or something else is playing, notifications are read as they are coming in. Eric (614)

Re: notifications not speaking on lock screen

2017-09-22 Thread SSEric
Curious addition to this is, the other day, I was connected to CarPlay via cable. Music was playing through my car speakers. A notification came in and was read aloud on the iPhone 6s, version 11. Eric (614) 296-9467 On Sep 22, 2017, at 12:05 AM, Sadam Ahmed

Re: BARD Mobile Sleep Timer

2017-09-19 Thread SSEric
;> To: <> >> Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 8:14 PM >> Subject: Re: BARD Mobile Sleep Timer >> >> >>> >>> I've only ever seen it work by time, not by chapter. >>> Each time you double tap on the sleep timer, it

BARD Mobile Sleep Timer

2017-09-18 Thread SSEric
I have been having trouble getting bard to stop playing at the end of a chapter. I read the Help file yesterday and realized I had been setting the timer while the book was playing. They said set the timer when the book is stopped. It continues the same behavior. At the end of the chapter the

Re: Uber Eats

2017-08-26 Thread SSEric
The only part that could be considered as not accessible is at the end when you can rate the service, the restaurant and the driver and leave a tip. Some of the buttons and choices there are not labeled or not clearly labeled. Eric (614) 296-9467 On Aug 25, 2017, at 4:08

Re: Lire working beautifully now

2017-05-01 Thread SSEric
What do I need to do to stop old articles from showing? Used to be, they would be gone when I close the app, with new ones showing when I opened it. Many thanks! Eric (614) 296-9467 On May 1, 2017, at 2:59 PM, Larry Lumpkin wrote: I don’t know if

New Facebook User

2017-04-27 Thread SSEric
A couple of years ago I deleted my Facebook account. Just yesterday I created a new account. Much has changed in Facebook in that time. Does anyone know where I can find some help figuring out what I can do with Facebook and how to do things. All thanks in advance! Eric

Reading Threaded Mail

2017-03-29 Thread SSEric
I have still not figured this out. When I open a thread I land on message five of five. I am on the senders name. Swiping to the right, I get the day it was sent, then The target address, then a details button. It takes one more swipe right to get to the start of the message. Is there a way I

Re: Apps to play classic country and bluegrass music

2017-03-18 Thread SSEric
I suggest Accu radio. It is a free app with many genres and multiple subclasses within those. You cannot request a song or artist, but you can tell it not to play one again. It is fully accessible. Very, very few commercials and most of them are just three second self promotions. Eric

Re: Airpod question.

2017-02-23 Thread SSEric
I was extremely disappointed in Apple. I went to the store a couple of days ago, which isn't real close to me, and asked to see the AirPods. They did not have any in stock and didn't even have one for demo. I thought they were much better at retail than that. I guess I will continue to wait

Alternative Wireless Earbuds

2017-02-02 Thread SSEric
I'm sorry, but I am getting grief trying to cut and paste information from a mail message to this message. These are on Amazon. They note in horrible English that the phone only works with the right earbud. If anyone has tried these or does it would be great to know how they are. Wireless

Re: Needing adapter for older chargers

2017-01-18 Thread SSEric
You need a 30 pin to lightning adapter. Apple sells them for $30, but if you look for resales in Amazon or eBay, you can find them for 10 or less. I have purchased a couple from an Amazon reseller in Utah. Sorry that I don't have the name right off hand. Eric On Jan 18,

Re: Bluetooth Headphone Recommendation

2017-01-18 Thread SSEric
et any voice feedback or some audio means to know whether the battery is charged or the headphones have been paired successfully? Thanks so much, Anna > On Jan 18, 2017, at 12:49 PM, SSEric <> wrote: > > It sounds like the hearing aids and headphon

Re: Bluetooth Headphone Recommendation

2017-01-18 Thread SSEric
ic, I have hearing aids that rest on top of my ears, between the ear and skull. Would these headphones work with them in, do you think? Also, do they let you rewind and fast forward the iPhone? Thanks, Anna > On Jan 18, 2017, at 8:13 AM, SSEric <> wrote: > > T

Simple Editor for use with Dropbox

2017-01-18 Thread SSEric
This could be two questions. I have been using a simple text editor called Droptext to read and write simple notes in Dropbox. However, recently I am getting notice the app has not been updated and could slow down my device. I am seeing this also with OOtunes. So, first, I could be looking for

Bluetooth Headphone Recommendation

2017-01-18 Thread SSEric
These have been around four years or so, and I wasn't sure they were being sold by anyone any longer. However, I just got notice from Amazon that they are selling the Plantronics backbeat 903 stereo bluetooth headphones for $29. They are actually selling through a third-party, but it does not

Re: Recording apps

2016-12-24 Thread SSEric
I have both, and I think they probably are each good for different things. If I am getting someone's contact information, the Just Press Record app is nice because of its ability to transcribe. That saves having to memorize information as you switch from the recording to your contact list. Just

RE: bluetooth earbud recommendations?

2016-12-19 Thread SSEric
out from them? Can you use one at a time, if you wish? Thanks. Keith -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of SSEric Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2016 12:36 PM To: Subject: Re: bluetooth earbud recommendations

Re: bluetooth earbud recommendations?

2016-12-15 Thread SSEric
I again recommend the Bose SoundSport bluetooth earbuds. They are quite small and light and stay in your ears very well. $149. Eric On Dec 15, 2016, at 9:16 AM, Daniel L. Gervais wrote: there is always the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

RE: Pro Recorder

2016-12-09 Thread SSEric
I downloaded Just Press Record the other day for $4.95. It is a pretty good recorder that will also transcribe recordings. It uses the Apple server, so is good as dictating. I don't know how it would do if you tried to transcribe a recorded conversation I love the transcription feature. I most

Re: issues with uber update

2016-12-08 Thread SSEric
Kevin, I used the app on Tuesday and noticed it did not show my address. But, it had a field to edit my current address. I tapped on that to check that it did have the address correct and I did not have to change it. Maybe give that a look. Eric On Dec 8, 2016, at 12:12

RE: bluetooth headset question

2016-12-05 Thread SSEric
I am more and more impressed by the Bose Soundsport Bluetooth. They are very light and fairly small with very good sound. The fit is excellent for comfort and staying in place. The cable connecting the buds is long enough that they can hang around your neck and there is a clip in the middle to

RE: how can I tell my drivers where to find me

2016-11-17 Thread SSEric
I have a picture of myself with my cane I message to the driver. That is if I am in a spot where I might be confused with others maybe waiting for a car. -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Wayne Merritt Sent: Wednesday,

Re: Bluetooth ear buds without noise cancellation [was "Re: Apple Delays AirPods, October Launch No Longer Happening"]

2016-11-04 Thread SSEric
annot listen to anything with one ear bud out. I do not want > to panic anyone about this just thinking you may want to check these out > in stores until we learn if you can use these with only one ear pod in. >> On Oct 27, 2016, at 6:43 PM, SSEric < >>

Re: Apple Delays AirPods, October Launch No Longer Happening

2016-10-27 Thread SSEric
This week I received a pair of Bose SoundSport earbuds. They are much like most earbuds, except they have the Bose StayHere tips that really keep the buds in place. They do sound pretty good. The base is good, although the middle and highs could be a little flat. I am no audiophile, though.

Re: New earpods?

2016-09-20 Thread SSEric
The new pods are supposed to come out October 20. I've heard they are basically like the old EarPods, but cordless, but with a little extension hanging down slightly. I don't know what four; can't picture it. I would suggest you wait until late October and check out the Bose sound sports. I

Re: Editing files in dropbox

2016-09-09 Thread SSEric
Take a look at drop text. It is a very simple editor and is free. I hope it does what you are looking for. Eric On Sep 8, 2016, at 2:20 PM, Cheryl LeFurgey wrote: Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an ap that will let me edit files that are

RE: Apple Confirms iOS 9.3.4 Has A Nasty Surprise

2016-08-24 Thread SSEric
I find it especially troublesome when replying to a message from the home screen where you get the option to close or reply. Then, VO repeats as I speak and sometimes the repeated words get inserted into my dictation. Eric _ From:

Re: calendar

2016-08-23 Thread SSEric
Hi Wayne. Will this app take existing events from my current I calendar and Google calendars? Many thanks! Eric On Aug 23, 2016, at 4:16 PM, Wayne Merritt wrote: I like that there are additional alert options for events in Fantastical, such as 10 or

Re: amazon app, major bug

2016-08-10 Thread SSEric
I may have missed it, but what was the version Amazon you were using? Eric On Aug 6, 2016, at 8:23 AM, Jed Barton wrote: Well, i had not 1 but 2 reps try it. Both of them actually use it all the time. I got lucky, they both tried it with voiceover

Re: looking for a carb counting app

2016-08-04 Thread SSEric
As someone else recommended, I use calorie King and have for the past couple of years. It has brand foods foods in general and fast foods. I also use it when I am trying to decide what to eat out. Eric On Aug 3, 2016, at 9:26 PM, Paul and Paula Jordan

Re: Old time radio app

2016-06-14 Thread SSEric
Just an idea, but it may be easier and less frustrating all around if you were just to find a station that streams old time radio. That way you will not have to worry about it going off the air. Eric On Jun 12, 2016, at 7:27 PM, Candy Lowe wrote:

Re: Checking into a flight via an app

2016-06-10 Thread SSEric
Oh, another question. I do have the text message from checking in with Southwest. A link in that takes me to a webpage where it shows my barcode. Can I go directly to the security line and bypass the ticketing agent. Eric On Jun 10, 2016, at 11:51 AM, SSEric <ss

Re: Checking into a flight via an app

2016-06-10 Thread SSEric
at 10:34 AM, Kimber Gardner <> > wrote: > > You are going to have to show your phone at the airport. There will be > a barcode on the screen that works the same as the barcode on a > printed boarding pass. > >> On 6/10/16, SSEric <

Checking into a flight via an app

2016-06-10 Thread SSEric
I am flying Southwest and using their app to check in. When I can just show confirmation on the screen, what screen does that mean. Do I have to turn on the phone and open The app? All thanks! Eric -- The following information is important for all members of the V iPhone

RE: The Top 10 Things I'd like in iOS 10

2016-06-04 Thread SSEric
Tom, maybe I am not getting your meaning, but how about using handwriting. You can write the first letter and all apps starting with that letter will show in a list. Not a Braille solution. Eric _ From: [] On Behalf Of Tom

RE: The Top 10 Things I'd like in iOS 10

2016-06-04 Thread SSEric
Excuse me if this isn't what yu wanted, but how about the item chooser function. Triple 2-finger tap and use the search box to find something on the page. I do this every week in the NFB Newsline app to search my paper for my ZIP code to check what houses sold around me. I just checked it in a

RE: Problems with the Rii-Tech Bluetooth Keyboard

2016-05-28 Thread SSEric
Make sure it is fully charged. That seems to occur with any BT keyboard when the battery is low. Eric -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Carla Savage Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 7:07 PM To: viphone email list Subject:

RE: Standscan, Fopydo Book Reading Aid, ScanJig Pro Plus?

2016-05-28 Thread SSEric
It is interesting that there is only one review for this. A little disappointing that more people don't confirm or add to the description. I am not a user myself. Eric _ From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Turner Sent: Thursday,

Accessible Tai Chi App

2016-05-24 Thread SSEric
I recently read an article on the benefits of Thai Chi. As I do not have a place for instruction near me, I looked for an accessible app. Below is what I found. It does have some unlabeled buttons, but I believe you could learn what they are. It has both text and oral descriptions of the

Moo it

2016-05-20 Thread SSEric
Can anyone point me to a tutorial for this app. I am totally baffled by it. I live on an express line, but there is also a local, which I use far more often. I would like to be able to see that local lines information, but it will not show me anything other than times and stops for the

Re: Forwarding calls on Vorizon

2016-05-18 Thread SSEric
I believe it is*72 then the number you are forwarding to then *73 cancels forwarding. Is similar question is on Verizon is there a way of blocking your identification for a call. Eric On May 18, 2016, at 1:44 PM, Robin wrote: ToForward (VZW):

RE: bluetooth headset recommendations

2016-04-17 Thread SSEric
I agree with Chris. I currently have five different devices, and none of them has any lag with typing, etc. This did used to be a big problem, but I think it is the devices that have improved and not Apple because if you go back to an older device it will suffer the same lag time. Eric

RE: Discrete, long-lasting, bluetooth headset recommendation

2016-04-07 Thread SSEric
As I mentioned the other day, take a look at Anker Sport. They are about as small as Bluetooth gets. They do have to seat in the ear canal for good music quality but for reading you would not have to insert them so far and could still hear outside sounds. They run about $30 on Amazon. Eric

RE: bluetooth earpieces - not losing them

2016-04-04 Thread SSEric
If you want stereo sound, an earpiece in each ear, I suggest you try the Anker Bluetooth earbuds. They are quite affordable at around $30 U.S. and have very good sound They are like two small earpieces joined by a cord you can hang under your chin, around the back of your neck or across the

Re: Tweetings -- How to Stop Videos

2016-04-02 Thread SSEric
Videos, which can be toggled on or off. HTH, Nicky -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of SSEric Sent: 03 April 2016 00:55 To: Subject: Tweetings -- How to Stop Videos Occasionally, I get a

Tweetings -- How to Stop Videos

2016-04-02 Thread SSEric
Occasionally, I get a tweet with an imbedded video with sound. I cannot figure how to shut them up. Better,, how could I stop them from playing altogether. I have looked at everything in settings I can think could make a difference and have found nothing. It seems to me they only quit when there

RE: Moving Apps from One Page to Another

2016-03-30 Thread SSEric
You probably know this, but double tap and hold on the app you want to move. Slide your finger to the left edge of the screen to go back one screen or to the right to go forward. You have to raise your finger as soon as you hear "moving to page, etc." It can be a bit tricky to stop in time. I

Anker -- Great Customer Care

2016-03-19 Thread SSEric
A few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of Anker Bluetooth earbuds. They were said to have just been released. I got them for $27 or so. They are pretty small. They are two earpieces joined by a cord. I don't find anything so special in the design, except they do have stabilizer hooks that seem to

Metronome on Google

2016-03-19 Thread SSEric
I just came across a note that if you type metronome into the Google search box, you get an adjustable metronome. I did not check for accessibility. Eric -- The following information is important for all members of the V iPhone list. If you have any questions or concerns about the running of

RE: recommendation for bluetooth device which can be an ear-piece or used in both ears for great music sound

2016-03-19 Thread SSEric
r design, but the wires don't retract. > > > > Chip > > > > > > From: [] On Behalf > Of SSEric > Sent: Monday, March 14, 2016 5:45 PM > To: > Subject: RE: recommendation for bluetoo

RE: recommendation for bluetooth device which can be an ear-piece or used in both ears for great music sound

2016-03-14 Thread SSEric
Chip, I agree this is a pretty good product. It does keep your earbuds readily available, too. The problem I have is the buds are the type that isolate you from outside. You can not push them in quite so far, but then you lose most of the quality. I would really like to find tips that deliver

RE: good flight booking apps

2016-03-06 Thread SSEric
Isn't the difference with Kayak that they send you back to the particular airline to actually purchase tickets? Just guessing... I have always read you can only check and purchase South West from South West, too. Eric -Original Message- From:

Getting Ootunes Favorites to Another Device

2016-01-17 Thread SSEric
I need a refresher on how this is done. All thanks! Eric -- The following information is important for all members of the V iPhone list. If you have any questions or concerns about the running of this list, or if you feel that a member's post is inappropriate, please contact the owners or

RE: App that reports the nearest intersection

2016-01-15 Thread SSEric
Wayne, I have not used it a lot and not for a year or so, but I am pretty sure that Transit Times does give the intersections. I do have the paid version, which I doubt I paid a lot for. That is Transit Times Plus. Eric -Original Message- From:

RE: Blank sheet of paper?

2016-01-10 Thread SSEric
Look at DropText. It does synch with DropBox but is closest to the old Windows Notes program I have found. I am pretty sure it is free. Eric -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Kim Samco Sent: Friday, January 08, 2016 5:49 PM

RE: Benefits of Apple Watch

2016-01-02 Thread SSEric
I'm sorry if this is obvious, but I have not followed much about the Apple watch. I have decided I will wait for the next hardware version, at least. Why do they call apps "complications"? It sounds like the use of complication has referred to apps when I have read it. Thanks! Eric

RE: accessible app for local news

2015-12-30 Thread SSEric
Don, you might try an app NewsOn. That is News On, but it is written as one word in the app store. It has the news from various TV stations around the country. I believe they said they had 133 stations. You could check to see if anything local to you is there. The app is free. It seemed


2015-12-30 Thread SSEric
I just discovered this the other day. Maybe I am the only one who didn't know about it. If you are on your home screen, you can 3-finger swipe right. It brings up all sorts of interesting stuff. The last few people you called/messaged, local stores, restaurants, bars, etc., several news

RE: cracked my ipad air glass

2015-12-27 Thread SSEric
It was an iPhone, but a friend ordered parts on line and used a You Tube video to replace his broken glass. It cost him $35. I talked with a local repair shop about my Touch possibly needing a battery. They said it would be $60 to replace it. I say that just to indicate you may have local

RE: looking for an accessible reminder app for traveling

2015-12-24 Thread SSEric
Use Alarmed. Note the past tense E D. I just tried and you can set multiple timers for either count down or count up. This would just be a timer and not tied to the time so it could work. I do have the paid version of this, so I am not positive the free version has it. Give it a look.

RE: Siri & punctuation

2015-12-24 Thread SSEric
I read something last week saying you are taken less seriously if you use punctuation in messages. I believe the study was of younger people. I don't recall the ages when this does and does not apply. No one should ever take me seriously! Eric _ From:

Re: Reviving a Dead Touch

2015-12-23 Thread SSEric
ooking it to a power source in case the battery is bad? -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of SSEric Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 4:27 PM To: Subject: RE: Reviving a Dead

RE: Controlling the contacts/messages that are initiated with 3D touch

2015-12-23 Thread SSEric
How about "find my iphone" and ping. The pinging lasts about a minute, so it gives you time to walk a bit before restarting it. Eric -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Sieghard Weitzel Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 1:01

RE: Reviving a Dead Touch

2015-12-23 Thread SSEric
the home button held down until iTunes detects the iPod in recovery mode. Release the home button. 3. Once iTunes detects the iPod in recovery mode, click the restore button. Good luck. > On 22 Dec 2015, at 03:05, SSEric <> wrote: > > I have a Touch 5 32gb. Has w

RE: Reviving a Dead Touch

2015-12-22 Thread SSEric
iTunes detects the iPod in recovery mode. Release the home button. 3. Once iTunes detects the iPod in recovery mode, click the restore button. Good luck. > On 22 Dec 2015, at 03:05, SSEric <> wrote: > > I have a Touch 5 32gb. Has worked just fine for a couple of year

Reviving a Dead Touch

2015-12-21 Thread SSEric
I have a Touch 5 32gb. Has worked just fine for a couple of years. Last night I charged it overnight. I used it for an hour or so this morning to read NFB NewsLine. It sat unplugged and untouched until about 9:30 this evening. It was paired with a bluetooth speaker I use quite a bit. When I tried

RE: Playing OrganLive Christmas Station via Safari

2015-12-19 Thread SSEric
I had someone look at the screen. There are icons in the title bar. Choosing the first was for M3U.pls and worked. You can select 384, 192 or 128 BPS. It then opens a player screen. If you have someone get you that far, I guess you could leave Safari on that page and maybe 2-finger double tap to

The Phone App

2015-12-17 Thread SSEric
How far have we come when a phone becomes an option on a phone... Is there a way you can have voice mail always play through the speaker? Also, there is one phone number I receive calls from daily and sometimes multiple times in a day. I don't especially want to delete all recent calls, but I

RE: The Phone App

2015-12-17 Thread SSEric
come up, you can block that number. To do this, go to phone, recent, and find the number you want to block. Once you have done this, swipe right once to options. Within the options you will find a block call option. Choose this and you will be set to go. On 12/17/15, SSEric <

RE: trying to buy apple products on the apple store

2015-12-16 Thread SSEric
Try the Apple Store app. I have never had a problem shopping or making purchases using the app. Eric _ From: [] On Behalf Of Andrew Lamanche Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 3:44 AM To: VIPhone Subject: Re: trying to buy

RE: Thumb drives with the iPod touch 6?

2015-11-29 Thread SSEric
Richard mentioned the thumb drives with lightning plugs being expensive. I don't know how these compare or about their accessibility, but there have been wifi drives around for awhile. These create their own wifi network, so several devices can be using them at the same time. Eric -Original

Giving Thanks

2015-11-24 Thread SSEric
Since our Thanksgiving day is coming up this week in the U.S., I'll take the opportunity to thank all of you who offer help. I don't thank people on list and when a number of people offer help, it is tough to thank them individually. So for all you do, these thanks are to you! Eric -- The

Problem with Uber

2015-11-23 Thread SSEric
I have an issue with my fair. The trip home from the same place in went was $10 and 10 miles more When I follow the link in the E-mail with the trip information, after I sign in with my user name and password there is an edit field right under my name. It is not where you put your question. I

RE: Urgent Need Front-end developer in Minneapolis, MN for Long Term Contract

2015-11-23 Thread SSEric
I have been receiving these for the past year or so. I couldn't simply block them in Gmail because the sender or subject is always slightly different. I have written several times, getting increasingly insistent and even vulgar, but it has not achieved anything. Eric _ From:

RE: "Light Probe" App

2015-11-22 Thread SSEric
zon iPhone 6s! > On Nov 22, 2015, at 3:45 PM, SSEric <> wrote: > > My rechargeable battery has four little lights to indicate charge level. > > Is there any app I could tell if those are lighted? I would have to move the > lens along t

"Light Probe" App

2015-11-22 Thread SSEric
My rechargeable battery has four little lights to indicate charge level. Is there any app I could tell if those are lighted? I would have to move the lens along the row of lights to count how many are on. These are fairly close together, usually. (I actually cannot feel these lights, but on all

RE: How to use Siri to enter an appointment

2015-11-19 Thread SSEric
What I do is tell Seri to "add to my calendar Lunch with Don". It then prompts me for date and time. However, it names the appointment some odd combinations, such as "lunch with (a Don in my contacts)". I have to tell it to change title, then confirm everything. An extra step, but it always seems

RE: please I am in trouble

2015-11-13 Thread SSEric
That has happened to me a few times recently. Also using an iPhone 5 and the latest IOS. I found the cure that worked for me to be to completely shut down the phone -- reboot so to speak. I hope that works for you. Eric -Original Message- From:

RE: apps for reading grocery packaging

2015-11-10 Thread SSEric
06, 2015 6:30 PM To: Subject: Re: apps for reading grocery packaging Eric! Would that be only for goods and products available on the US market? Jewel -- From: "SSEric" <> Sent: Sa

RE: apple tv

2015-11-10 Thread SSEric
If you like old time radio shows, you might look at Vintage Radio. There is a free version that has a lot of stuff. Then, there is a paid/subscription version that seems to me to be way too expensive considering all the sites and probably other OTR apps. This was just the first one I got a long

RE: Apple TV Questions

2015-11-07 Thread SSEric
I just came across a new news app that shows local TV news. I have not played around a lot yet, but it seems accessible on the iPhone; not sure if there is a TV app. They say they have 119 stations around the country participating. The app is NewsOn. I apologize for not having a link to the app

RE: apps for reading grocery packaging

2015-11-06 Thread SSEric
A good site for complete information is: >From the site: This site provides a consistent, quality source of complete packaging information for everything from preparation or cooking instructions to ingredient lists to Nutrition and Drug Facts labels for many common

RE: Bus Stops

2015-10-31 Thread SSEric
I cannot recall if this actually announces when you are at a stop or just says where they are -- Hamilton and Main for instance. BusTracker. When you are on the bus it does announce the stops as you go. I have only used it a few times and not lately. I also am in Columbus, and this might be a

RE: Bus Stops

2015-10-31 Thread SSEric
In my earlier suggestion, I was not sure if BusTracker is a local product. It is for Columbus, Ohio (COTA). As I said, it has been awhile since I used it. Actually, I looked in the App Store, and it has not been updated since 2010. However, it does work on the bus to name passing intersections.

RE: ios 9 and dictation bug.

2015-10-27 Thread SSEric
I hate to say anything because then it will no longer work, but I have had luck by tapping the dictation button, rather than 2-finger double tapping to start dictating. This has even worked when replying to mail or messages, where I had the repeating most often. Eric _ From:

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