Re: Does anyone use the Apple battery case?

2020-11-10 Thread Tom Lange
aHi Kimberly, I’ve used the Apple Smart Battery Case for years and I swear by it. Yes, it does add considerable heft to the phone, and, because I often carry my phone in my pants pocket along with keys, a nail clipper and assorted change from time to time, the satiny rubber covering can get

Re: IOS 14.2 is out

2020-11-05 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I installed IOS 14.2 on my iPhone 8 this morning. So far, so good. I’m very cautiously optimistic that two issues are resolved, but time will tell. 1) Since installing 14.2, alarms that were set in the Clock app are working as they should. In 14.1, I could not reliably expect them to go off

Re: IOS 14.1 is out

2020-10-20 Thread Tom Lange
I hope they fixed the volume bug; that is a real pain in the arse. > On Oct 20, 2020, at 1:16 PM, Christopher Chaltain wrote: > > I’m downloading it now, but it's ironic that I hit the focus bug in the > software updates screen, so it took some patience just to get the install > going and

Re: Volume keeps Being Reset To Zero

2020-10-09 Thread Tom Lange
t to. >> I hope this helps, >> Jeffrey >> >> Sent from my iPhone >> >> > On Oct 8, 2020, at 10:54 AM, Grace wrote: >> > >> > I have, I can't hear any notifications unless the phone is llocked as >> > well. >> > >>

Volume keeps Being Reset To Zero

2020-10-08 Thread Tom Lange
Hi I have a really annoying issue with my iPhone 8 running IOS 14.0.1. The master volume keeps getting reset to 0. VO volume stays where I set it, but I can’t hear the ringer or alarms when this happens. Change with buttons is turned off. Has anybody out there had this issue with IOS 14? Any

Fwd: CNIB and GoodMaps partner to bring accessible navigation across Canada

2020-09-28 Thread Tom Lange
Begin forwarded message: > From: GoodMaps > Date: September 28, 2020 at 1:36:15 PM PDT > To: > Subject: CNIB and GoodMaps partner to bring accessible navigation across > Canada > Reply-To: GoodMaps > >  > > > > > > GoodMaps partners with CNIB Foundation > > TORONTO

Re: Caps Lock discovery in iOS 14

2020-09-21 Thread Tom Lange
great tip. thanks! > On Sep 21, 2020, at 8:15 AM, Holly wrote: > >  > Richard: > > Great tip! > -- > The following information is important for all members of the V iPhone list. > > If you have any questions or concerns about the running of this list, or if > you feel that a member's

Puzzling Apple Music Question

2020-09-02 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, This afternoon I tried to play an album that I’ve had in my Apple Music library for a long time. Each time I tried to play a track from the album I got an error message that said: ”This song is not available in your country or region.” Does anybody have any idea why an entire album would

Re: Insta-cart Question

2020-08-22 Thread Tom Lange
Even if the button is dimmed it still works, but it takes a second to activate. When it does you should get a haptic vibration. it’s very brief. > On Aug 22, 2020, at 9:36 AM, wrote: > > If it says dimmed double tap anyway. It works. > > -Original

Re: What have I done to my iPhone?

2020-07-31 Thread Tom Lange
Hi Jim, I’m not absolutely sure, but my guess is that you accidentally turned Quick Nav on. As soon as I opened this reply to your message, I turned Quick Nav on and there was no way to type in the message body without being bounced out of the edit field. It’s been a while since I’ve done this

Re: Playing music on the iPhone: unable to access anything in the for you tab

2020-07-25 Thread Tom Lange
Yes, that’s happening to me, too. > On Jul 25, 2020, at 11:12 AM, Kimberly wrote: > > Hi all, > > I’m wondering if anyone can confirm this behavior in the music app on the > iPhone. When i access the for you tab, I can’t play any of the suggested > music. If i double tap any of the

Re: Apple Music question and in no way a political statement!

2020-06-02 Thread Tom Lange
Apparently it’s blacked out for today. I think I heard somebody on the news talking about that. > On Jun 2, 2020, at 1:26 PM, Malcolm Parfitt wrote: > > Hello friends, > > Firstly as the subject says, this is an Apple Music question and Apple Music > alone. I am not expressing a political

Re: Section Index.

2020-05-11 Thread Tom Lange
I have close to 400 contacts. Section index works fine for me. > On May 11, 2020, at 12:28 PM, Carolyn <> wrote: > > Do any of you have problems sometimes with Section Index > just going into the regular contact list? With some 200-odd > contacts, it is a little

Re: Zoom meeting invitation - V iPhone and Mac Visionaries, Let's Talk

2020-04-26 Thread Tom Lange
Thanks Mark. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to do this again soon. Tom > On Apr 26, 2020, at 4:31 PM, Robin wrote: > > Yeah, I Agree! It was Great! > Puttin'Voices ToNames on TheList: MailingList. > Thanks Mark! (ForGiveMe) if I Spelled YourName wrong, as i didn't intend to > >

Re: Has Anyone Ordered From Little Caesars Pizza Before

2020-04-03 Thread Tom Lange
I refuse to use door dash. The first time I tried them I was successful and the second time they declined a perfectly fine debit card that I’ve been using for two years. Their support was of absolutely no help whatsoever. So I figured if they don’t want my business screw them. > On Apr 3,

Native Mail App Question

2020-02-18 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, Once again I’m writing about the native Mail app for IOS. As many of you know, I’ve fussed aplenty about focus issues with VoiceOver and other issues that contribute to my love/hate relationship with Mail. I won’t belabor those things lest I be tempted to launch into yet another rant,

Mail App Question: Hey, Where Did Text Selection Go?

2020-02-07 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Well, yet again I’m contemplating switching mail apps on this iPhone 8. Yesterday, and again this morning, I was using the native Mail app to reply to someone’s message and couldn’t find Text Selection in the rotor. Btw, this is with IOS 13.3.1. Where did that ability go? I could swear that

Persistent Annoying Issues In The Mail App

2020-01-30 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, I’m running an iPhone 8 with IOS 13.3.1. Every time I update IOS I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe, Apple will finally fix the following issues that I’m having with the native Mail app. First, when flicking through a list of messages then deleting one, it’s highly unlikely that focus

Sharing A Book

2020-01-23 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Some years ago I decided to learn about Macs, so I went to the iBooks store and bought Tim Snipfen’s book entitled Mastering The Macintosh With VoiceOver. The book is still on my iPhone and I refer to it from time to time. Anyway, I just started working with a new student and told her about

Netflix and AirPlay

2020-01-15 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’m using an iPhone 8 with IOS 13.3. I also have a pair of Sonos-1 speakers that I use when playing podcasts or Apple Music. The other night I wanted to check out something on Netflix and I couldn’t find any way to direct the sound to the Sonos speakers through AirPlay. Does Netflix

Re: update facebook and it is a good one

2020-01-08 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I wasn’t able to find the update listed but I still managed to find it by double-tapping My Account > Purchased, then locating Facebook and double-tapping on its name. My original intent was to look at the version history, but right away I saw the Update button so I double-tapped that and

Apple Music Question

2020-01-06 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I have an annoying problem with the Apple Music app and I wonder if there’s a simple work-around. When I look at my library I can find listings by artist, album, song, et cetera and double-tap something to view a track listing and play a selected song. However, when I go into the For You

Re: Need to replace iPhone 8 looking for pros/cons of iPhone 11 vs iPhone X

2019-11-20 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Over the past year that I’ve had my iPhone 8 it has run hot, which, by the way, is not uncommon. Consequently the battery swelled and the left side of the screen above the mute switch and volume controls separated from the chassis just enough that I could insert a fingernail. I don’t have

Annoying Facebook App Issue and a VoiceOver Question

2019-11-07 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, For quite some time now, I’ve had this annoying issue when posting or commenting on people’s posts in the Facebook app. The scenario goes like this: I’m typing away, either on the onscreen keyboard, or, more frequently on my Braille display. I’ll enter part or all of a word and WHAM! up pops

Re: ios13.2.2 is out

2019-11-07 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Nope, the focus issue in Mail is still there as far as I can tell. I just updated to 13.2.2 a couple hours ago so I need to fiddle with it for a while before concluding that the focus bug is deceased. I don’t think the Raid has killed him off yet. Iince I remember first encountering him

Braille Table in the Rotor

2019-11-07 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I have a couple of questions about Braille Table in the rotor. I use my iPhone with a Braille display frequently; in fact, I’m using one now. I have input set to eight-dot and output set to contracted. I have NOT switched over to using UEB yet and, frankly, I don’t plan to do it until it’s

Re: Repeating Notifications

2019-10-30 Thread Tom Lange
I’m running IOS 13.3 and I’ve noticed that notifications will repeat until they’re activated by double-tapping them or dissmissing them. To dismiss them, I usually flick down until I hear VO say “Dismiss”, then double-tap and the notification disappears. Tom l > On Oct 30, 2019, at 8:01 PM,

Pleasant surprises

2019-10-28 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Some of you may recall that I was quite annoyed that the Nearby Explorer app stopped working on my iPhone 8 after I updated to IOS 13. After updating to 13.2, While I was on my afternoon break, standing outside campus having a smoke, I launched the full version, not the online version of

Re: iOS 13.2 released what about the persisting bugs

2019-10-28 Thread Tom Lange
Good question. At first glance, it would seem that there are still focus issues in the mail app, but I’ll have to bang on it for a while, especially with Braille, which has been especially troublesome for me of late. Since I’ve only had 13.2 on my phone for just over an hour, I can’t tell you

Re: Disgusted with Braille in IOS 13.1.3

2019-10-22 Thread Tom Lange
not taken the plunge to ios 13 because I understand there are > many problems with braille devices. So, am trying to hold off till those > bugs are fixed. > > -Original Message- > From: [] On Behalf > Of Tom Lange &

Disgusted with Braille in IOS 13.1.3

2019-10-22 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’m using a Braille Sense U2 with an iphone 8 running IOS 13.1.3 and I’m really disgusted with how this combination is working, particularly when it comes to doing any kind of lengthy text editing. Cursor routing becomes erratic. Voiceover can slow down and crash. It’s just awful. I could

Re: please help to confirm these bugs or not

2019-10-03 Thread Tom Lange
> > I’m using the latest build with my iPhone 8 and a Braille Sense U2. An > s-chord won’t get me to the status bar on any home screen. I’m curious about > what others on the list will say, but it seems that Braille on IOS 13 is much > less stable than Braille on prior versions > On Oof IoOS.

Re: Identifi App No Longer Available

2019-08-27 Thread Tom Lange
not sure why it died unless it was the shift over to > 64 bit apps. > > Have you tried searching the app store for his name? > > > Richard > > Always look out for #1, and be careful not to step in #2. > > >> On Aug 27, 2019, at 5:13 PM, Tom Lange wrote: >

Identifi App No Longer Available

2019-08-27 Thread Tom Lange
Does anybody out there remember and/or still use the Identifi app developed by Anmol Tukrel? I got it from the app store back in 2016 and have found it useful for identifying objects, reading text, all kinds of nifty stuff. I’ve shown it to my students and two of them tried to find it in the

Re: is the Zell iPhone app accessible?

2019-08-26 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I bank with Chase and, although I have the Zelle app, I never use it, as Zelle is offered as a payment option within the Chase app itself. That option is called Chase QuickPay with Zelle, and it’s extremely easy to use. I’ve used PayPal several times over the last year and have had good

An OOTunes Question

2019-08-18 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, I have some recordings in OOTunes that I’d like to transfer from my iPhone to a computer. Is that possible, and if so, can anyone give me step-by-step instructions for how to do that? Thanks in advance. Tom -- The following information is important for all members of the V iPhone

Re: How to lock rotation on the iPad

2019-08-12 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’d have to check this, but I seem to recall that some iPads have a switch by the volume control(s) which can be used to lock rotation. Tom > On Aug 12, 2019, at 5:37 AM, Debby Hill wrote: > > Hi Brian, > > Yes, I think so. I have an iPad Air 2, and I found it in the control center. >

Re: Weather gods not working for me

2019-06-26 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Just tried is a couple moments ago here in west Los Angeles and I didn’t notice any error messages; seems to be working fine. Tom > On Jun 26, 2019, at 2:06 PM, Richard Turner > wrote: > > Same issue here. > I suspect they have an issue on their end that hopefully won't take long to >

Re: Battery Level Alarms

2019-06-24 Thread Tom Lange
Hi folks, I use an iPhone 8 with an Apple battery case and, if I understand things correctly, the battery in the Apple case is used and discharged before the phone’s battery kicks in. Consequently the phone’s battery level very rarely gets low. Is that harmful to the phone’s battery in the

Voice OCR App: Preliminary Impressions

2019-06-15 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I just love it when new apps come along when I least expect them, and tonight’s new arrival was no exception. I was really excited when I saw the Voice app announcement, and as soon as I got home from work I downloaded it from the app store, installed it, grabbed a quick dinner, turned on

Re: Apple Music Questions

2019-06-11 Thread Tom Lange
any rows there are. > > Regards. > > Ian > > > > > -Original Message- > From: On Behalf Of Tom > Lange > Sent: 10 June 2019 14:30 > To: vi-phone list > Subject: Apple Music Questions > > Hi all, > I’ve been a huge fan of Apple

Re: Apple Music Questions

2019-06-10 Thread Tom Lange
10, 2019, at 1:11 PM, Jennie Facer wrote: > > If you look at the very bottom of your song list, it will tell you how many > songs you have in your library. I only have an answer to your first question. > > Jenn > > Jenn and Kumi > >> On Jun 10, 2019, at 7:29 AM

Apple Music Questions

2019-06-10 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, I’ve been a huge fan of Apple Music since it first became available, and I’ve amassed a huge library in the cloud; we’re talking thousands upon thousands of albums. I have a couple of questions. First, is there a way I can get an accurate count of how many albums are in my library? A

Re: iOS 12.3 upgrade comments?

2019-05-16 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I installed 12.3 on Monday and so far everything seems okay, no major glitches so far. I thought I’d heard somewhere that 12.3 has some accessibility fixes/enhancements, but, as usual, Apple doesn’t seem to provide any details. I would expect that Applevis may have some information.

Re: Adding Apps to the Share Sheet

2019-04-24 Thread Tom Lange
enable them. > > -Original Message- > From: On Behalf Of Tom > Lange > Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 7:12 AM > To: vi-phone list > Subject: Adding Apps to the Share Sheet > > Hi, > Is there a way to add apps to the Share She

Adding Apps to the Share Sheet

2019-04-24 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Is there a way to add apps to the Share Sheet in IoS? If so, I’d really like to do this. Yesterday I received a text message from a vendor and the text had an attached UPS tracking notice. When I tapped on the image I then had a chance to view and share it. When I shared it, I saw my

Re: Facebook suggestions unwanted.

2019-04-03 Thread Tom Lange
I haven’t found a way to solve the problem. I’ve searched high and low in Facebook settings and can’t find anything that will let me turn this behavior off. So, the only thing that I can do is to continue typing until the contact suggestion disappears, or move focus away from the edit field and

Re: Voice Dream Scanner Demo

2019-04-01 Thread Tom Lange
quite so; even Siri knows that one. > On Apr 1, 2019, at 4:06 PM, Richard Turner > wrote: > > > Actually, 42 is my favorite number because it is the answer to life the > universe and everything. From The Hitchhikers' Guide To the Galaxy by Douglas > Adams. > Richard > > > The most common

Re: Apple Pay

2019-03-29 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, It’s been a long time since I did this, but if memory serves, I had to specify either a debit or credit card when setting up Apple Pay. I only use a debit card these days. I can’t remember when I last used Apple Pay, but using it with the debit card wasn’t a problem at all. Tom > On Mar

Re: Facebook

2019-02-12 Thread Tom Lange
I’m not sure when this behavior was introduced, but it annoys me tremendously. I looked all through the settings and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn that off. Too bad. > On Feb 12, 2019, at 6:02 AM, Donna wrote: > > OMG, this happens to me also when using The Facebook app!! It is sooo

Re: Braille input problem in Mail app

2019-01-29 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, This is just a wild guess, but it may be possible that you inadvertently issued some command from your Orbit Reader that changed your Braille input. I did that once a long time ago and it caused me all kinds of trouble when trying to do things like log into my banking app. For that reason I

Re: Apple News app

2019-01-25 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I updated to IOS 12.1.3 last night and I just re-tested Apple News again just a few minutes ago. This time around I didn’t use a Braille display; I selected an article, opened it, did the two-finger swipe down and let VO chatter away. Again, the reading experience seemed to be nice and

Re: Apple News app

2019-01-24 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’m still running IOS 12.1.2. Using an iPhone 8 paired with my BrailleSense U2, I just read a rather lengthy news article in Apple News and didn’t notice any automatic screen refreshing. The reading experience was very smooth. I hope that doesn’t change with 12.1.3, as automatic refreshing

Re: Table Index.

2019-01-22 Thread Tom Lange
Glad you got it working. I have a couple hundred contacts and use the table index regularly. The table index is also very important to me when working with my music library; I probably have close to 4,000 albums in the library. so the table index is critical when I navigate by artist. Speaking

Facebook App Annoyance: Unwanted Pop-Up

2019-01-11 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’m using an iPhone 8 with the latest IOS, a Braille Sense U2 for a Braille display and the latest Facebook mobile app. While replying to posts, what appears to be a suggested contacts list will pop up and disrupt my writing, which, needless to say, is annoying as hell. Has anyone

Re: Airplane Mode.

2019-01-06 Thread Tom Lange
Siri cannot work while airplane mode is on. In addition to switching airplane mode on/off in Settings, you can easily do it from Control Center. Touch your status bar, do a 3-finger swipe up and you’re there. Airplane Mode is the first thing you’ll see there. Double-tap it to turn it off, then

Re: Secret iPhone & iPad Typing Tips: Trackpad Mode and more!, iMore

2018-11-28 Thread Tom Lange
I always caution my students that they need to be careful when texting or e-mailing with Siri or just using dictation. Relying on predictive text can be problematic, too. Earlier this year when the flu epidemic was especially severe in the Carolinas and was widely publicized on TV news and in

Cleaning Up GMail

2018-10-27 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, Before I pose my question, I’d like to apologize up-front for the off-topic nature of this question, but frankly I’m not sure where to go with this, so please bear with me. Please, no flames. All right then, here goes. I’ve had a Gmail account since 2007 and, like many people out there,

Re: a music question

2018-10-24 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, That’s one reason why I have Apple Music. My entire music library, probably 3,500 albums or more, is in the cloud. I have despised iTunes in all its wretched forms since I first encountered it back in 2011 and will have absolutely nothing to do with it. Whoever designed its clunky

Re: iPhone 7 screen intermittently seems to go unresponsive

2018-10-17 Thread Tom Lange
I experienced this behavior on my iPhone 7 even before updating to IOS 12. I have since upgraded to an iPhone 8 and installed IOS 12.0.1 and I still see this occasional unresponsiveness and/or acting like I’m stuck in the rotor with no speech. So this definitely isn’t an iPhone 7 issue. When

Re: Mail App not Always Vibrating and Dinging with New Mail

2018-10-03 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I, too noticed that my new mail sound had changed to “none” so I reset it to the sound that I wanted, which was under the classic sounds. It now works fine but I don’t get a vibration, which is no big deal, but I may fiddle around a bit more to investigate why. Tom > On Oct 3, 2018, at

Re: Problems with iPhone 7

2018-09-24 Thread Tom Lange
:14 AM, Anna Dresner wrote: > > Hi, > > Have you tried restarting your phone? > > Best, > Anna > > > > >> On Sep 20, 2018, at 8:18 PM, Tom Lange wrote: >> >> Hi, >> I’m currently having a couple of problems with my iPhone 7, and I

Re: Problems with iPhone 7

2018-09-21 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Yes, I did a hard reset, and also reset all settings. Still no joy. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Tom > On Sep 21, 2018, at 9:14 AM, Anna Dresner wrote: > > Hi, > > Have you tried restarting your phone? > > Best, > Anna > > > >

Re: amazon app broken"

2018-09-20 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, What seems to be the issue? I downloaded the update this morning but hadn’t checked it out yet. Tom > On Sep 20, 2018, at 6:56 PM, regina alvarado > wrote: > > Warning: Do not upgrade the amazon app. They have broken it. Does anyone know > where to send complaints? > > > Reggie and

Problems with iPhone 7

2018-09-20 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’m currently having a couple of problems with my iPhone 7, and I’m not sure if an issue with IOS 12 or if something else has caused them. First, I have some artists in my Apple Music Library that I no longer want and I can’t figure out how to delete them. I’m not seeing any kind of Actions

Re: Siri says, 'Sorry, something's wrong. Please try again.'

2018-09-08 Thread Tom Lange
I’m running a 256 gig iPhone 7 and, as I said, the problem is intermittent. It could be network-related but my wi-fi is working fine both at work and at home. > On Sep 8, 2018, at 12:03 PM, Richard Turner > wrote: > > > the only time I've had that kind of message is when there has been a

Siri Having Problems

2018-09-07 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’m not sure what’s happening here, but it seems that intermittently, over the last week or two, I’ll ask Siri for something and I’ll get a response, then it will also say something like “Sorry, I’m having a problem. Please try again.” Has anyone else noticed this lately? Of course, if I

Re: deleting a app?

2018-09-06 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Very simple. Here’s what you do: 1. Locate the app in the usual way. 2. Do a single-finger flick down. VoiceOver should say “edit”. 3. Double-tap and VO should then say “started editing”. 4. Flick down again and you should then hear VO say “delete”. 5. Double-tap. A confirmation dialog

Re: Focus 14 not paging in kindle app

2018-08-23 Thread Tom Lange
> On Aug 23, 2018, at 10:27 AM, Kimber Gardner > wrote: > > Hi all, > > I'm not sure if this is a know issue since I rarely use my braile > display to read kindle books. But yesterday I was reading a kindle > book with my focus 14 and the display seemed to freeze at the bottom > of a page.


2018-08-08 Thread Tom Lange
No subject and no content. Hmmm, am I missing something? > On Aug 8, 2018, at 4:24 PM, 'Simon W' via VIPhone > wrote: > > This message is blank. > > Sent from my iPhone > >> On Aug 8, 2018, at 7:21 PM, dani pagador wrote: >> >> >> >> -- >> The following information is important for all

Re: Help verifying and changing payment method

2018-08-03 Thread Tom Lange
Hi Beverly, I’ve been through similar situations before, and I remember that the first time or two it was very frustrating. If you ever have to do this again, be aware that the month and year are “picker items””, which bear a slight resemblance to a list box with one major exception. To

Re: Changing Payment on Phone

2018-05-09 Thread Tom Lange
Hi. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had to do that, probably a year or so. When I switched from a credit card to a debit card I had to reacquaint myself with how to set the expiration month, date and year. The month, day and year each had a picker item which appeared in the lower right

Re: Apps that read from pictures

2018-04-23 Thread Tom Lange
I just read the outside of my phone bill with Seeing AI with the envelope upside down and it worked fine. Tom > On Apr 22, 2018, at 5:15 PM, Donald L. Roberts > wrote: > > Just wondering whether apps such as Seeing A I and Eye-D have automatic > orientation. I

Re: Using iPad charger with iPhone

2018-04-17 Thread Tom Lange
> On Apr 17, 2018, at 6:56 AM, Steve Matzura wrote: > > Perfectly. I've been doing it for years. It doesn't get nearly as warm as the > standard phone charger does, especially if you charge while the phone is > turned on. > >> On 4/17/2018 9:10 AM,

Re: how to stop VO from announcing names of callers?

2018-04-17 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, As Sieghard suggested, turn on the mute switch, and, for good measure you could also turn speech off if you’re not going to do anything with the phone while you’re in a meeting or whatever. I do that all the time when I’m in meetings and not using my phone. > On Apr 16, 2018, at 8:32 PM,

Re: Discouraging how updates seem like downgrades

2018-04-12 Thread Tom Lange
I’ve been using iPhones since IOS version 4 dot God knows what and I can’t seem to recall having seen any kind of information anywhere on the device regarding what was supposed to have been fixed or enhanced in an incremental IOS update. Does such information exist, and if so, where? Just

Re: Who enjoys using ootunes

2018-04-02 Thread Tom Lange
OOTunes is my go to app for streaming radio, except when the Dodgers are playing and I switch to MLB At Bat. Go Dodgers! > On Apr 1, 2018, at 6:44 PM, Joney wrote: > > Are use it all the time. > > Joney > > "If God can bring you to it, > He will lead

Re: Number of signal bars showing since 11.3

2018-04-02 Thread Tom Lange
I’ve noticed this change on my iphone 7 on AT running IOS 11.3. This is a bug? Seriously? Up until 111.3, every iPhone I’ve ever seen over the last seven years has shown x out of 5 bars. Obviously fixing this supposed bug wasn’t high on Apple’s priority list. I’m curious; has the visual signal

Re: Signing in to my account on the Sonos app

2018-02-03 Thread Tom Lange
Sonos tech support is closed on weekends. > On Feb 3, 2018, at 11:56 AM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote: > > I would call Sonos tech support at 800-680-2345. > > > > -Original Message- > From: [] On Behalf Of > Amy

Re: SeeNSpeak

2018-01-26 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I’d heard nothing about this app until I saw this thread, so naturally I had to download it and take it for a spin. When I installed it, in-app purchases were mentioned but I didn’t see anything specific about what they might be, nor did the app store mention what in-app purchases were

Re: The Device — Pivothead Wearable Imaging

2018-01-03 Thread Tom Lange
What’s this about? Can’t find the article if there is one. > On Jan 3, 2018, at 9:45 AM, 'Sandratomkins' via VIPhone > wrote: > > > > sent from the dark side of the moon > > Begin forwarded message: > >> From: Sandratomkins >>

A Facebook Question

2017-12-27 Thread Tom Lange
I’ve been using Facebook for years, with both the mobile web site and the Facebook app. My aunt’s birthday is today and I could write on her timeline or contact her via e-mail but I don’t have her e-mail address. Is there a way to retrieve her e-mail address through Facebook? I wasn’t sure if

Re: Seeing AI app and Pivothead HD Smart Sunglasses?

2017-12-26 Thread Tom Lange
I’d definitely be interested in checking out those videos, so post some links if you can. A $300 price point sounds pretty reasonable compared to something like the OrCam which runs in the thousands of dollars. > On Dec 26, 2017, at 7:17 AM, Richard Turner >

Re: Banking website not accessible, what to do

2017-12-14 Thread Tom Lange
For the benefit of those who may be in search of an online banking app, which bank and app are we talking about? Here are some other things you might want to do: 1) post a negative review in the app store. 2) Do likewise on Applevis. 3) See if top brass at the bank in question have a social

Trouble With Uber App

2017-12-11 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, About a week ago I replaced my iPhone 7 with an identical phone because the battery had swollen and caused the screen to raise up and separate from the phone’s body. Apple kindly replaced the phone at no charge. We backed up the old phone to iCloud, then after getting the new phone up

Re: Apple Denies You the Choice

2017-12-04 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, No post-update nag on my iPhone 7. > On Dec 4, 2017, at 11:08 AM, Cristóbal wrote: > > The 5S I use as a second line doesn’t’ prompt me for this and I’m upgraded to > 11.2. > > > From: [] On Behalf Of >

Re: Screen protectors are they worth it?

2017-11-30 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I don’t like the plastic screen protectors that come with the Otterbox Defenders. We bought two phones with Otterboxes for our lab and because there was a hair-thin gap between the screens and the protectors, the screens were considerably less responsive to taps, which prompted us to remove

IOS 11 Braille Bug?

2017-11-30 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I have an iPhone 7 running IOS 11.2 which I often run with my Braille Sense U2 as a Braille display, and I really like how the U2 is very handy when writing lengthy emails, Facebook posts and texts. But lately I’ve been running into situations where I place the cursor somewhere in the

Re: gmail setting to see your own emails

2017-11-02 Thread Tom Lange
Hi Ed, You didn’t say whether this person is using Gmail on a PC on on an IOS device with the native mail asp. On my iPhone I have my mail app set to always bcc myself so that regardless of whether I’m sending to an individual or a group I always see a copy of the outgoing message land in my

Re: Accessibility of Uber app

2017-11-01 Thread Tom Lange
Hi Pablo, My experiences with the Uber app have been Positive, once I got the hang of the interface. However, about a month ago I needed to ges somewhere fairly quickly and no matter what I did I couldn’t find a way to select Uber Pool or UberX. I had to go with Select, which, although it was

Re: Question About Forwarding E-mail

2017-10-11 Thread Tom Lange
that. > > Regards, > Sieghard > > -Original Message- > From: [] On Behalf Of > Tom Lange > Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 9:01 AM > To: vi-phone list <> > Subject: Que

Question About Forwarding E-mail

2017-10-11 Thread Tom Lange
On my iPhone 7 running IOS 11.0.2, when I forward an e-mail to someone and get into the message body, the cursor is always placed at the bottom of the message body instead of at the top of the message body where I want to add relevant comments. Why is that? Is there a setting that controls

Stuck in All CAPS

2017-10-09 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, This may sound weird, but I have never had this happen until after I updated this phone to IOS 11.0.2. For some reason, while commenting on a Facebook post or maybe I was responding to an e-mail, using my Braille Sense U2 as a display and external keyboard, everything I typed was in ALL

KNFB Reader Pricing

2017-10-04 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, Well, I now have one foot in the Apple camp and one in the Google/Android camp and have been learning to use a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Nougat and Talkback. It’s neat to be able to “see how the other half lives”, so to speak, as I’ll be able to gain some perspective on both devices, the

Re: iPhone gets warm after iOS 11 update

2017-10-02 Thread Tom Lange
I’ve noticed this on my iPhone 7 after updating to IOS 11.0.1. Sent from my iPhone 7 > On Oct 1, 2017, at 9:23 PM, Msolaun wrote: > > regarding iOS 11 has anybody noticed, since updating your iPhone gets warm? I > have an iPhone 6 has mentioned before and for some

Re: Creating mail foldersGood morning everyone, good morning everyone, I have lots of emails I would like to save but would very much like to get them out of my inbox. Is it possible to create folde

2017-09-25 Thread Tom Lange
Hi Donna, Adding new message folders is simple and straightforward. Here’s what you do: 1. While in any mailbox, locate the Back button and double-tap it to get to your list of mailboxes. 2. Double-tap the Edit button. 3. At the end of your folder list is a New Folder button. Locate the New

App Store Changes

2017-09-20 Thread Tom Lange
Hi folks, I took a look at the app store this morning and I noticed that when I go to the Updates tab, I no longer have to tap on an update’s name in order to see what’s new with the app. I rather like that even though I have to scroll a bit more to bypass the blurbs. One thing that I do

Uber Problem: Could Not Choose Pool or X

2017-09-19 Thread Tom Lange
Hi all, When I use Uber, I always pick Uber Pool or Uber X. However, last week, when my paratransit screwed up and canceled my trip and I was in a time crunch, I loaded Uber, but neither Pool or X was available. Consequently I had to go with Select, which was way more expensive than I would

Re: microsoft seeing ai project

2017-07-12 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I must say, I'm quite impressed with the short text, document and product functions of this app so far. Haven't played with the Scene Beta and Person (face recognition) functions much yet. I've got lots of exploring to do and I intend to do just that when I get home tonight. I'd say that

Re: which GPS app should i buy?

2017-07-05 Thread Tom Lange
Hi, I'm coming in a bit late on this thread, but I'd like to first say that I've been using Nearby Explorer for about six months and really like it. Though its front screen is quite cluttered, you can hide items that you don't want on that screen, thereby reducing that clutter. I live in Los

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