Capturing iPhone VoiceOver for a Zoom conference

2020-05-11 Thread joedinero68
Good morning, I am going to need to do a demonstration on my iPhone coming up in the next two weeks on a Zoom meeting.. I am going to be sharing my iPhone screen, however usually you cant hear VoiceOver that way, obviously I can try with my computer logged in as well and have the computer

RE: iClever keyboard issue

2019-01-19 Thread joedinero68
I had quick nav off. That is not the issue. From: On Behalf Of Richard Turner Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2019 2:13 PM To: Subject: Re: iClever keyboard issue Make sure quick nav is off. You can toggle it on and off by pressing both

iClever keyboard issue

2019-01-19 Thread joedinero68
Good afternoon everyone, I just purchased an iClever keyboard to be used with my iPhone XR. I have it paired up and it will navigate just fine with either quick nav or regular navigation, however, when I enter upon a edit field nothing works. Any ideas? This is my first Bluetooth keyboard.

RE: To Those Who Have Used both Uber and Lyft, A Question

2018-12-22 Thread joedinero68
I live out on Long Island about 50 miles outside of New York city and have both available to me. Having said that while out on the island I tend to use Lyft 90 percent of the time as I find most quotes are less pricing wise. I have had a couple of issues with how a driver chose to drive a

RE: Sharing an Apple ID question

2018-12-01 Thread joedinero68
So the question is can I be signed into 2 Apple IDs simultaneously? One for the app store and one for iCloud, iMessage and Facetime? From: On Behalf Of Anna Dresner Sent: Saturday, December 1, 2018 3:34 PM To: VIPhone Mailing List Subject: Re: Sharing an Apple ID

Sharing an Apple ID question

2018-12-01 Thread joedinero68
Hello everyone, I just gave my 11 year old daughter my old iPhone. For now I want her to use the same Apple ID as myself, however, how do I keep her phone calls out of my history and vice versa. I don't use my phone a lot however, I cannot say the same for her. Any help would be greatly

Wireless Charging

2018-11-25 Thread joedinero68
Good Evening Everyone, As I mentioned yesterday I picked up a new iPhone XR on Black Friday. Having said that I have yet to purchase a case for it. My previous 3 iPhones had Otterbox defender cases. My question is with wireless charging do I need to be concerned with which case to purchase? If

Notifications on new iPhone

2018-11-24 Thread joedinero68
Good Afternoon everyone, So I took advantage of Black Friday and replaced my 6S with an XR. My first issue outside the issue where iTunes is not playing very nicely with the new phone so I can do a restore is that when I see notifications on the lock screen it just reads the name of the app

The @ sign and period next to the space bar on the virtual keyboard for email edit fields

2018-11-01 Thread joedinero68
Good Afternoon Everyone, Stupid question and I assume it is how an app is programmed, however, how is it that sometimes when you are on an edit field that requires an email address to be filled in that the @ sign and a period are next to the space bar on the virtual keyboard and in some

RE: How to add new contact info after getting a text message?

2018-10-28 Thread joedinero68
Good Morning Alan, The process to add someone to your contacts from a text message has slightly changed. The procedure is now as follows 1 – Open up the text conversation window 2 – Double tap on the phone number heading at the top of the screen.

Shortcuts App demonstration suggestions

2018-10-25 Thread joedinero68
Good Evening Everyone, I am doing a demonstration to a job readiness group on Monday of different apps for the iPhone. I have not had an opportunity to use the new shortcuts app as of yet but, that is the plan this weekend. Any suggestions for good shortcuts to demonstrate that has a

Accessible VPN

2018-10-16 Thread joedinero68
Good Afternoon Everyone, Can anyone make recommendations for an accessible VPN solution. Please also let me know if it is free or what the cost is Thanks Joe and --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. -- The following

RE: moving videos from phone to computer

2018-09-18 Thread joedinero68
Your phone should be coming up in My Computer as a removable storage device. I always connect my phone and go into My Computer or This PC on my Windows 10 machine and it is listed with all the different storage devices. I backup all my photos/videos that way.. From:

RE: iClever Bluetooth keyboard

2018-09-17 Thread joedinero68
Good Afternoon Tracy, I have used this keyboard and it is very nifty. The trifold is very slick and it has a little carrying pouch/bag so you can throw it in a bag and it doesn't take up much room. I have used this to teach IOS students how to use a Bluetooth keyboard with their devices. If

RE: facebook question

2018-08-30 Thread joedinero68
Hands down I would use the Facebook app over going through Safari. From: On Behalf Of Vicki W. Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2018 5:30 PM To: IPhone Subject: facebook question When using Facebook on the phone, is it better to use the Facebook app or go through

RE: apple watch series 3

2018-08-27 Thread joedinero68
Typically Apple makes their announcement in September. I am anticipating an announcement for an event in the next couple of weeks and devices released at the end of next month. Personally I would wait until the new device is released and look for a Series 3 on Black Friday. There have been some

RE: apple watch series 3

2018-08-22 Thread joedinero68
Is there a particular reason you are picking it up now??? Is there a big sale going on or something??? The new models will be coming out next month and unless the Series 3 is severely on sale I would wait for the next generation or if you want to save money wait until Black Friday as there are

RE: Question about adding new contact.

2018-05-22 Thread joedinero68
Just remember once you have filled out the company name you will have to navigate as opposed to hitting return/enter. If you hit return it will cycle you back up to the first name field. Joe -Original Message- From: On Behalf Of

RE: Question about adding new contact.

2018-05-22 Thread joedinero68
Good Afternoon I am coming into this thread late. But hopefully this will answer your question and make things clear. First when you click on the add button it will automatically take you to the first name field and Voiceover will say text field first name text field is editing. Once you

RE: turning vo on in new phone

2018-04-19 Thread joedinero68
Hopefully this has been accomplished. As people mentioned the triple click or asking Siri to turn it on. However, if someone at a cellurlar store setup the phone they may not have enabled SIRI so be aware of that. That happened to me on one of my phones at some point. I needed sighted

RE: apple watch buy or wait?

2018-04-15 Thread joedinero68
I have a series 1 but for my purposes it suits me fine. I might think about a Series 3 after the fall announcement. They have had some great Black Friday deals on the previous years models every year. If you can hold out I would From:

Editing Complications on Watch

2018-04-14 Thread joedinero68
Good Morning This is dovetailing off of a different subject on here. I have an Apple Watch and have never really messed around with the complications and quite honestly never investigated how to do so. So my stupid question for the day is how does one go about doing that? I have weather

RE: Upgrade phone now or wait?

2018-04-10 Thread joedinero68
I have heard a long time about a refresh of the SE but nothing definitive. So if you take that off the table and are resigned to the fact that you might have to carry a phone with a larger form factor I would want to know what kind of carrots Verizon dangling before I would advise. Personally I

RE: Lyft Question

2018-03-27 Thread joedinero68
Good Afternoon A quick follow up question. When you look up a price and they are running a special is the quoted price the after discount price? I just looked up the rate for both Uber and Lyft to my local commuter rail station and Lyft was literally almost 2.00 more but if this is the post

Lyft Question

2018-03-27 Thread joedinero68
Good Morning Folks A couple of Lyft related questions for those who use Lyft and even better yet both Lyft and Uber. First question is that Lyft often do discounts do you notice that a particular fare that is normally a certain price suddenly goes up during those promotions? Second do you

RE: Question about replacing the battery on an iPhone

2018-03-24 Thread joedinero68
Will a backup in iTunes suffice. Also when you backup to iTunes do you maintain all your logins that are already setup or do you have to reset everything from scratch. -Original Message- From: On Behalf Of Michael Irons Sent:

RE: Bone conduction sunglasses

2018-03-22 Thread joedinero68
I think the technology is very new and not that good. I have posed this same question on another forum and not one return message. -Original Message- From: 'ChalmersAS' via VIPhone Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2018 3:36 PM To: Subject:

RE: Apple Watch help please

2018-03-22 Thread joedinero68
I have never experienced this before. My intuition tells me to go to the watch app and look at your notifications. From: On Behalf Of Michael Maslo Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2018 4:55 PM To: Viphone Subject: Apple

Bluetooth Keyboard Question

2018-03-19 Thread joedinero68
Good Morning If this question was already asked in the keyboard thread I apologize. If you purchase a Bluetooth keyboard that is setup Windows style. How does it handle IOS specifically do you have to do key mapping or is there a set way that IOS handles assigning the option and command

iPad Split View and question regarding iPad gesture

2018-03-18 Thread joedinero68
Good Evening Folks I have 2 quick questions. I am beginning to start to utilize an iPad and have a couple of hopefully basic and probably dumb questions. I read about a 4 finger tap gesture where on the left and right sides of the screen. What differentiates this from a 4 finger sweep left and

Using a keyboard with IOS

2018-03-15 Thread joedinero68
Good Morning With all this talk about Bluetooth keyboards. I have pondered delving into using one. Any good resources for tutorials to get started with learning how to navigate with a keyboard. Names or links to resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe --- This email has

RE: Cord cutting adventure continues

2018-02-27 Thread joedinero68
I use Cablevision here in NY currently paying $175 a month for top tier cable/150mb internet and 2 land lines which I require. This includes 3 boxes in the house. To me this is a pretty good deal I wish I could cut the cord but due to phone needs this is the better way to go for me. From:

RE: Outlook composing / editing

2018-02-14 Thread joedinero68
I use it for 2 of my email accounts…I personally have not had issues with it but I don’t do a lot of email from my device. From: [] Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 8:45 AM To: VIPhone Mailing List

RE: iPhone X a disappointment? Here's what real people think, CNET

2018-02-12 Thread joedinero68
Interesting article and I agree with a lot of things in it. I started with a 4s and every 2 years have done an upgrade andthis year I gave it a pass because the bells and whistles were a little light in volume and I didn’t hear them LOL…the iPhone X was just not happening $1000 for phone…don’t