[PATCH -tip RFC 1/2] kprobes: Prohibit probing on .entry.text code

2013-11-08 Thread Masami Hiramatsu
.entry.text is a code area which is used for interrupt/syscall entries, and there are many sensitive codes. Thus, it is better to prohibit probing on all of such codes instead of a part of that. Since some symbols are already registered on kprobe blacklist, this also removes them from the

[PATCH -tip RFC 2/2] kprobes: Introduce NOKPROBE_SYMBOL() macro for blacklist

2013-11-08 Thread Masami Hiramatsu
Introduce NOKPROBE_SYMBOL() macro which builds a kprobe blacklist in build time. The usage of this macro is similar to the EXPORT_SYMBOL, put the NOKPROBE_SYMBOL(function); just after the function definition. If CONFIG_KPROBES=y, the macro is expanded to the definition of a static data structure

[PATCH -tip RFC 0/2] kprobes: introduce NOKPROBE_SYMBOL() and prohibit probing on .entry.text

2013-11-08 Thread Masami Hiramatsu
Currently the blacklist is maintained by hand in kprobes.c which is separated from the function definition and is hard to catch up the kernel update. To solve this issue, I've tried to implement new NOKPROBE_SYMBOL() macro for making kprobe blacklist at build time. Since the NOKPROBE_SYMBOL()

WorldCIST'14 - World Conference on IST; Submission deadline: November 29

2013-11-08 Thread Maria Lemos
Apologies if you are receiving this mail more than once... ** WorldCIST'14 The 2014 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies April 15 - 18, Madeira Island,