Re: [Vo]:Shouldn't we consider the free chat GPT3.5 AGI?

2023-04-10 Thread Alain Sepeda
There are works to allow LLM to discuss in order to have reflection... I've seen reference to an architecture where two GPT instances talk to each other, with different roles, one as a searcher, the other as a critic... Look at this article. LLM may just be the building block of something

Re: [Vo]:ChatGPT translation of Takahashi's comment about plasma fusion

2023-02-28 Thread Alain Sepeda
I've seen the demo of an interesting tool, ResearchGPT, to have a discussion with a scientific paper. " Introducing researchGPT – An open-source research assistant that allows you to have a conversation with a research paper or

Re: [Vo]:More on the WuFlu conspiracy theory

2020-02-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
I've read other article that let hope less mortality, but it will be huge because we don't realize millions of people already die every year. The ratio of dead over contaminated may be less dramatic , event if the health care professional are well treated. 1- The reason is that people maybe be

Re: [Vo]:Berlinguette, C.P., et al., Revisiting the cold case of cold fusion. Nature, 2019

2019-05-29 Thread Alain Sepeda
By the way, from what you read about the work of that team, was failure predictable ? do you know if they contacted experienced actors of the domain ? Did they test fuel from other team (like the Japanese, or IH scientists?) What I have seen is usual hate speech by Nature, and great enthusiasm

Re: [Vo]:Slaughterbots

2019-01-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
Our work would be to develop counter measures. If there is sword, there is shield. Le lun. 14 janv. 2019 à 02:41, Jed Rothwell a écrit : > In my book, I predicted that small autonomous robot killers might be > developed. I regret to say that a great deal of progress has been made, and > some

Re: [Vo]:The potential weaponization of LENR

2018-08-16 Thread Alain Sepeda
The question is not if it will allow deadly weapons. It will, sure drones, autonomous vehicles of many kinds, vessels, trucks, and less probably high power bombs, but why not. the question is if it will gives a stable advantage to some actors, like a super poser, or to the weak power or citizen

Re: [Vo]:LENR fission

2018-03-15 Thread Alain Sepeda
Jacques RUER have demonstrated using standard engineering that - if you have a low COP LENr reactor proven - if there is a positive temperature feedback then you can engineer a device with any desired COP. Brillouin system, becaus eif have

Re: [Vo]:Cold fusion research reported at Oak Ridge

2018-02-22 Thread Alain Sepeda
many things governement do are not done because it is good or bad for a supreme interest of the Nation, or of a big lobby, but because the worker want to avoid troubles, please his boss, get a promotion, or sometime a crazy desire by this lone worker to make world better as he imagine it. the

Re: [Vo]:Interest in cold fusion is waning

2018-02-08 Thread Alain Sepeda
I see the graph, and time fleeing since LENR papers were stored on FTP archives. 2018-02-08 23:48 GMT+01:00 Jed Rothwell : > Did the graph show up? Can people here see it? > > > This discussion group software is a little out of date. A little, as in . > . . 20 years? > > -

Re: [Vo]:Interest in cold fusion is waning

2018-02-08 Thread Alain Sepeda
8> by the way, any news on you video pitch? popular? 2018-02-08 23:08 GMT+01:00 Jed Rothwell : > The Google Trend for "cold fusion Rossi" has plunged. Thank goodness. See: > >

Re: [Vo]:Interest in cold fusion is waning

2018-02-08 Thread Alain Sepeda>: > Alain Sepeda <> wrote: > > Jed, Don't despair ;-) >> > > I am not the despairing type. > > I strongly believe in facing facts, even distressing ones. *Especially* > distressing one. > > - Jed > >

Re: [Vo]:Interest in cold fusion is waning

2018-02-08 Thread Alain Sepeda
Jed, Don't despair ;-) Don't despair like I did still few days ago. Hope is from a so improbable place, a so natural place. LENR is a God's joke. 2018-02-08 20:38 GMT+01:00 Jed Rothwell : > See Total Downloads and the Google Trends graph over time > from

Re: [Vo]:Science does sometimes reject valid discoveries

2018-01-26 Thread Alain Sepeda
For me the most shocking case is about Semmelweis and before him Alexander Gordon de Aberdeen. The most

Re: [Vo]:Ross E-Cat QX demo Nove 24

2017-11-26 Thread Alain Sepeda
it would be easy with a COP of 50 propose a convincing blackbox test. On input side, put a battery of limited power/energy, then add a power supply (inverter, step-up converted... ask Maxim) of fair efficiency, and on the other warm simple thing, like boiling tea, melting ice. it is not

Re: [Vo]:Time travel with Google books

2017-11-15 Thread Alain Sepeda
I learned science as a kid with a book (La science, ses progrès,ses applications) that was written in the 19030s and updated in the 50-60s. You could feel the wind of history from the Ancient amber to the Magnetron... I'm shocked today by the historical ignorance that a kid of 15 have broke just

Re: [Vo]:Self-driving shuttle crashes in Las Vegas hours after launch

2017-11-09 Thread Alain Sepeda
There is a naivety in many automatic cars, that the old bike driver (vehicular cycling schoo l I am quickly lost. This is the second time (previous was Google car facing an non collaborating bus), an automatic car assume collaboration and

Re: [Vo]:Robots to replace writers.

2017-10-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
people who says industrialisation lead to poverty, don't know how deeply poor were farmers, most of the population, befre they decided to escape starvation by working hard in factories, in awful but less awful situation. Just my dad in the 50s at 20yo lost half of his friends because of diseases,

Re: [Vo]:Robots to replace writers.

2017-10-13 Thread Alain Sepeda
it seems some histocical perspective is required to understand all is normal. Inflation is a recent phénomenon, and for example 19th century was veru deflationist. in fact it is not so important as purchase power get better because of cost reduction. This si what sharing economy, in fact the

[Vo]:Re: [Vo]:Google’s AI is Learning to Make Other AI

2017-10-11 Thread Alain Sepeda
there are already software, using advance mathematical technique to replace programmer who code software with assembler, even for parallel code. We call that compilers, and I use it, even if there was hard resistance at the beginning. This did not kill IT work, who now develop complex system with

Re: [Vo]:Another casualty of Rossigate?

2017-09-09 Thread Alain Sepeda
did anyone notice Anthropocene Institute no more talk of LENR and that lenararies memo disappeared? beside that there is earlier casualties of the Doral fiasco, some who could but have not been funded waiting for the trial to end positively. 2017-09-09 21:38 GMT+02:00 JonesBeene

Re: [Vo]:guaranteed pay

2017-09-05 Thread Alain Sepeda
I'm not against basic income, but it remind me the problem of Sherpa transporters when they blocked all Nepal because of Donkey's competition. the problem was not the donkeys, but that they could not buy a donkey, or would not be allowed to buy a donkey, won't be allowed to gage their house for a

Re: [Vo]:Why Rossi 'won'

2017-07-28 Thread Alain Sepeda
; > > > To prepare a fake ash sample would be very difficult with known technology > IMHO. This conclusion reflects the highly skewed isotopic ratios of Ni > reported by the professors.. > > > > Bob Cook > > > > > > *From: *Alain Sepeda <alain.

Re: [Vo]:Why Rossi 'won'

2017-07-28 Thread Alain Sepeda
This is a key point to rule out the theories of Rossi's defenders. If IH was sincere, and enthusiastic as it is clear, this remove the theories that they tried to fake a negative result. What was fake was the methods, like in Lugano. Even if you swallow the theories that it works, the way the

Re: [Vo]:MFMP activities

2017-07-16 Thread Alain Sepeda
more generally correlation of complex signal mean uch more than just signal, one shot corelation, of simple/regular signal corrélation. correlating two ramp, two exponential is nearly meaningless (this is however often published in newspapers - some correlated increase of organic food production

Re: [Vo]:Picking up the pieces

2017-07-07 Thread Alain Sepeda
from recent data, taking any conclusion on Rossi's claims is at best risky, and to be honest, baseless. 2017-07-07 3:01 GMT+02:00 Axil Axil : > What the Rossi experiments has shown over many years is that LENR in a > lattice is not workable because the reaction cannot be

Re: [Vo]:Rossi versus Darden trial settled

2017-07-05 Thread Alain Sepeda
I with the crook will be prevented to be a nuisance again... whoever you think it is (I have an opinion). 2017-07-05 18:50 GMT+02:00 Daniel Rocha : > So much drama for nothing... >

Re: [Vo]:Rossi v. Darden

2017-06-30 Thread Alain Sepeda
the report is not so convincing, except it have no value, a joke for the most kind. what is convincing, like for Lugano and DGT Milano, is that absence of any serious and credible answer. For me at this stage, it is definitive. if Rossi have something, he sure have lied and manipulated his

Re: [Vo]:"Type A nickel" ?

2017-06-21 Thread Alain Sepeda
Is there usually some Mn in Constantan too ? It may be key ingredient, as for alpha-beta phase frontiere, it change critical temperature like Ag on Pd... 2017-06-20 23:30 GMT+02:00 Bob Higgins : > If you want Ni + Cu, just get some constantan thermocouple wire and cut

Re: [Vo]:"Type A nickel" ?

2017-06-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
he active mechanism for gain, the emphasis on phase change by > Armanet could open up an alternative mechanism. That would be coupling of > nuclear spin/isospin to phase change. > > > > Alain Sepeda wrote: > >> Nicolas Armanet talking of alpha-beta transition in Pd discussed Ni >> during RNBE2016. >> > >

Re: [Vo]:"Type A nickel" ?

2017-06-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
Nicolas Armanet talking of alpha-beta transition in Pd discussed Ni during RNBE2016. Ag in Pd alloy reduce one transition temperature in the alpha-beta phase curve. Ther is an equivalent for Ni, but I don't remember if it is Mn or Mg... I noticed also that constantan contain Ni, Cu, but also one

Re: [Vo]: MFMP starting to test me356' reactor today

2017-05-26 Thread Alain Sepeda
measuring the RF ambiance with an oscilloscope can raise red flags. imprecise indirect measurement are often good cross check Nothing is fool proof individually but if the testers improve their tests and cross check with simple measurement (like kill-a-watt at the socket, electricity bill,

Re: [Vo]: MFMP starting to test me356' reactor today

2017-05-25 Thread Alain Sepeda
Measuring rich HF signal power is tricky is it not more easy to measure power at the power supply input, adding good filters, and why not if paranoid an inverter/UPS or a good old predictable batteries ? You lose precision and performance, but at least you are sure it is not HF tricks..

Re: [Vo]:Why Scientists Must Share Their Failures

2017-04-17 Thread Alain Sepeda
in fact in my school (ESIEE), multilevel neuronal network were fashion (Yann Lecun was a reference as ancient from the school). what was limiting was compute power (we were thinking about specialized hardware mimicking life)... Experts systems were more applicable, like natural language processing

Re: [Vo]:Should Mills and Rossi be lumped together?

2017-03-30 Thread Alain Sepeda
modernism as a sick joke, expressed by generally meaningless > sentences. Why Puckrose would waste so many words writing about it is a > puzzle. Making astroturf has a purpose even if it is evil and for greed. > AA > > > On 3/29/2017 4:38 PM, Alain Sepeda wrote: > > Ma

Re: [Vo]:Should Mills and Rossi be lumped together?

2017-03-29 Thread Alain Sepeda
Maybe this is because of the French I have the subtle impression some of us live in an information bubble... Is it me? 2017-03-29 18:14 GMT+02:00 a.ashfield

[Vo]:GSVIT review skeptically Report 41 (DeNinno)

2017-03-25 Thread Alain Sepeda
In Italian, their report I imagine a translation, and some answers will be interesting.

Re: [Vo]:12 years from now

2017-03-16 Thread Alain Sepeda
AI and multilevel neural network are nothing new. In 88 when I was student , Yann Lecun was a reference in the domain... Older than Cold Fusion But the size of the network and the data were too small. Internet also overtake the priority on AI, Expert System, neural network, Natural language

Re: [Vo]:Palladium cold fusion as an energy source

2017-03-10 Thread Alain Sepeda
Whether PdD can fuel the future is maybe a premature question. I see PdD as a lab-rat technology to investigate the phenomenon and build a theory. Once we have the theory, guessing from what I see already, I feel that Pd won't be required, and could be replaced by nanostructured material... other

Re: [Vo]:Fukushima much worse than imagined

2017-02-18 Thread Alain Sepeda
ion (hydrogen, steam or nuclear) cannot be ruled out, should not > TEPCO be evacuating a wider zone? > > At Chernobyl, the situation has improved year to year, every year, as > expected. Wildlife is taking over the formerly devastated area. > > Fukushima, appears to be going in the oppos

Re: [Vo]:Fukushima much worse than imagined

2017-02-18 Thread Alain Sepeda
to relativize the fearmongering

Re: [Vo]:Li batteries

2017-02-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
A decade ago I followed the LiFePO4 technology which was promising, as less dense but totally safe... What did it became? I don't hear of it anymore... Outpaced? 2017-02-14 8:41 GMT+01:00 Axil Axil : > >

Re: [Vo]:An argument against intellectual property rights

2017-01-31 Thread Alain Sepeda
I know many secrets were lost during the building of France Cathedrales, especially about glass making and decorations. Few were rediscovered recently, but some stay mysterious. Industrial revolution raised the awareness of this problem, leading to Patent idea, that seems to be contemporary to

[Vo]:Re: [Vo]:Patent application by Lundin & Lidgren – nuclear spallation and resonance

2017-01-18 Thread Alain Sepeda
I don't understand the details on the ponderomotive force LENR theory, so this is pure wishful thinking. Maybe it can support some other theories which need a new way to make nucleus interact. I first think about Edmund Storms Hydroton theory. The great problem with Hydroton and the Slow Fusion,

Re: [Vo]:more jobs are going away

2016-12-09 Thread Alain Sepeda
the mentality of Chinese people is very capitalist at local level, and also more family than individual oriented. However at the political level they seems more imperial, and abroad they tolerate the local authorities, even local criminality as long as it is not impairing business... It is a mix

Re: [Vo]:more jobs are going away

2016-12-08 Thread Alain Sepeda
To have an educated opinion from someone in contact with poors in emerging countries, I advise this article, and moer generally to follows Hernando De Soto globally my position, inspired by a personal

Re: [Vo]:Bill Gates connection to LENR?

2016-11-30 Thread Alain Sepeda
To control, or to develop? LENR cannot be controlled or it will die. Modern entrepreneur know that. Not more simple than controlling teenagers during springbreak. 2016-11-29 17:57 GMT+01:00 : > With the recent information from Italy (Giuseppe, Navarro and Coppi) >

Re: [Vo]:More on automation and Martin Ford

2016-11-28 Thread Alain Sepeda
economy, we would not have a better distribution of > capital is that we let the establishment prevent natural development with > political conservation laws. > > On Nov 27, 2016 18:11, "Alain Sepeda" <> wrote: > >> from exchange it seems

Re: [Vo]:More on automation and Martin Ford

2016-11-27 Thread Alain Sepeda
from exchange it seems that one big problem and neglected point is about allocation of the capitale. what people name "robots are taking our jobs" is simply the well known "replacement of work by capital". One psychological problem marxist but mostly old fashioned simply, is that people don't

Re: [Vo]:More on automation and Martin Ford

2016-11-26 Thread Alain Sepeda
Farmers will be able to take vacation, instead of having no life in France and ending to ask for a legal association (kind of cross-protection in case of death Civil wedding ) between older brother/sister who cannot find a mate and live together (it was asked during study of gay civil wedding bill

Re: [Vo]:More on automation and Martin Ford

2016-11-25 Thread Alain Sepeda
es without moderation pressure. 2016-11-25 16:51 GMT+01:00 Jed Rothwell <>: > Alain Sepeda <> wrote: > > >> in fact robots make the value of the worker increase, as it always have. >> It is continuous substitutio

Re: [Vo]:More on automation and Martin Ford

2016-11-25 Thread Alain Sepeda
2016-11-25 2:38 GMT+01:00 Jed Rothwell : > In the future, computers and robots can do nearly all work such as driving > cars, building houses, diagnosing x-rays and performing surgery. Human > labor will gradually become worthless. This is a point where I disagree. in

Re: [Vo]:More on automation and Martin Ford

2016-11-24 Thread Alain Sepeda
n't see that the problem is too many people struggling under > debt that they can't afford to buy new stuff. > > > On 11/24/2016 6:21 AM, Alain Sepeda wrote: > > UBI can be implement in many way. > Libertarians/Liberalist/FreeMarketFan promote a vision that is intended > t

Re: [Vo]:More on automation and Martin Ford

2016-11-24 Thread Alain Sepeda
UBI can be implement in many way. Libertarians/Liberalist/FreeMarketFan promote a vision that is intended to replace charity, yet to keep unconditionally an incentive to work. the big recognized problem of todays social safety nets is that it is a tax, a disincentive on people who get out of

Re: [Vo]:White house report on AI

2016-10-23 Thread Alain Sepeda
I've just relayed a news about inventors balance accros the wold. US is the highest net importer of inventors, with a tiny export. Germany is much below but high importer and exporter of inventors. france unsurprisingly is net exporter, no importer of inventors. as i see from recent Nobel and

[Vo]:Miles calorimetry comparison at ICCF17 (Korea) ...

2016-10-03 Thread Alain Sepeda
Hi all, I've lost the slides and paper of Melvin Miles about calorimetry comparison between Fleischmann, Lonchampt, caltech and MIT, presented at ICCF18 in Korea. is there a public place to find it ? I could not find it on LENR-CANR... and the ICCF17 site is down.

Re: [Vo]:answer to Ethan Siegel, LENR is a scientific Pechvogel

2016-09-26 Thread Alain Sepeda
Ethan Siegel persevere "Errare Humanum est Perseverare Diabolicum" anyway only the one who never sinned can throw the first stone... on point worry me, is the MFMP

Re: [Vo]:CBCNews Canada: Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again

2016-09-25 Thread Alain Sepeda
adicted his opinion. "Too > busy to look." > I wouldn't worry too much about what he thinks. > AA > > > > On 9/23/2016 5:53 PM, Jed Rothwell wrote: > > Alain Sepeda <> wrote: > > ethan siegel bash LENR as fraud based o

Re: [Vo]:CBCNews Canada: Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again

2016-09-23 Thread Alain Sepeda
10-300-cold- > fusion-sciences-most-controversial-technology-is-back/ > > > > > > > > *From:* Alain Sepeda > > An article on LENR, relative to U.S. House of Representatives committee > on armed services with reference to rossi, Larsen, open skepticism, open > curi

[Vo]:CBCNews Canada: Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again

2016-09-22 Thread Alain Sepeda
An article on LENR, relative to U.S. House of Representatives committee on armed services with reference to rossi, Larsen, open skepticism, open curiosity... I launched a post for debate on lenr-forum

Re: [Vo]:History of cold fusion in Italy. Retrograde performance: maybe the Coyote rules?

2016-08-31 Thread Alain Sepeda
On the opposite, maybe not specifically in Italy, but results get more and more reliable. for ICCF15 ENEA reported results where success evolved from unreliable to more than 60% success because of cristallography surface choice. as I read the litterature of PdD, it seems more and more reliable

Re: [Vo]:History of cold fusion in Italy

2016-08-30 Thread Alain Sepeda
One improbable hypothesis is that the strange behavior, like reported by IH about the way the Swedish licensee was deterred, is that once again Rossi succeeded in convincing his partner to flee, so he can marry with a new bride... I don't believe it, but we cannot be sure. moreover consider that

Re: [Vo]:Interesting Steam Calculation

2016-08-26 Thread Alain Sepeda
ok, this is a good news for the affair... I'm not unrealistically optimistic anyway ;-> 2016-08-26 15:46 GMT+02:00 Jed Rothwell <>: > Alain Sepeda <> wrote: > > Just to confirm my understanding. >> it seems the rust have

Re: [Vo]:Interesting Steam Calculation

2016-08-26 Thread Alain Sepeda
Just to confirm my understanding. it seems the rust have been cleaned after inspection? If I don't make an error, this tells much more. what other "evidence" have been cleaned. I remember of cooling circuit fluid (which thus may be salted, eg for highering vaporisation temp)... Being a bit

Re: [Vo]:Article: This new equation might finally unite the two biggest theories in physics, physicist claims

2016-08-18 Thread Alain Sepeda
people interested in Grand Unification maye be interested by this approach of MiHsC that link basic newtonian graviation with Heisenberg Uncertainty MiHsC need to be studied, to be improved or refuted, as it is one of the few coherent way to make

Re: [Vo]:LEM Drive testable hypothesis

2016-07-16 Thread Alain Sepeda
Mike just found a video explaining one of his paper how heisenberg uncertainty principle explains gravity 2016-07-16 12:41 GMT+02:00 Jack Cole : > Mike McCulloch has come up with a way to test his MiHsC theory, which he > has

Re: [Vo]:The Rossi Saga Part 1

2016-06-06 Thread Alain Sepeda
2016-06-06 2:25 GMT+02:00 Jed Rothwell : > Has Rossi told you anything about the configuration? Has he told you > whether the pipe has a flowmeter or a thermocouple? Just a naive question. Why didn't they simply install a (high temp) gas flow meter at the exit of the

[Vo]:New Mizuno Patent, with clear descriptions of nanostructured material and plasma reactor...

2016-06-02 Thread Alain Sepeda
Hi, maybe you missed the recent patent by Clean Planet/Mizuno The claims are quite clear and innovative from what I understand I feel it can be replicated. "claims 1 is quite simple et probably a

Re: [Vo]:Rossi vs I.H.

2016-05-24 Thread Alain Sepeda
what seems unavoidable is that IH was unable to replicate. Question is if they could not replicate anything, or just replicate something usable. Fraud is not even a problem if it works for IH. Doubt on methodology is also a problem with a test. Dubious behavior is also a possible problem,

Re: [Vo]:Apologize?

2016-05-23 Thread Alain Sepeda
This is a painful problem with skeptics, who in fact prevent sincere questioner to think straight from evidences. Rossi have a controversial story about Petrol dragon, but nothing definitive except some loose behavior with taxes and environmental regulations. For the US Army TEG projet, there is

Re: [Vo]:Rossi vs I.H.

2016-05-23 Thread Alain Sepeda
Just forget calorimetry. IH have a licend to E-cat technology and derivation. If E-cat work they will make billions of $ of benefits, sharing par with Rossi, who will also make billion on other geographic zones like EU... It would be stupid thus to be in trouble with Rossi, to risk to lose the

Re: [Vo]:Details of the Thermacore runaway in 1996

2016-05-20 Thread Alain Sepeda
AFAIK this kind of reaction is regularly observed by accident in various similar situations. ;-) most don't know they see LENR. they just see they have to redo all again. 2016-05-19 22:53 GMT+02:00 Jones Beene : > Dave, > > You are not alone – few know of this incident.

Re: [Vo]:Cheap Solar Power (

2016-05-13 Thread Alain Sepeda
to be clear it is long ago proven that hormesis is real, thet there is structural threshold in genotoxic effects, ... As much as LENR is long time measured, ormesis and threshold are measured. much meter tha Rossi's calorimetry. every 6 month someone say that we have at last found that, and

Re: [Vo]:Let's continue to think about passive vs active approach to LENR 's existentil problems

2016-05-09 Thread Alain Sepeda
Maybe it is not so important. DGT and Rossi triggered something, pushing rational people to look at rational science done before. The irrational part of those two stories (I'm less sure Rossi have nothing, but innovation is more than just technology), unlocked the irrational latch against past

Re: EXTERNAL: [Vo]: Rossi: 1MW Plant Customer Bought Three More Plants

2016-04-15 Thread Alain Sepeda
my interpretation of substantiate is that they cannot replicate themselves. If I was a VC like IH, I would not be afraid if a test fail, as long as my test are OK. but I will panic if the opposite. 2016-04-15 21:51 GMT+02:00 Jed Rothwell : > a.ashfield

Re: [Vo]:Next Big Future - goes out on a limb

2016-04-15 Thread Alain Sepeda
A real client happy of making usual production of real things, is really a good evidence. An industrial production line is designed to make the most product for the least heat, so if the production is good, the bill is low, and the ratio much above margin of error, then I can trust. The problem

Re: [Vo]:Rossi/E-Cat lawsuit: A long-in-the-making set-up job..?

2016-04-12 Thread Alain Sepeda
All report I have on Thomas darden are very kind, exceptionally kind, and others scientists working with him are happy. This affair was the occasion to learn from people who met him, who he was. No doubt he is professional, but not only. Like most here I expected something with many shades of

Re: [Vo]:Defending Rossi at this point is an action of the absolute naive

2016-04-12 Thread Alain Sepeda
base to tell him to > put up or shut up. > > On Monday, April 11, 2016, Alain Sepeda <> wrote: > >> It is wrong to say Rossi have a pattern of fraud. He is cleared of that >> in court, and the pattern of the affair in italy looks more like bad >>

Re: [Vo]:Defending Rossi at this point is an action of the absolute naive

2016-04-11 Thread Alain Sepeda
the claim is an article in Il coriere dela serra where the unbiased journalist was really upset that he was only condemned for environmental infrigment and tax fraud.. I gathered many article in that thread . 2016-04-11 18:36 GMT+02:00

Re: [Vo]:Defending Rossi at this point is an action of the absolute naive

2016-04-11 Thread Alain Sepeda
It is wrong to say Rossi have a pattern of fraud. He is cleared of that in court, and the pattern of the affair in italy looks more like bad industrialization facing mafia of wastes. he have however a pattern of : - industrialization problems(Petroldragon, BiTe TEG, E-cat) - loose evidences (TEG,

Re: [Vo]:I.H. press release responding to Rossi

2016-04-08 Thread Alain Sepeda
just a naive/stupid idea ? does IH just want Rossi to bring good and solid evidence to the court, so they have to pay, and then be rich with LENR industry, whoever's technology is used and paid ? after all, who cares if E-cat can be sold. if E-cat is proven to work, instantly thousands of startup

Re: [Vo]:Press Release - Cold Fusion (LENR) Verified - Inventor Sues Industrial Heat, LLC.

2016-04-07 Thread Alain Sepeda
about Penon "non independence", except having an italian name and having done a previous test, is there any relationship established with rossi predating the Ferrara test ? for the rest I agree, a good HVAC engineer would do it better. 2016-04-07 4:06 GMT+02:00 Jed Rothwell

Re: [Vo]:Is this true?

2016-04-05 Thread Alain Sepeda
from my theory of who were the bullies getting away from US, and from public funded research would have solved the problem. It solved the problem, so maybe my theory is good. no business involved. just read Ed Storms opinion

Re: [Vo]:Is this true?

2016-04-05 Thread Alain Sepeda
Amoco and Shell investigated LENR, as team in Framatome, CEA. only menace and bullying I've heard report indirectly here are : - horse manure in mail box (Bockris?) - 3 inquiry launched fro fraud against Bockris - bad joke with cell put in a nuclear reactor (who?) - CEA lab boss blocking LENr

Re: [Vo]:Rossi and IH have received the ERV Report

2016-03-30 Thread Alain Sepeda
On the opposite for a conspiracy theorist, in general, there is no 3rd party, except himself. Anyone who disagree with the conclusion is considered part of the giant conspiracy. There is no absolute third party as interest and incentive connect, in both positive and negative direction, all

Re: [Vo]:E-Cat progress

2016-03-21 Thread Alain Sepeda
Industrialization failure would not be a surprise at all, with a report saying it is leaking, melting, breaking from all side... If so, the interest if IH is simply to keep the report secret and work on improving the reliability until they can deliver a reactor that work , in the industrial way,

Re: [Vo]:E-Cat progress

2016-03-21 Thread Alain Sepeda
saying it is a fraud seems not fair for me. Lugano report is visibly insufficient, unlike anything manufactured to look good. Fraud looks perfect, that is a rule, and even a way to detect it. it is easier to make a fake report that looks perfect than to make a good one that looks fair. There is

Re: [Vo]:Re: EM Drive(s)

2016-03-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
the claim of shawyer is that the energy inside the cavity is destroyed by acceleration. he propose something linked to doppler detuning. this is one theory. MiHsC have another vision where vacuum energy, information, horizon and mach principle are important factors. CoE, CoM are respected by

Re: [Vo]:Re: EM Drive(s)

2016-03-13 Thread Alain Sepeda
Shawyer's theory explicitly repect CoE, and it explains that acceleration consume energy, through dopler effect and decalibration of the cavity... "*6.* *Q.* *Is the EmDrive a form of perpetual motion machine?* *A. *The EmDrive obeys the law of conservation of energy

Re: [Vo]:Politicians beginning to count on "clean energy" for job creation

2016-03-10 Thread Alain Sepeda
note that Russia, and especially Putin have an agenda to reduce dependency of Russian economy to oil. Ther was some success, ane recent embargo did much to help, but this is still very insufficient. Oil rent is a trap, anyone with some vision of history know that it is a cursed resource, far more

Re: [Vo]:Progress in humanoid robots

2016-03-07 Thread Alain Sepeda
basic income is interesting in the "liberal" (French meaning, ie economic liberal, "laisser-faire") way. usual charity inspired system put tax on good outcome, par tof which are caused by good behaviors (most which only people themselves have control on and can see) . they put tax on good

Re: [Vo]:Is Rossi sick?

2016-03-04 Thread Alain Sepeda
he unknown in a net of the known.’ > > > > *From:* [] *On > Behalf Of *Alain Sepeda > *Sent:* Friday, March 4, 2016 12:13 AM > *To:* Vortex List > *Subject:* Re: [Vo]:Is Rossi sick? > > > > the dose, and t

Re: [Vo]:Is Rossi sick?

2016-03-04 Thread Alain Sepeda
especially, in case of big LENR bursts. 2016-03-04 15:48 GMT+01:00 a.ashfield <>: > Alain Sepeda. > Agreed. > Reminds of the media scare about people living near nuclear power plants > getting cancer. Ignoring that the workers IN the power plants didn't

Re: [Vo]:Is Rossi sick?

2016-03-04 Thread Alain Sepeda
the dose, and the speed of dose to make someone sick is huge and canbe detected. This is what people name "deterministic effect" in radioprotection. This is above 700mSv as fast dose there is also undeterministic effect, typically cancer, whose severity is independent of the dose, but which are

Re: [Vo]:Yet another Rossi replication reported from China

2016-03-02 Thread Alain Sepeda
Is it uncommon ? I have seen such practice in many old PdD LENR papers, and in recent Ed Storms reports. This is something to promote fo replicators I imagine ? another (less common) practice is the servo-mode, popularized by michael McKubre in his closed cell isothermal flow calorimetry. I

Re: [Vo]:Events at the end of Jiang's run #2, Fig. 3

2016-03-01 Thread Alain Sepeda
>From the exchanges it seems we miss some "metadata" associated with the curve. One thing that amazed me was pressure change, but if there is presurization by bottle, then there is no mystery. hot H2 and TC seems not to work together, even if Pr Songsheng reports documents that state

Re: [Vo]:New paper from Jiang in Chinese

2016-03-01 Thread Alain Sepeda
(about 2nd november experiment, fig3) When I look at T4, at pressure, compared to input power, it seems there is something weird happening. does anybody know what causes the increase of pressure just when power is slightly stepped ? about 14:00-14:15... I suspect it is just heat ? since all other

Re: [Vo]:Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs

2016-02-19 Thread Alain Sepeda
2016-02-19 18:00 GMT+01:00 H LV : > However, basic > ​income ​ > should be high enough so that paid work does not need to be incentivized > by money. Paid work > Someone in france, Gaspard Koenig support an interesting view on liberalism. the system should support autonomy,

Re: [Vo]:Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs

2016-02-19 Thread Alain Sepeda
to explain more simply the interest of UNCONDITIONAL basic income. if you have an income that is not removed if you work and get paid, whatever it is, then you have no incentive not to work, and much incentive to work, even for cheap, but never if it is not productive. In this way basic income,

Re: [Vo]:Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs

2016-02-17 Thread Alain Sepeda
2016-02-17 16:35 GMT+01:00 Jed Rothwell : > In the past, education helped because automation and robots usually > replaced unskilled labor. I think for the next few decades they will > continue to replace unskilled labor more quickly than skilled or > intellectual labor.

[Vo]:Re: [Vo]:Re: [Vo]:​Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge

2016-02-14 Thread Alain Sepeda
is there available PR papers from skeptic origin? I think about lewis, hansen, Morrison, Wilson key critical papers (the only one?) One reason people still don't accept LENR is because they believe that hidden behind a paywall where they have no access, there is a miraculous demonstration of LENR

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