Re: [Vo]:Continued trolling by Jojo Jaro

2012-12-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

My take on all of this… and I’m sure Jojo is listening in…

I believe you have assembled a reasonably accurate chronology of
Jojo’s posting proclivities. However, I suspect too many within the
Collective are missing the primary reasons why Jojo’s posts what he
posts. Too many miss it because they simply-respond to Jojo’s
arguments with counter-arguments of their own. Unfortunately, this is
precisely what Jojo wants us to do.

Let me put it this way: Many of these arguments that Jojo has put
forth… It’s really not about AGW. It’s really not about Obama’s actual
birth location. It’s really not about those sinister Moon worshipers.
I suspect most on this list get that about Jojo. It is instead, I
suspect, about Jojo trying to find a script that will allow him to
work out a huge amount of anger and rage he has internalized as a
result of having been incessantly belittled when he was much younger,
most likely as a child. It’s pretty clear to me that Jojo is a smart
dude. He has a lot of intelligence. It’s probably what got him in
trouble due to no fault of his own. I am most certainly speculating
here but perhaps it was Jojo’s own pugnacious intelligence that
intimidated some of his primary care-givers to no end - to the point
that some of them felt that belittling him was the only way they
surmised that they could once again achieve the upper hand. Whatever
the reasons, IMO Jojo didn’t deserve to have been dumped on.
Unfortunately, setting up script after script within Vortex-l where
Jojo baits the collective into engaging in counter-arguments – that
will never get to the root of the real injustice that was inflicted on
Jojo earlier in his life.

This is precisely why I strongly suggested to Jojo that he try to find
a men’s group. It is within the safe and supportive confines of a
men’s group, a group of individuals who are Jojo’s peers that will
give him the crucial feedback he never received earlier in his life.

I participated in a men’s group for over 10 years. It was one of the
best things I ever did for myself. The sad fact about our highly
frantic western culture is that too many men are simply not in touch
with their own feelings. Too many men in our culture do not really
understand intimacy, particularly the ability to express intimacy
within our own gender. Our gender tends to equate “intimacy” as
something only having to do with sex. Most women got over that
ridiculous fallacy a long time ago. Unfortunately, too many of our
gender have yet to understand that simple revelation.

While it is quite natural for us to disagree amongst each other and
then to argue (sometimes incessantly) about the particulars… it would
not, IMO, be in Jojo’s best interests to constantly feed him counter
arguments at this particular point. All that would accomplish is allow
him set up additional scenarios where he can lash back at his
perceived opponents - as within the Vortex-L group. IMO, Jojo needs to
confront and then address all the crap that happened to him earlier in
his life. It’s a big task and it can’t be done alone. You simply can’t
figure your way out of that crap all by yourself. One of the best ways
to address such issues would be within the safe confines of a men’s
group where one can begin to recognize one’s anger, and then begin to
safely work through that anger, and perhaps most import of all: get
the vital feedback one didn’t get earlier in their life.

BTW, trying to get a tad back on-topic here... We should not kid
ourselves into assuming that a lack of being able to be intimate with
one’s peers will not affect how one performs scientific research, such
as in the CF field. That goes for both for solitary research as well
as within a collective organization. More likely than not, it will
affect the quality of one’s research - adversely so.

My two cents

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:A Proposal to stop all Off-Topic posts (was: Continued trolling by Jojo Jaro)

2012-12-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Dave sez:

 Terry can always find a way to blow our minds.
 Where does a guy receive such training?


(I'm still in training myself.)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Continued trolling by Jojo Jaro

2012-12-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Abd:


 ... Jojo shows no sign of
 having the capacity to listen or to respond to that kind of good will.


“Repeat application on a regular basis till irritation goes away. Some
irritations take longer to heal. If irritation persists seek the
advice of a doctor as a different topical solution may be in order.”

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:New Data Worrying 2000 climatologists about Global Warming ....

2012-12-17 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sez:

Quoting Asimov's The Last Question

  Sure you are. You're weak on logic, that's the trouble with you.
 You're like the guy in the story who was caught in a sudden shower and who
 ran to a grove of trees and got under one. He wasn't worried, you see,
 because he figured when one tree got wet through, he would just get under
 another one.

Wee…let me throw a little wrench into that argument if I may. Some
of those trees will take a little longer to get thoroughly wet! Some a
lot longer!

While it's true all stars will eventually burn through their nuclear
fuel we can at least delay the inevitable by choosing the right star
system to migrate to. I believe there exist a class of Red Dwarfs that
would be suitable for our purposes. Due to their small size and
over-all low gravity they won't burn through their nuclear fuel very
fast. We should either move (or build from scratch), a suitable planet
and position it in the right goldilocks position of this red dwarf
system. We can at least delay the inevitable by many many MANY
billions of years. I believe the life-span on some of these Red Dwarfs
has been estimated to be on the order of several magnitudes longer
than our own hot tempered yellow sun.

Plenty of time for additional hand wringing.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:MFM Project

2012-12-13 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
I agree with Jed,

I wish we could stop obsessing over what the phrase “Cold Fusion”
really means. The truth of the matter is: nobody really knows for sure
what kind of phenomenon “Cold Fusion” really represents. Big deal! Get
over it!  The phrase “Cold Fusion” is nothing more than a place

I find it to be an exercise in absurdity that others continue to make
such a big deal out of the fact that others continue to sue the phrase
“Cold Fusion” - as if doing so is a horrible thing to do to science.
What I see is far more political foreplay in harping on this issue, as
compared to focusing on actual scientific investigation.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Thoughts on reading the Papp patent - #2.

2012-12-11 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
I gather “chan.fusion” is accusing Mr. Rothwell of using the lenr-canr
website specifically for the purposes of a tax dodge.

Oh, give me a tax break! I think not.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Thoughts on reading the Papp patent - #2.

2012-12-11 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From James:

 One can read these optimistic noises with only a day to go as implying
 that they are delaying any public demonstration of their engine until
 January's CES show in Vegas.  It all hinges on the meaning of the phrase
 the show as binding to the temporal context of the PowerGen show -- or
 binding to the prior paragraph's reference to January's CES show in Vegas.

Boy! Do I have a bad feeling about this outfit.

I sure hope I’m proven wrong, but at present I’m inclined not to trust
them any farther than I could pee upwind.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Thoughts on reading the Papp patent - #2.

2012-12-11 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Just to be clear on something I recently opined. It’s one thing to
express a personal opinion of extreme doubt and suspicion, as I have
recently done. It’s quite another thing to assume one’s personal
opinion is the correct one that other’s should emulate.

If there is the slightest chance that this outfit has something valid,
I do not wish to in any impede them (financially or politically) in
their efforts to bring such a new technology out into the open.

OTOH, simply based on just the general appearance they exude… and all
I know is that I want to run in the opposite direction as fast as I
can. I’m left with a subjective impression that what this all seems to
boil down to is: “We need more money to get our baby off the ground”.
Maybe they do… maybe they truly do. But not with my money. It would be
useful to locate a competent individual or organization that has
performed due-diligence on this outfit. Does such an animal exist?
Would they willing to go on the record and express what they have

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:MFM air-flow calorimeter

2012-12-10 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Terry sez:

 With his white beard, Paul could be making a killing in the malls
 right now (if he can stand the kids.)

 I can tell him what I would like for Christmas!  Maybe Santa will
 bring us all a successful replication.

Speaking of wishlists my brother sent me the following exchange which
has been making the rounds. While not verified, the exchange does
appear to have been made between Santa and one of his expectant

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I hope everyone, from the reindeer to
the elves, is fine. I have been a very good boy this year. I would
like an X-Box 360 with Call of Duty IV and an iPhone 4 for Christmas.
I hope you remember that come Christmas Day. Merry Christmas,

Timmy Jones

* *

Dear Timmy,

Thank you for your letter. Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the elves are
all fine and thank you for asking about them. Santa is a little
worried all the time you spend playing video games and texting. Santa
wouldn’t want you to get fat. Since you have indeed been a good boy, I
think I’ll bring you something you can go outside and play with.
*Merry Christmas,*

Santa Claus***

* *

Mr. Claus,

Seeing that I have fulfilled the “naughty vs. Nice” contract, set by
you I might add, I feel confident that you can see your way clear to
granting me what I have asked for. I certainly wouldn’t want to turn
this joyous season into one of litigation. Also, don’t you think that
a jibe at my weight coming from an overweight man who goes out once a
year is a bit trite?


Tim Jones

* *

Mr. Jones,

While I have acknowledged you have met the “nice” criteria, need I
remind you that your Christmas list is a request and in no way is it a
guarantee of services provided. Should you wish to pursue legal
action, well that is your right. Please know, however, that my
attorney’s have been on retainer ever since the  Burgermeister
Meisterburger incident and will be more than happy to take you on in
open court. Additionally, the exercise I alluded to will not only
improve your health, but also improve your social skills and
potentially help clear up a complexion that looks like the bottom of
the Burger King fry bin most days.

Very Truly Yours,

S Claus

* *

Now look here Fat Man,

I told you what I want and I expect you to bring it. I was attempting
to be polite about this but you brought my looks and my friends into
this. Now you just be disrespecting me. I’m about to tweet my boys and
we’re gonna be waiting for your fat ass and I’m taking my game
console, my game, my phone, and whatever else I want. WHAT EVER I


* *

Listen Pizza Face,

Seriously??? You think a dude that breaks into every house in the
world on one night and never gets caught sweats a skinny G-banger
wannabe? “He sees you when you’re sleeping; He knows when you’re
awake”. Sound familiar, genius? You know what kind of resources I have
at my disposal. I got your shit wired, Jack. I go all around the world
and see ways to hurt people that if I described them right now, you’d
throw up your Totino’s pizza roll all over the carpet of your mom’s
basement. You’re not getting what you asked for, but I’m still
stopping by your crib to stomp a mud hole in you’re ass and then walk
it dry. Chew on that, Petunia.

S Clizzy

* *

Dear Santa,

Bring me whatever you see fit. I’ll appreciate anything.


* *


That’s what I thought, you little bastard.



Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:oops

2012-12-06 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jones:

 Well... Not sure how much faith to put into this kind of story, but the sad
 part is that the military could do this kind of RD - whereas the energy
 sector could not even think about it due to cost and interference from
 special interests - so there are scary implications that demonstrate the
 kind of mess this country in.

I suspect Paradise Lost sez it best:

Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:How bad is this news? Jed Rothwell

2012-12-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Vorl:

 I seem to recall that Jojo has been called a 'bible fanatic' and
 worse. Do you expect him to quietly put up with that kind of

 If you don't like what he says, killfile him, but don't call for
 his banning because of his less than gentlemanly language;
  it makes those who do sound like hypocrites.

Vor, if you wish to justify the content of some of Jojo’s recent
postings, that is your right to do so. But let me be clear on this
point. I have not personally suggesting banning Jojo for being a
‘bible fanatic’ – those are your words. My point was that Jojo has
recently posted deliberately insulting phrases towards another vortex
member, specifically phrases like:

What a piece of work you are. Your mother must have really screwed up
raising you.

I don’t care who started the current tit-for-tat with Jojo. It doesn’t
matter. Someone’s got to have the balls to simply say, this is enuf of
this childish behavior.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Sasquatch Sequenced

2012-12-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Chem sez:

 Andre the Giant was living proof of a crossover event...

It’s my understanding Andre never had any problem finding women who
were interested in him. Therefore, Sasquatch’s “sequence” lives on!

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:How bad is this news? Jed Rothwell

2012-12-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
I recently sed:

 ... Someone’s got to have the balls to simply say, this is enuf of
 this childish behavior.

This could be misconstrued as an indirect demand on my part directed
at Mr. Beaty to ban Jojo. My apologies to Mr. Beaty. That's not what I
meant when I uttered the above statement. I meant to implly that we
all must have enough balls to break the circuit. I suggest we try to
put a stop to fanning the flames of contributing to what strikes me as
Jojo's desire to luxiriate in his own sense of personal outrage.

Just stop fanning the flames.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Unjustified and unjust attack

2012-11-29 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Daniel:

 Peter, Gary is a banned spammer from Vortex. He is a lunatic and
 powerless. ...

Mr. Wright claims he has “…never posted on vortex, even once.”

Where did you get your claim from?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Unjustified and unjust attack

2012-11-29 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Some more inconsequential gossip.

I see that Mr. Wright’s response to Mr. Gluck starts out with:

 “Our” answer to Peter Gluck


I love those responses that use words like “our” or “we” to imply that
they are a big respectable organization that must be employing a
crackerjack team of sharp-shooters. It’s a tactic straight out of SK’s
game plan.

Speaking of SK, here’s a direct quote from Mr. Wright blog: Gary is
no lunatic, and his writings have more influence about Rossi on the
internet, second only to Steven Krivit’s website.

As Reagan was fond of saying: “There you go again!”

Perhaps Mr. Wright has taken notes from that distinguished American
Lobbyist: Grover Norquist, who seems to be having some difficulty
these days keeping all his ducks in line. It strikes me as the same
message expressed in different clothing: The targeted object is evil…
Turn the evil object into an effigy. Destroy the evil effigy by all
means necessary.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:E Mallove: LENR/Cold Fusion and Modern Physics: A Crisis Within a Crisis ???

2012-11-27 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
For those, like Jed, who have watched the unfolding of the
BLP/Rossi/Defkalion saga... some of it having gone on now for 20 years
or more, it is understandable that many of them express doubt and
frustration. Perhaps cynicism is an even better description to use

Personally, I see incremental progress, but I freely admit the
possibility that I might be looking through rose tinted glasses.
(Wishful thinking on my part.)

I am left the the feeling that all of the above mentioned
organizations have been working with a mysterious technology that
nobody really understands for which they hope can soon be exploited in
the form of a popular commercial product... something akin to what Mr.
Carrell recently mentioned - like a water heater sold at Sears.
Obviously, nothing of the sort is even close to rolling off the
assembly line at any of these organizations. Actually, BLP is more of
a licensing company as compared to a manufacturing facility, so they
would never develop a commercial product - just the rights to use the

Lately, it would seem to be BLP's turn to once again step up to the
podium and make some bold claims... something akin to revealing a 100
watt prototype - soon. Later, I gather BLP claims they hope to
assemble a kilowatt prototype for public scrutiny, perhaps  sometime
before the end of 2013... or was that 2014.

Meanwhile, it is understandable that many cynical old-timers are prone
to categorically state the fact that similar predictions have been
made before. Indeed, they have.

So, Is there really anything truly different this time around?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:E Mallove: LENR/Cold Fusion and Modern Physics: A Crisis Within a Crisis ???

2012-11-26 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Hi Mike,

I realize that crystal ball gazing is a precarious profession, particularly
when one takes into consideration the fact that Mr. Murphy often has a
nasty tendency of paying unexpected visits to the RD lab.

Nevertheless, have you acquired any kind of a feeling as to when BLP might
have a small CIHT prototype up and running for public scrutiny?

I seem to recall a rumor that possibly later in 2013 BLP might actually
have such an animal on display.

Your thoughts?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:The Quantum Soul?

2012-11-07 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Regarding the state of our souls:

All I noze is that somehow we find ourselves living... and then we die.

While transitioning between these two quantum states of existence I
finally began to realize the fact that the universe, to me, is one big
gigantic question mark, one that I will never be able to solve.

Strangely, when I began to accept the horrible predicament I found
myself in I began to feel less anxious.

Who sez god doesn't have wicked sense of humor.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:[OT]: HAC's Spacecraft in Solar System

2012-11-01 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

Against my better judgment I read your latest post.

Several times, I might add.


 I know that it Is indeed quite a difficult thing for
 just about everyone who reads this to think I *know*
 what I'm trying to say here, but, I cannot disregard
 or deny what I have continually seen over the years
 up in Space, and just how attuned *they* are to this
 world we live on or in and/or around us.

Do you have any witnesses to these personal observations you have
made, or have they all been experienced while you're alone?

 For me personally, I am somewhat almost elated and even
 content in knowing that a whole complete other ungodly
 world of being exists in space w/o end.

Are you trying to tell us that you might be somewhat/almost/elated to
be an atheist?

 The Fact of the matter is that You (being a human
 being) simply can't handle the rather (not so)
 simple little Fact about what's up there right here
  now, but it's why you hear and/or think about
 Aliens, Science Fiction, Bug Eyed Monsters, Robots,
 or any  everything that keep you from *knowing* the
 truth about a subject that literally would blow you
 away, and/or off the surface of the earth!... *They*
 take no prisoners, and Youare on your own down here.

Quite a sentence of epic-like spaghetti proportions you have written.
You also seem to be pointing your finger at all of us ignorant humans
with all those repeated uses of the word: you. So, Loren, who is
doing all the talking here? You? Or some alleged highly advanced ET
who seems to enjoy getting off on pointing a judgmental finger at all
of us ignorant humans? If it's the latter, I would suggest that this
ET might want to consider going elsewhere in order to hone what
appears to be an insatiable desire to feel superior to everyone.
Perhaps he should take a humbling stroll out in the cosmic wilderness
and get a taste of his own medicine. All I can say is that this
particular ET has said nothing that I haven't heard oodles of times

As for us lowly humans, we'll eventually make it out into the cosmos -
eventually. But for now, our dinner plate is full. We have a planet
that desperately needs our attention in order to be healed and cleaned
up. Under the circumstances few of us have the time nor the
inclination to listen to someone who wants to feel superior to humans.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]: Nemesis Park

2012-10-31 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Terry sez:

 Lately Robert Park seems to be more interested in politix than fizzix:

I have been unable to reach the website. Tried from two different
locations and at different times. Both failed

DId Park forget to pay the rent???

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]: Nemesis Park

2012-10-31 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Terry sez:

 Maybe your browser wants to see the www:

Yup! That was the problem.

I find Park's rants on political machinations much more appealing. I
suspect he should know.

Incidentally, I noticed that when Carl Sagan became acutely aware of
his own approaching mortality, it seemed to me that his willingness to
speculate on topics previously considered taboo became much more
relaxed. When one is no longer concerned about appeasing the
establishment, or securing grant money and what-not...what can they do
to me... kill me?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]: Nemesis Park

2012-10-31 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Terry:

 Thanks, Jed; but, it was not meant to be a literal, quantitative
 statement.  It was meant to express a general willingness to
 be open toward the end.

I second that.

I have an anecdotal story regarding someone I knew who once
encountered Sagan in a casual setting. A group of cohorts, including
Sagan, were meeting in a hotel bar for a couple of drinks. As the
drinks flowed and tongues got a little looser, Sagan slipped out a
personal incident he once experienced where he wanted to get funding
to study how would society react if we were suddenly confronted with
irrefutable evidence proving beyond a shadow of doubt that
extraterrestrial civilizations existed. Sagan said he could not get
funding for such a project. It's my understanding that Sagan was also
told in no uncertain terms that he should drop the exploration of
further proposals of such a nature... that is, if he wanted to keep
his good standing. The observer of this conversation was left with the
distinct impression that Sagan did not like being told what he could
and could not research. But Sagan knew which side of the bread the
butter was on. And that was that.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]: Nemesis Park

2012-10-31 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sed:

 Hey, I am a literal-minded guy.

Yeah, we kind'a know that about you Jed!

No offense taken.

As for Sagan, I think he got the last laugh - posthumously. I think he
got even with his superiors when he wrote his speculative novel
Contact. If one reads the novel it's pretty obvious that Sagan must
have experienced many internal dialogues concerning how he might go
about reconciling the values represented by religion versus those of
science. I don't know if he ever came to grips with such a huge
conundrum or not. Nevertheless, he left us with a worthy novel which
was subsequently transformed into a great film, starring Jody Foster
as Elanor Arroway the unabashed SETI researcher. I thought Jody
managed to capture the joy (and also absolute frustration) of having
experienced an authentic contact with an extraterrestrial civilization
while not being able to prove it to the scientific establishment.

In the movie it is amusing that behind closed doors the powers to be
suspected Arroway's publicly disgraced encounter might actually
possess a ring of truth to it. They secretly knew she had recorded 17
hours of static during her cosmic worm-hole trip, which presumably
was when she was in contact. This shouldn't have happened since
according to the official logs Arroway was only gone for just a
fraction of a second. Of course, they weren't going to let a little
detail concerning a 17-hour recording gap out.

In the end it would seem that Arroway eventually secures additional
funding so that she can continue pursuing her interest in SETI
research. She finds herself employed out on a remote location with a
few radio telescopes at her disposal to play around with. In other
words, it's best to isolate Arroway while discretely keeping a close
eye on her activities!

In the end you had to take Elanor Arroway's encounter on faith.

Hopefully, the so-called faith of CF/LENR evidence commonly depicted
by many skeptics will soon become a moot point when replications
become ubiquitous.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:SciAm blog: Genie in a Bottle: The Case Against Cold Fusion

2012-10-30 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Alan,

 She put up an addendum from Krivit (and alluded to posting
 difficulties) -- who is peddling discredited CF vs Real LENR
 --- I wonder how a particular experiment knows how to behave
 depending on the belief of the experimenter.
 (See the Pod and The Barrier)

Sounds similar to the Reality Distortion Field, a little-understood
phenomenon which the late Mr. Jobs seemed to have mastered. It is
alleged Jobs was was capable of generating such a distortion field
within his immediate surroundings. Apparently it was capable of
affecting everyone who was within his immediate sphere of influence.

I suspect few others, including SK have mastered such an ability.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:[OT]: Sun Becomes Red Giant, w/ Insatiable Appetite

2012-10-26 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
  ...While it appears that you don't immediately need be too
  concerned about what happens 5 Billion years from now,
  keep in mind that it's highly likely countless civilizations thruout
 the Galaxies thruout the Universe have already out-done and/or out-lived
 their Star Systems. (I realize this News is extremely Old,,, but
  my mind is going, so it will all be new to me!

Which channel are you tuned to, Loren. I can't find it in my TV Guide.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Mr. Rossi says something is up at Leonardo

2012-10-25 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jeff:

 Up in the business sense.

Scrolling down a bit is a new Oct 25 entry, allegedly from Rossi:

 This is what will happen next week:

 The E-CAT is going to be the US election Game Changer.
 Rossi will join Obama in a big press conference declaring the
 end of oil dependence era and a new energy technology birth
 which will save our world

In Rossi's dreams.

or else... Obama! Tread very carefully here!

Said differently: Fasten your seat belts. We're in for a bumpy ride.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Mr. Rossi says something is up at Leonardo

2012-10-25 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Oops! Just to be clear on this point, Rossi did NOT say that. He did
NOT say he has a planned press conference with Obama. That was pure
speculation. I should have read the statement more mroe clearly.

My apologies.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Mr. Rossi says something is up at Leonardo

2012-10-25 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Terry sez:


 So Rossi is an Objectivist.

Hmmm. This is going to take a while for me to read up on. ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Mr. Rossi says something is up at Leonardo

2012-10-25 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jeff:

 My own guess is that this comment will end up being another overwhelming
 promise followed by another underwhelming delivery. It just seems to be a
 pattern common to Mr. Rossi. I hope I'm wrong.

That does seem to be Rossi's prior track record - to constantly
titillate his audience.

I put a lot of credence in Vort speculation that states the fact that
the principal LENR problem is a lack of adequate control over the
reaction. Without proper controls commercialization will be

Likewise, it would seem that many skeptics have now redrawn the line
in the sand. They now seem to conveniently focus their criticisms on
claiming the fact that the LENR reaction is not commercially
practical. Well, of course it isn't commercially practical, in its
present incarnations.

Neither were the first integrated circuits:

...such as shown here next developer Jack Kilby. If government
support, (such as from the DoD's own self-interest objectives) hadn't
stepped in during the infancy phase of this technology's development
and supported it generously we would not be enjoying the fruits of
their own self-interests.

I hope that 20 or 30 years from now something similar may be said
about the history of LENR technology... with hopefully less emphasis
on the role DoD might initially play.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Mr. Rossi says something is up at Leonardo

2012-10-25 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Alan:

 That does seem to be Rossi's prior track record - to constantly titillate
 his audience.

 Many of his commercial hints have failed to materialize, or have fizzled
 (big US company etc ..) -- but most of his technical hints have
 materialized in one form or another.

Here's a perfect example of Rossi-speak when it comes to a long list
of commercially-based antics:

 E-Cat Weekly -- January 5, 2012 - This past week saw at least 80
 stories on the web, 4 from mainstream news, regarding Andrea
 Rossi's E-Cat powered by LENR or cold fusion. The hottest theme was
 Rossi's assertion that he is in discussion with Home Depot to
 distribute 1 million home heat units this Autumn for less than
 $2,000 USD. Reality will probably dictate a longer time-line.
 (PESN; January 5, 2012)

Well, it's now Autumn... and, oh, by the way, our water heater sprung
a leak over the weekend. Time to replace the old monster. Tonight I'm
headed for Sears to price another natural gas water heater,
particularly since I'm aware of no Rossi-LENR models. ;-)

It's no wonder skeptics and debunkers consider Rossi to be nothing but
a comical charlatan.

For those who find the above skeptical stance a bit too
over-simplified for the reality of the situation, Rossi gives them
(myself included) the impression that he has uncovered a
little-understood LENR heat-generating process. He had steadfastly
attempted to personally capitalize on his discovery, but all on his
own recognizance. The problem, as many Vorts see it, is that Rossi has
repeatedly shown what appears to be a maniacal (almost comical)
unwillingness to let others into his protective sphere of influence,
individuals who long ago could have assisted him in figuring out how
to better control the mysterious LENR reactions in a safe and reliable
manner. I gather Rossi has repeatedly ended up frustrating the hell
out of many well-intentioned individuals, organizations and companies
who sincerely wanted to help out - if not to share a little in a slice
of the pie. Rossi seems to want the pie all for himself, but may end
up with most of it on his face.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Mr. Rossi says something is up at Leonardo

2012-10-25 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sez:


 ...I agree with Alan Fletcher that Rossi does tend to come
 through on his technical hints. His track record is remarkably
 good. His flamboyant personality gets in the way and we fail
 to notice this.

Rossi is what what Rossi does. ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:PopSci article on Rossi now online

2012-10-24 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sez:


 Despite his foibles, I really like Andrea Rossi. He annoys the heck out of
 me. He is infuriating! And yet, somehow, you can't help but like him. He is
 such a character. A force of nature! Like the guy in the beer ad: he is the
 most interesting man in the world.

 If he succeeds all his sins will be forgiven. And forgotten. The history
 books will describe him as a hero.

I must admit that fact that I enjoy keeping track of Rossi's story
book adventures. I'm glad there are plenty of others who have made it
their personal business to keep track of this colorful Italian. Makes
it easy for me.

Despite all of the shoot-himself-in-his-own-foot antics that Rossi
seems to have done to himself, despite all the intentionally bad press
derived from self-proclaimed experts, such as from SK, it seems to me
that Rossi has yet to be proven beyond a shadow of doubt that he is a
charlatan. SK has been relentless in the spoon feeding of his
readership that Rossi is to be perceived as nothing more than a
convicted criminal, while conveniently leaving out the fact that he
was exhonerated from his prior convictions. But no matter. Rossi is
like a cat that always seems to land on his feet.

Granted, few have reason trust Rossi, and rightly so. But as far as I
can tell the only thing that has stuck on Rossi has been insinuation
after insinuation that he is nothing more than charlatan, or perhaps a
convicted criminal with a record. On that point it would seem that
Rossi has done little to dissuade skeptics that he isn't.

To me, Rossi's behavior is akin to that of a carnival barker. I
continue my vigil, wondering whether his eCats really work as
advertised or will they turn out to be a three-headed calf preserved
in formaldehyde. Since the competition appeaers to be growing stronger
I'm less concerned about the continuing saga of Rossi's tarnished
reputation since it is becoming likely that others will soon pick up
the ball and deposit the winnings in their own cash register.

I still hope that Rossi will eventually succeed in his grand quest,
but we shall see.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:PopSci article on Rossi now online

2012-10-23 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jed:


 ... and in this case [Krivit] he publishes an e-mail from Featherstone to 
 himself . . .
 all of which is bad form.

 As the British say, it is not on. (They used to say that.) Meaning it isn't
 done in polite society.

According to Krivit, this is what Featherstone asked him:


I came across your site while researching a feature story about 'cold
fusion,' or LENR as it were, and Andrea Rossi in particular. I'm new
to the subject of cold fusion, so it's been quite an uphill battle
separating fact from fiction. Especially with material found on the
web, most of which appears to be fiction. Your skepticism about
Rossi's claims, while not rare, seems more informed than most and
certainly well-documented. In fact, I’ve ordered your book and plan to
read it ASAP. I’m just getting started on the reporting, but my editor
wants the story as soon as possible. At the moment, I haven't
contacted Rossi, but plan to do so soon, in order to arrange an
interview. Before I talk to him, I’d love to get your take on Rossi ­
I’m aware that you’ve probably said everything you need to say on your
site, but I’m hoping that you can help me cut quickly through the
detritus -- as well as the whole field of “cold fusion” research.
Thanks, and keep up the good work!


I assume Featherstone is referring to Krivit's publication: The
rebirth of Cold Fusion. Incidentally, I'm quoted in Krivit's book,
ever so briefly - as an interested bystander. Vortex chatter. This
was, of course before Krivit decided to excuse himself from the
Collective where he demanded that Mr. Rothwell apologize to him for...
oh, I don't know for what reason, nor do I care.

My 20 minutes of fame.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Planet discovered at Alpha Cantauri B

2012-10-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From David,


 If you find yourself feeling too important, all you need do is consider how
 large you are compared to the smallest galaxy.  The universe is likely
 unaware of your puny existence among the uncountable hordes that probably
 inhabit it.  Does that thought help you to place events in the proper

Indeed, one would think so...

Unless one is predisposed to an ultra-conservative fundamentalist
perspective of the cosmos; where Man was made in the image of God;
where God gave man dominion over the animals and plants of the world;
Where God gave man permission to exploit Mother Nature in any way he
chooses with no regard to the consequences of his actions, where only
humans have souls; where marriage between a man and a woman is the
only legal institution that should be recognized by the court of law,
particularly when it comes to practical financial matters like
administering health insurance; where a president sporting a slightly
darker than average tan is being accused of being the equivalent of a
wetback, and many who support such a belief are essentially attempting
to hijack specific wording within the U.S. Constitution for the
purposes of suiting their own objectives as if the constitution was
being used as nothing more than a piece of toilet paper to whip away
the filth of their own bigotry.

I could go on, but what's the point.

Stupid is what stupid does.

PS: This was, of course, a deliberately crafted incendiary post,
crafted to outrage certain elements within the Vort Collective who
tend to support an ultra-conservative fundamentalist POV regarding
their sacred place within the Cosmos. My suggestion would be that they
deliberately ignore my little rant (the recommended choice, BTW).
Otherwise, feel free to take the bait and run with it. Continue to
prove my point.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Planet discovered at Alpha Cantauri B

2012-10-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jouni,


 indeed, I hope this will boost our efforts to launch second generation
 planet finder after Kepler loses it's ability to maintain the direction of
 vision. So that we could have direct measurements of near by planets. There
 are currently no ongoing projects, however space exploration might get very
 soon cheeper.


There is hope for more precise astronomy research in the near future.
See NASA's new darling, the James Webb Space Telescope

It may not be designed to hunt specifically for new planets, but it
will nevertheless uncover a lot of nifty new stuff that will end up
upsetting the scientific establishment.


The James Webb Space Telescope (sometimes called JWST) is a large,
infrared-optimized space telescope. The project is working to a 2018
launch date. Webb will find the first galaxies that formed in the
early Universe, connecting the Big Bang to our own Milky Way Galaxy.
Webb will peer through dusty clouds to see stars forming planetary
systems, connecting the Milky Way to our own Solar System. Webb's
instruments will be designed to work primarily in the infrared range
of the electromagnetic spectrum, with some capability in the visible

And so forth, and so forth.

I particularly liked the phrase:  Webb will find the first galaxies
that formed in the early Universe, connecting the Big Bang…

Not if R. Mills has his way. I gather for some time now there has
existed a certain amount of accumulated evidence suggesting the
possibility that the BB theory, as currently theorized, ain't what
it's cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Dr. Mills' so-called minority
report continues to languish in the dark recesses of science like
background noise. But we shall see.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Potential Rossi Patent Battle

2012-10-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From David:

 This is exactly what the world does not need.  I can see
 the patent trolls licking their lips as they contemplate
 how to litigate ridiculous claims against each other and
 the legitimate inventors.

Unfortunately, I suspect it is inevitable in our digital society. NTL, I
suspect we will survive this sickness. Incidentally, NPR Radio Fresh Air
by Terry Gross broadcast a fascinating discussion with an expert on such
matters. Check out Fresh Air at:

Scroll down to the program item on:

In Digital War, Patents are the Weapon of Choice


October 11, 2012 *New York Times* business reporter Charles Duhigg says
that consumers and innovation are the big losers in the patent wars.
Patents have become a toll gate on the road of innovation, he says.
There is an audio link to the program.

 One last question...
 what do you call a shark on the bottom of the ocean?:-)

Bottom feeder? 8-0

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Planet discovered at Alpha Cantauri B

2012-10-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
A little mind game, if you wish. ;-)

Let me bring back an excerpt from the James Webb Space Telescope:

Webb will find the first galaxies that formed in the early Universe,
connecting the Big Bang…

However, IMO, there appears to be a huge paradox for which I suspect
most of us have been oblivious to when we attempt to comprehend
certain subtle ramifications when attempting to peer back oh so many
billions of years ago - to the alleged existence of those first

When the Hubble Space Telescope was tasked with trying to discover
what might have existed within what appeared to have been a completely
black patch of space (through the use of very long exposure that too
many days to complete), the telescope returned an image filled with a
huge count of very distant galaxies. These imaged galaxies were tiny
and significantly red-shifted because they were so far away. They were
the earliest galaxies for which the Hubble was capable of imaging. It
was at tremendous eye-popping technological event, even though I
suspect most of us probably didn't grasp the implications of what we
were actually seeing

I'd now like to introduce what seems to me to be rather huge paradox
for which most of us tend to gloss over when we look at these photos:
The photograph implies we will detect countless more of these early
Now, consider what the significantly smaller diameter of the early
universe must have been way back when ALL of these galaxies were doing
their baby forming thing. Does anyone see a contradiction here? Just
try to calculate how many of these early galaxies must have existed
way back then - 10 billion years ago or more. Do this by first
counting up the number of galaxies imaged from the photo taken by the
Hubble image, and then multiply that estimate over the entire 3-D
sphere that makes up our universe. Now, I'd imagine that is likely to
turn out to be a LOT of early galaxies! …Now, consider the fact that
All of these very early galaxies were supposed to have been snuggled
in next to each other very cozy-like into our early 3-D universe - a
much younger universe that was a mere fraction of the size it
currently is calculated to be.

How could they have all fit in a universe that was a mere fraction of
the current volumetric size of the universe?

Another thing. Other than the fact that they were significantly red
shifted, they all looked pretty much like contemporary galaxies.

Perhaps I'll eventually be proven wrong on this point, but these days
I do harbor a few doubts about the BB theory,.

Steven Johnson - DA
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Document Imaging Systems Support
608 264-7601

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Hunt Utilities Group calibration data

2012-10-16 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Terry:

 They got wired yesterday:

I confess that I'm educationally challenged on the significance of
what I'm viewing. Can someone give a layman's explanation as to what
these wires or filaments mean?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Hunt Utilities Group calibration data

2012-10-16 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Terry:

 They got wired yesterday:

 I confess that I'm educationally challenged on the significance of
 what I'm viewing. Can someone give a layman's explanation as to what
 these wires or filaments mean?

 It's the treated wire from Celani.  The miracle treatment makes New Fire.

Thanks for the qwk response. I had gathered the fact that these
filaments had allegedly been generating a lot more heat than they
ought to be capable of doing. Is there sufficient data in the public
domain at this point to determine x'actly how much excess heat might
have been generated from these filaments. ...or is that what the
peanut gallery is patiently waiting for. ;-)

Has it been determined how hot theses filaments get? The flakes one
can observe suggest the process is somewhat destructive by nature,
which I'd think wouldn't be good for commercial purposes of building
sustainable heat devices that work for an indefinite period.. I wonder
if there is a practical economic work-around.

Incidentally, how much filament was used? i.e. length. anybody know?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Hunt Utilities Group calibration data

2012-10-16 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
 Steven,  here is Celani's report:

 He has tested the wire up to 900 deg C.

Got it. Printing out a HC as we speak.

Hmmm... lots of tiny print. Oh well... I still know how to read.

Thanks for indulging me Terry.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Hunt Utilities Group calibration data

2012-10-16 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Akira:


 This version is better:


Oh, Oh Look! Look at Print. Big Big print! Read read Big Print!

The dyslexic within me thanks you, Akira. Going to kill another tree now.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:November Popular Science- not kind to Rossi

2012-10-15 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Based on my own past associations with Mr. Krivt, he really likes to
bring it on. I think Krivit envisions himself as one of those scrappy
investigators that likes to stick it to his targets - like a festering
thorn. This tactic often seemed to have worked in past investigations.
However, it remains to be seen if it will produce the desired results
against Rossi. I suspect Rossi is a lot more resilient than SK is
capable of comprehending.

It seems to me that constantly bringing up Rossi's past white collar
convictions suggests (at least to me) that Mr. Krivit may not really
have all that much hard evidence in which to convict Rossi with. I was
also struck by something Mr. Rothwell recently brought up:

 Perhaps Krivit feels the original [white collar conviction]
 sentence was just and should not have been overturned.

It seems to me that Mr. Krivit continues to bring up Rossi's past
convictions for no other reason than it suits him to perceive Mr.
Rossi as a nothing more than unsavory criminal. In a sense Rossi has
become the personification of an evil character that Krivit needs to
place on a pedestal - an effigy to constantly spit at. I suspect
Krivit has felt this way with other individuals, including one
particularly vocal Vort member who begged to differ with the
investigative reporter's extensive analysis of McKubre's M4 data. In
Krivit's mind, Rossi has become a personification of everything that
is bad about the Alternative Energy world. Captain Ahab is hunting his

I think it's pretty obvious to most that there is little respect 
affection between Rossi and Krivit. As such,I have little faith in
Krivit's ability to be objective when it comes to analyzing the
complexities and contradictions that make up Andrea Rossi's persona.
It's as if it's beyond Krivit's capacity. I recall a previous attempt
on Krivit's part to make Rossi out as a befuddled thinker in front of
his readership. He quoted Andrea's broken and halting English speech
patterns verbatim in an attempt to insinuate that Rossi couldn't think
very clearly. To have done so in such a manner is something no
professional reporter in his right mind would think of doing. But that
didn't stop Mr. Krivit, whom I presume perceives himself as a
professional investigative reporter.

Perhaps Mr. Krivit might complain that I'm bringing up something a
little unsavory from the reporter's own past reporting style that
perhaps he is no longer happy about. Perhaps he even wishes it would
remain buried. If so, what compassion and understanding has Mr. Krivit
shown towards Rossi, of Rossi's alleged past - which incidentally in
the eyes of the law Rossi was exonerated of?

With that said, I can understand why Mr. Krivit remains highly
suspicious of Mr. Rossi. The blatant truth of the matter is that this
flamboyant Italian does not help his own case. As I understand it,
Rossi's refuses to be up front with his own experimental data. It
makes him out to be a charlatan in the eyes of many. Most have every
right to remain suspicious of Mr. Rossi! To me, Rossi, comes across as
a kind of carnival barker.

We shall see what this curious Italian; a flamboyant character of
history will offer up next. A cat on a hot nickel roof would be
nice, or perhaps a cup of hot tea. But who really knows.

Never a dull moment.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:November Popular Science- not kind to Rossi

2012-10-15 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sez:

 Krivit has felt this way with other individuals, including one
 particularly vocal Vort member who begged to differ with the
 investigative reporter's  extensive analysis of McKubre's M4 data.

 Who? Me? Krivit is silly about this. McKubre is pretty upset with him

Nope! Not you Jed! Guess again. ;-)

 I was once kvetching to Mizuno about how the researchers in this field
 are a bunch of stubborn, self-centered stick-in-the-muds. He said,
 yeah, we are, but if we weren't we would have quit long ago.

Probably true.

It's possible I'm being harder on Krivit than necessary.Nevertheless,
his handling or Rossi's broken English was the straw that really broke
the back for me.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Sims

2012-10-12 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
terry sez:

 The Red Pill:

 Do we really want to know?

Probably doesn't matter all that much... unless the universe is
preparaing to install a new OS within the next millennium or so.

In which case, all bets are off.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Clarke describes a future with unlimited abundance

2012-10-10 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Quoting Clark:

 Works of art would be cherished because they were
 beautiful, not because they were rare.

FWIW, here's a book cover illustration presenting one of my art works
used for the front cover of the German translation of Clarke's
Profiles of the Future.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Second to the last item:


(Website still under re-construction.)

Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have a larger graphic image of
the original art.

I believe the German translation was published back in the mid 1980s.

I hope Douglas Adams and Clarke are enjoying a couple of good knee
slappers right now - just between the two of them - and especially
because of the fact that they were both atheists in good standing.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:A new economic system will be needed in the next 20 to 100 years

2012-10-09 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Assuming in the near future advances in robotics  automation will
eventually manufacture all of our basic needs; we will be forced to
redefine what gives us value and purpose as we go about the business
of managing our daily lives. Regardless of whether we consciously
realize it or not most of us tend to place a great deal of personal
identification on the jobs we perform for approximately 40 - 60 hours
a week - all in the name of paying the rent and putting food on the
table. If 99% of jobs whose primary purpose had been to help us put
food on the table or pay the rent become outsourced to the scourge of
automation and robots much of society will lose a huge chunk of what
gave them value and purpose in the management of their daily lives. We
will have to find new activities that give us fulfillment and purpose.

No doubt there will be a few lucky souls that won't have a problem
finding useful and fulfilling activities to occupy all of their free
time with. there will probably be a lot more professional surfers
and holodeck players... and lots of contests to boot!

But there will be also many who will struggle with their new freedoms.
They will have a very hard time finding meaningful activities. They
will feel lost in a sea of choices that seem to have no value to them.
For some of these individuals addressing chronic depression or
spiraling into cycles of self-destruction will become a major concern
for which society will have to address. A future highly automated
society will be in danger of spawning a much higher percentage of
disenfranchised daredevils that will not make it past their 20s. Such
issues may turn out to be the most important dangers society will have
to grapple with for a long time.

To counter these destructive problems I think it will be important for
society to instill at a very early age a strong sense of
self-improvement (whatever self-improvement might mean to that
individual) combined with the importance of giving something
collectively back to the society.

It seems to me that evolution designed us biologically to struggle
throughout most of our lives. If we didn't struggle we were likely to
die of hunger or perhaps end up being eaten by other creatures
including by our own species - who were at the time struggling more
than we were. We MUST find better more constructive challenges in
which to pit our biologically inherited sense of survival against.

Instilling such characteristics in a more constructive way ought to
help open up a golden age for all sorts of pursuits like, art,
science, theoretical studies, technology, and the exploration of inner
and outer space.

* * * * *

Finally, in the grand scheme of things I suspect society will
eventually splinter into countless separate groups. Many groups will
choose to go their separate ways across the galaxy, essentially
becoming wandering nomads. Eventually they will lose touch with each
other. Perhaps some will continue the never-ending quest for
additional automation, their BORG-ification, though hopefully with a
kinder gentler outcome. Where these folks will eventually end up, who
knows - perhaps ultimately engrained within the quantum framework of
the universe itself.

Meanwhile, others will want to forget it all. Life is just too damned
complicated, with so many choices and unwanted freedoms to grapple
with! They will long for the good ol'days, of getting back to nature,
of living in caves and dancing around camp fires, and creating legends
based on distant memories of their forefathers fruit. They will
welcome forgetting it all, of reentering the dreamland. For them the
cycle of evolution begins anew.

It would not surprise me in the least if that’s exactly how we came
about on Earth many yarns ago. ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Evidence V1 Has Left the Sol System

2012-10-09 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Harry sez:

 ...but has Elvis has left the solar system?


Well... i dunno about Elvis, but I know where Buddy Holly resides these days:

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Designer of 3-D Printable Gun Has His 3-D Printer Seized

2012-10-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
It's possible my recent little mini-rant gave many Vorts the
impression that I believe that the Rich and Powerful are evil
miscreants, that I believe the majority of U.S. citizens who reside in
so-called 98% under/middle class should rise up and overthrow the
alleged tyranny of the greedy, the so-called Rich and Powerful -
yada-yada and so forth.

Personally, I suspect greed is a natural component of our
psychological and physiological makeup. It's in our genes, and for
good reason. Greed, specifically the action of hoarding helped our
ancient ancestors survive slim-pickens, such as when hunting for game
was at best a precarious job skill, and famine prevailed throughout
the land.

However, today the entire world is slowing transforming (granted, in
fits and starts) into a technologically automated society, where most
of our needs will available to us via technology, through the wonders
of automation and robotics. The absolute need to follow many of our
prior genetically built-in biological imperatives, particularly the
greed to amass as much money as one can (and all the privileges
associated with money) is becoming increasingly more

A modern working-class society, a modern economy cannot flourish
unless the middle class can secure sufficient discretionary income
in which to purchase goods and services that in-turn are mostly
created by the working class. If too much discretionary currency ends
up in the coffers of just a few rich and powerful individuals and
corporations the economy of the majority of working class citizens
collapses because of working classes' inability to support it.

That's were government regulation has to step in and help level the
playing field. It will not be easy, nor will all adjustments be
perfect. Needless to say, the Rich and Powerful will resist. The Tea
Party will resist! ;-) Just keep in mind, however, that it's just our
genes telling to prepare for famine. But this time... maybe this time
we don't have to believe famine is just around the corner, not when
technology, automation, and robotics are rapidly becoming the new
underclass of our modern society. It's an underclass that will never
demand expensive health insurance, or join a union and constantly go
on strike for a pay raise.

Unfortunately, old habits - particularly some of those faithful genes
associated with greed - are going to be with us for a very long time.

This will be an interesting presidential election. I hope it won't be
ruled by our genes.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Designer of 3-D Printable Gun Has His 3-D Printer Seized

2012-10-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Since Jojo is now on my filter list this moron is fortunate to avoid
being subjected to most of his take on philanthropy, except that is
when he is copied. Granted, I must confess the fact that I was
secretly hoping to bate Jojo into responding to some of my so-called
radical opinions. ... and he did. Occasionally, Jojo is very

IMHO, Jojo's philosophy is better expressed within the context of
following script:


LADY: Many thousands only want the common necessities of life.

LADY 2: Hundreds and thousands are in want of common comfort, Sir.

SCROOGE: Are there no prisons?

LADIES: Oh, yes, plenty of prisons!

SCROOGE: And the workhouses, have they all closed down?

LADY: Oh no, they have not. I wish I could say they had.

SCROOGE: I was afraid from what you said that something had occured
that would stop them in their useful work. I am glad to hear it is not

LADY: Oh, but sir, realizing that neither the prisons nor the
workhouses can provide any Christian cheer to either mind or body, we
are trying to raise some money to buy the poor a little meat, and
drink, and means of keeping warm at this so very special time of year,
they are most in need. How much shall we put you down for, Sir?

SCROOGE: Nothing.

LADY: Oh! Sir, you wish to remain anonymous?

SCROOGE: Ladies, since you ask me what I wish...I do not make myself
Merry at Christmas, and I cannot afford to make idle people merry. If
they are poor, I have to support the prisons and the workhouses from
my taxes. They cost enough. And those who are poor must go there.

LADY 2: Well, you can't go there. Many would rather die.

SCROOGE: If they would rather die, they had better do it, and reduce
the surplus population. Good day, ladies.


From: A Christmas Carroll

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Designer of 3-D Printable Gun Has His 3-D Printer Seized

2012-10-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Peter,


 Redistribution is not a solution and it is only temporary, please
 read about Mediocristan and and Extremistan in Taleb's Black Swan.
 Inequality is a fundamental law of Nature, all you can do socially is minor
 adjustments at the extremes, but it is not easy to act wisely.

Hi Peter,

Some personal thoughts on the matter...

One of my favorite films is Dr. Zhivago. A masterpiece.

I first saw the film when I was about 13 years old while we were
living down in San Salvador, El Salvador. El Salvador is one of the
smaller Central American countries situated north of Nicaragua. Back
then, during the mid 1960s, it was estimated that 90% of the country's
land was owned by 14 families. The illiteracy rate was hovering
somewhere between 60% and 80%. As a young teenager, I must confess the
fact my first viewing of the film... well, much of what transpired
went completely over my head. Fortunately, subsequent viewings brought
the harsh lessons that transpired into better focus.

I realize that when some radical like me talks about redistribution
of wealth, many perceive the phrase as possessing many negative
connotations. It is even perceived as an evil un-godly, un-Christian
act by a few conservatives of the fundamentalist sort. However, from
what I could see, from what I experienced, any country that maintains
a clear and horribly lopsided distribution of wealth system within
its borders strikes me as a far more evil state of affairs than our
often flawed and clumsy attempts at redistributing wealth.

As hypocritical as it might seem for me to say this, I am not in favor
of uniform redistribution of wealth. That would be impossible,
particularly since equality means different things to different
people. IOW, it is a highly subjective state of affairs. I am,
however, in favor of more redistribution of wealth than what we
currently practice within the USA. How much more redistribution of
wealth is necessary, of course, a highly debatable matter. That's
what our elected officials (and all of the kings subjects) will have
to iron out - and no doubt with great difficulty. Nevertheless, in my
view it is necessary... it is inevitable, because it strikes me as a
terrible waste of a nation's limited resources (both natural and
human) to live in a country where a single individual might feel it is
their god given right to own at least two Cadillacs when at the same
time there are too many who are scrounging to pay bus fair to get to
their low-wage paying jobs flipping burgers at McDonalds or operating
a cash register at WallMart. Calling all of these unfortunate
individuals bums and freeloaders will only hasten the inevitable
revolution, because eventually they won't put up with it anymore, no
matter what it costs them. If they have nothing else to loose...

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Designer of 3-D Printable Gun Has His 3-D Printer Seized

2012-10-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
 I have the experience of 45 years of Communism and now 22 years of
 nascent capitalism. The Kaltwasser Doctrine (see on my blog) applies to
 both but Capitalism is definitelly better.if you like work,education and
 have good inititiatives. I have learned that it is an immense difference
 between social theories and social practice so
 I am more than skepticalregarding redistribution.
 It can be imagined a complex, slow, developing system for diminishing
 the Gini coefficients of a state but the resistance will be fierce.
 The social problems are very wicked everywhere.


You have accumulated far more first-hand experience than I have
assembled within my 60 years of life. I am not in a position to
challenge what you had to endure either, nor do I want to. I'm glad
you survived in order to tell us all what you experienced.

Perhaps I error on this point but I will assume that some Vorts may
have come to the conclusion that I must be some kind of a communist at
heart. Jojo certainly seems to have labeled me as such, along with a
few other derogatory terms. But no matter. FWIW, I continue perceive
myself as a capitalist at heart. In my view, those who work harder,
those who continue to innovate and bring improvements into the
everyday lives of others should be rewarded. I suspect capitalism,
flawed it may be, is probably better at compensating such individuals
than any other system. It's imperative that Incentives and rewards be
in place.


It's my suspicion that with ensuing advancements of technology,
automation and robotics, traditional capitalism as it is currently
practiced will have to evolve... perhaps radically. I personally
suspect that capitalism will eventually have to incorporate a number
of socialistic concepts into its fundamental core, particularly things
like universal health care. Capitalism, in turn, will have to improve
on many of these socialistic rights. I think most capitalistic
societies will eventually come around to a realization that what used
to be considered privileged benefits that only the rich and well off
could afford should be perceived as universal rights that are to be
bestowed on all of its citizens. Such benefits would include
unemployment compensation that, if warranted, simultaneously
incorporates free job re-training. Eventually, free advanced
eduction should become another inevitable universal right as well.
However, I think such benefits will only be possible through the
continued advances of technology, automation and robotics.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:A new economic system will be needed in the next 20 to 100 years

2012-10-05 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jed:


 Human labor is now losing value. Robots and intelligent computers are
 replacing human workers in many fields, including ones that people
 previously thought could never be done by machines. Within 20 to 100 years,
 human labor will be worthless.

As you have previously suggested, reading Lights in the Tunnel is
definitely worth it.

I suspect Jed's recent commentary is more in the future than the ones
I'm about to suggest:

There is considerable debate concerning how we will go about
re-employing those displaced by the inevitable march of innovation and
automation. LITT argues from the premise that surviving companies that
continue to take advantage of automation and robotics may need to be
taxed with something akin to a re-employment tax. Monies collected
would be used to either pay the salaries of new kinds of jobs, jobs
that have not yet manifested in today's society - or perhaps to fund
the technical  cultural education of displaced workers. Some might
cry foul, that this smells of socialism. But what of it?

LITT also wonders if there will even be jobs, as perceived in the
traditional sense, in the not too different future. If that turns out
to be the case how do we then go about redistributing wealth in such a
manner that everyone can buy services and resources. My own suspicion
is that society through the inevitability of emergent behavior will
eventually resolve such matters - and possibly even without all that
much help from government meddling.

In any case, while our generation can afford to prattle on on about
such things, I suspect that this is something our grand children,
great, and great-great grandchildren may have to start working out in

Perhaps if I manage to come back as a new edition in another 100 years
or so, I can get a job in theoretical research studying the subtle
effects of quantum fluctuations. I think I might like to focus on
mapping out the unpredictable choices these fluctuations are
constantly making - their psychology so to speak. Perhaps my
colleagues will also be studying why is it that quantum fluctuations
remain so unpredictable, and is there any way one can consciously
influence the choices they seem to be making? What if we can influence
the decisions they are making? What then! Be careful what you ask for.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:October is here

2012-10-02 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Frank sez:


 I predict that even Jed will give up within the next five years.

This, of course, is an incredibly open-ended proclamation to make. I
have no idea what you are claiming Mr. Rothwell will give up on.

It is never a wise course of action to predict the behavior of another

Hell! I can't predict my own behavior from day to day, let alone the
actions of another person.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Droege experiment

2012-09-28 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sez:


 It was covered with cat hairs, galvanized onto the cathode. He had a large
 gray cat who spent a lot of time sleeping on the warm calorimeter power
 supplies (I think it was). There was cat hair everywhere in his lab.

 There is no way a cold fusion experiment can work with so much

I suspect Droege's cat would beg to differ. These creatures are very
good at seeking out optomal warm spots in the house where they
immediately transform into a platter of inert meatloaf. I suspect
that's when they are transmitting data back to the Mother Ship.

Ask Terry. He knows these things..

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Droege experiment

2012-09-28 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson


Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:The beginnings of ... not time travel, but present timeline manipulation

2012-09-24 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

Hopefully your lack of mentioning a spoiler alert won't upset anyone here. ;-)

But yes, this was a thoughtfull film. It possessed a decent ending,
considering the unfortunate circumstances that the hero of this story
found himself in.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Sims

2012-09-14 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Good read Terry,

IMO, these are exactly the kind of observations a contemporary more
technically acceptable religion will incorporate into the core of it's
philosophy. Strange as this might sound, a lot of these observations
appear to be compatible with Buddhist and Zen related philosophies -
i.e. where reality is taught to be an illusion. I suspect many of
these contemporary concepts will eventually begin to feel more
relevant to the younger generation. It will make more sense to them -
as compared to paying lip-service to another story about morals, whose
foundations are based on tribal law, where technology is no more
advanced than an oil lamp. Old religions will eventually be discarded.
We will upgrade to newer more contemporary versions.

Harry follows up with:

 so why isn't the experiment and quantum mechanics just
 another part of [the] simulation?

I'm reminded of Star Trek TNG. There was a series of episodes
involving the Holodeck where Data, wanting to play Sherlock Holmes
assembled the personification of Sherlock's nemesis, professor
Moriarty, in order to make the game more challenging. However, what
Data didn't anticipate was the fact that he made Moriarty so complex
(and real) that his foe eventually became self-aware of the fact that
he was in a holodeck simulation. Needless to say, Moriarty, was pissed
off when he discovered this. Moriarty retaliated by finding a way to
hook into the guts of the Star Ship as a way to threaten the lives of
everyone as a means to get himself out of his virtual photon
predicament. This adventure resulted in several follow-up episodes
where the principal Star Trek characters eventually figured out a way
for Moriarty to escape his holodeck confines. However, what they
actually ended up doing was transfer the personification of the
professor to a larger holodeck simulation computer, one possessing
oodles of additional memory so that Moriarty could begin living a
richer more-fuller life.

Perhaps an appropriate koan a contemporary master might give his
students to ponder would be: Is God an atheist?

Perhaps that's a question Professor Moriarty might care to ask Data.

Lots of interesting philosophical conundrums here worth contemplating!

PS: When we look at ourselves in the mirror, perhaps we closer to
perceiving the essence of reality than we might think!

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:OT: UFO Fleet Starship Filmed on telescope

2012-09-14 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Lorenheyer:


   Then, and only then, will THEY *know,*
 (w/o question) once and for all, that our God is all truly powerfull and all
 knowing, and/or has no equal. THEIR so-called religion, prophets, and/or god
 will then be All Ah or All Uh, Up In The Air.

IMO, discussions pertaining to prove which god is the only one and
true god are doomed. Under the circumstances it is better to be an
atheist.Perhaps that's what many stalwart fundamentalists end up doing
in a future life - as a practical way of balancing their books. ;-)

Strange as it might sound for me to say this but I would recommend we
tone down further discussion pertaining to the recent unfortunate
You-Tube infidel matter. We are witnessing ancient Tribal Law
clashing with the more modern laws of Civilization. There is bound to
be some conflict. The transition is painful for everyone, on both
sides of the fence. We do not need to fan the flames anymore than they
already have been fanned.

It is not wise to blithly hand over to a bunch of hot-heads additional
excuses than the ones they have already managed to manufacture out of
seeds of ignorance as recently depicted on You Tube.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Re: New Wired UK article

2012-09-14 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From James:

 Just out of curiosity, how long did it take them to delete this? They stay
 on their toes!

 2 minutes:

Wow! That's just amazing! What dedication!

CSICOP should take notes.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Re: New Wired UK article

2012-09-14 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
I do hope someone like the esteemed Mr. Lomax is documenting this Wiki
editing behavior. I think a book discussing the pros  cons of the
Wikipedia philosophy would make for a fascinating educational

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:no evidence yet of safety certificate.

2012-09-12 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Harry:

 This blog called Shut down Rossi can't find any evidence that safety
 certificate was issue by SGS as Rossi claims.

this is hilarious.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. How many wannabe rossi related
websites are there now?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Cold fusion has been suppressed -- no evidence for a conspiracy

2012-09-10 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sez:


 I think that I know why Jouni Valkonen accused me of being a conspiracy
 theorist. He did that to make me look silly or gullible. People often accuse
 me of being a conspiracy theorist because in the minds of most people, a
 conspiracy theorist is a paranoid person who wears a tinfoil cap and
 believes silly things.

Well, I know I've never accused you of wearing a tinfoil cap. OTOH, a
pocket protector? Defintely.

I bet I believe in more silly things than you do.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:New Energy Times

2012-09-02 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jones:


 Krivit, like it or not - has the most credibility in the field, since
 Sterling is deemed as way too gullible, and the others have been mostly me
 too with a few exceptions ... even if SK's standards are not sufficient for
 us, here on vortex.

It seems to me that Mr. Krivit has attempted to present himself as an
investigative reporter cutting through all the bull sh*t in order to
get to the nittygritty of controversial subjects. The problem with
this portrayal is when Mr. Krivit at one point deliberately portrayed
an obviously controversial individual like Rossi in terms of someone
who can't think clearly by focusing on Rossi's hesitant command of the
English language (such as by quoting his broken phrases verbatum) and
In my view Krivit's portrayal of himself leaves something to be
desired. IMHO, Krivit showed me someone who has not yet acquired the
capacity to cut through some of his own bull sh*t, let alone the bull
sh*t of others.

Keep in mind that we all have personal bull sh*t to contend with. It's
not as if Mr. Krivit has tons of it and the rest of us don't,
including myself. That is clearly not the case.

With that said, I'd read NET for free.

 I just hope that individuals who cannot afford the service can get fairly
 rapid access to the same information - which of course they can, if they can
 wait a day or two. It's all about perceived value, including time.

Me too.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:New Energy Times

2012-09-01 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
In my view, the point is whether Mr. Krivit can convince potential
customers that only his website contains important timely information
that could not be obtained from non-subscription websites. If that
were not the case why would anyone want to pay a subscription fee for
information already available for free.

The question that needs to be answered is whether Mr. Krivit has the
ability to deliver on such a promise. In my view the problem that Mr.
Krivit may have to contend with is that, due to past interactions,
certain researchers may not feel particularly interested (or enamored)
with the notion of opening up and giving him an exclusive scoop.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Curiouser and curiouser

2012-08-27 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Mixent sez:

 Is it just my imagination, or is Odyssey covered in Gold foil?

Your eyes do not deceive you. It's a very common NASA practice to wrap
space craft that will be orbiting close to the sun's influence with
gold foil. In fact, if you look at photos of the original LEM, Lunar
Excursion Module, the craft that took astronauts like the late Neil
Armstrong to the surface of the moon back in 1969, its landing legs
were also wrapped in the same gold foil material. I'm gusssing the
product (the foil that is) is similar to a Mylar based product...,
kind of like plastic tin-foil, with a super thin sheet of gold foil
affixed to one side. I gataher the combination holds up well in the
vacuum of space and is very good a deflecting the sun's rays. I
suspect it's very light weight too.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Re: Existence of 1,200C E-Cat Test Report Confirmed

2012-08-23 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
from Jed:


 The difference between Celani's 21 W and Rossi's 16 kW is unimportant, in my
 opinion. They are equally close to commercialization. The 16 kW looks more
 impressive to people who do not understand the technical issues. The
 megawatt reactor looks impressive to such people as well. To me, it looks
 like a gigantic white elephant. It is a distraction, and an absurd waste of
 time and effort. A dangerous piece of junk. No one in his right mind would
 buy it. I might buy one of those boxes inside it, but I would no more crank
 up the whole thing than I would try to fly the Caproni Ca-60 Transaereo
 'Capronismo' -- a similar product of grandiose Italian engineering. Do a
 Google image search for Caproni Ca-60 Transaereo and you will see what I


Yeah, but dang! It sure looks impressive! Do those wings flap?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Re: Existence of 1,200C E-Cat Test Report Confirmed

2012-08-23 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
After a very thorough analysis of the status of CF reporting was
summed up by Abd, he concludes with:

 And we need reporters who will look more carefully. Any volunteers?

I volunteer you.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:UFO found on mars by new lander?

2012-08-22 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

 Heck, that's nothing... UFO's have been up in space long before Mankind's
 earliest simplest lifeform ancestors were beginning to develope billions of
 years ago. UFO's have not only been with US from the get-go but have been
 motivating US to persue the Stars. IN fact, the most highly developed and/or
 advanced civilizations are indeed so very capable that they are literally from
 beyond Space  Time, as we know it.
 As far as Mars goes... It's
 just one Stepping Stone to the Stars,,, and those highly capable UFO's are
 already out there, everywhere, and have been for only god knows how long...
 It's a gimee, and we're the takers because that's the way it was, is, and
 will be far into the distant future, and beyond.

I appreciate your enthusiasm.

I would, however, suggest that we all spend some quality time in quiet
introspection concering what UFOs represent to ourselves,

UFOs have become a powerful archetypical icon that represents many
things to different people in today's modern society. You have just
given the Collective your personal mythological interpretation of what
UFOs represent. I cannot stress stongly enuf the mythological aspect.
This is not an insult. I also have my own personal mythic
interpretation of what UFO represent. You can see an example of the
kinds of myths that drive my imagination over at:

check out the UFOS link. This portion of my website is still under
construction. Please forgive the occasional broken link and bad

The point I'm trying to get across is the fact that we cannot avoid
the power of mythology in our lives. Regardless of whether UFOS and
extraterrestrial are physically real or not, these objects have
become iconic representations that have become embedded in our modern
society. They symbolically represent our hopes, dreams, and fears. If
we do not make an effort to understand the power of the mythological
creations we have created, we end up serving the whims of the very
myths we have created. In other words, they no longer serve our best
interests; rather we serve their best interests. The latter option is
not a good idea.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Noble Gas Plasma Engine: inside piccy

2012-08-10 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Terry sez:

 A real programmer would have called it an undocumented feature.

Back in the mid 1980s, at the Space Astronomy Lab, University of
Wisconsin, where I worked as a ground support computer programmer, we
would just say: Everything is nominal.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Noble Gas Plasma Engine: inside piccy

2012-08-09 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From: Chemical Engineer

 This is not chemistry.  It is high energy particle  quantum physics.  I
 believe you can collide just about any gas particles and end up with a
 collapsed singularity if you add enough energy at point and time of
 collision.  To minimize energy required, use a smaller vessel/voids(down to
 quantum sizes) and use a simple gas (such as Hydrogen) with just a proton
 and electron.  Once you create the quantum singularity you are then playing
 with a nuclear furnace...

Hi Chem,

I need a refresher course in what is meant by the term quantum
singularity. Can you offer up a reasonable description... or at least
point me in the right direction?

PS: I know Francis has also weighed in here with some interesting
explanations involving the exploitation of precise geometry  topology
and casimir forces. Being graphically oriented, I find such
perspectives interesting. I wonder if there is a tie-in with what
Francis thinks is happening and what you think might be happening -
involving quantum singularities.  In any case, both explanations seem
to be happening at the quantum level.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Noble Gas Plasma Engine: inside piccy

2012-08-09 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Thanks for the layman's explanation, Chem. I think I actually
understood much of what you were trying to describe. Having performed
numerous computer simulations that loosely involve the rules
attributed to celestial mechanics I have on occasion experimented with
incorporating additional powers (i.e. dimensions) into the
algorithms. For example, I've incorporated cube powers and 4th powers
into some of my computer simulations. The results are interesting.
Occasionally unexpected... wildly unexpected! I hope to present some
of what I have uncovered before the end of the year over on my
OrionWorks website - that is if I can get around to the arduous task
of completely overhauling it. I'm in the middle of that mess right

Regarding your concern as to why we have not yet found other
intelligent life in the Universe. As Arthur Clark once quipped, and
I'm paraphrasing here: Quasars are nothing more than industrial
accidents. ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Communicating cold fusion needs more than words

2012-08-08 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

I think your assessment of the information situation is a good one.

The only thing I would tack on to your suggestion would be that
digital artists with science backgrounds be employed. They DO exist.

If I had the time I would avail my services. Unfortunately, I'm
currently swamped with other priorities. For one thing, my own website
is in dire need of a major overhaul. I'm still in the middle of
wrestling with that task.

To all you youngsters out there, seeking employment in the digital
communication arts fields looks to be be a promising future. There ARE
lucerative careers in the making here. Six figures in some cases. :-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

[Vo]:Re: [Vo]:e-cat at 1200°C

2012-08-08 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Rossi sez:


 To Whom it may interest:
 After the validation of the Hot Cat made on July 16th we made today another
 Third Party Validation, with the Certificator: the results have been the
 same of the test made on July 16th. The power of the Hot Cat is 10 kW. The
 maximum temperature we reached has been 1 200 Celsius. Of this validation
 will be made an indipendent report which will be published soon. This test
 has been performed in the Product Validation Process that we have asked
 after the Safety Certification. This test has been directed by an
 indipendent Nuclear Engineer who is leading the certification processes of
 the industrial plants.
 We are extremely enthusiast of the work of today, because is the second time
 we get a third party validation in a month, getting the same results.
 Warm Regards,

Sounds good - as far as sounding good goes.

Wish we knew how independent these third party validators realy are.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Curiosity

2012-08-06 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
My wife and I stayed up to share in the seven-minutes-of-terror vigil.
It was 12:30 PM CST when it touched down. It was hart warming to see
the Curiosity Ground Support crew leap up in absolute pandemonium
cheering and hugging each other as signal came through confirming the
fact that the little rover had could had endured the gauntlet. This
was another badly needed shot in the arm for NASA. I'm pleased as
punch that all of NASA's team efforts paid off. Hope it paves the way
for even more ambitious projects in the near future.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Olympic UFO

2012-07-31 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
David sez:

 I tend to consider it a prank of some type as it would be far easier for
 aliens to park on the White House lawn or some similar place if they wanted
 to demonstrate their presence.

Not advisable to park on the White House Lawn.

Did they get a permit? The natives are likely to start throwing spears at them.

I suspect most ETs that may still show some cursory interest in our
neck of the woods have probably already figured that out. ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Identity of a DGT third party (?) tester inadvertently made public through a PowerPoint presentation

2012-07-20 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Abd,

 When I was a kid, I took lots of things apart and looked at how
 they were put together. Sometimes I even managed to put them
 back together.

 I still take things apart and look at how they are put together.

 And sometimes I put things together.

Indeed, taking things apart can be fun and educational.

However, the real test is whether one can put it back together again.
And if that can be accomplilshed... which is no easy feat...
(...having failed many times in the attempt!)  the next stept would be
to see if it's possible to reassemble it in a different but equally
interesting way.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:E*CAT from Australia, etc.

2012-07-19 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

Thanks Hoyt,


Ar claims:

 The industrial version of the E-Cat is already for
 sale, while the domestic (or home) version is set
 for 2013. However, although the certification of
 the residential version is still on course we cannot
 foresee the scheduling because it does not depend on

This strikes me as a dubious claim, specifically the fact that Rossi
claims the industrial eCat version is already for sale. However, I
would like feedback from the Collective on the matter. If the ecats
are already for sale in the industrial market I would have thought
that we would have heard at least a few tiny morsels of news on the
matter from companies that had purchased the product. I can't believe
that every single company or industry that allegedly purchased Rossi's
industrial eCat would have all felt it would be in their best interest
to remain mum about what they had purchased. I've heard zilch. Nada! I
think it's zilch because Rossi really hasn't sold any - except
presumably to a mysterious individual last October/November.

I hope my conclusions are incorrect.


 FES: Now, with regards to the certification process, you
 say that it's an independent organization that is
 certifying it.  Does the E-Cat also have to get some
 type of certification from the U.S. government?

 AR: No, as far as we know, there are no government
 certifications that are requested for this apparatus. We
 already had a contact with government persons, but, due
 to the characteristics of our apparatuses, which does not
 use radioactive material, does not produce radioactive
 waste, and does not emit radiations outside of the
 apparatuses doing the operation there are no reasons to
 request any government observation. This is what has
 emerged so far. So, the certification made by a third
 party, specialized certification company is enough by
 law as of today. Of course, we do not know the future
 because I cannot predict this at all. I can only answer
 based on what is the situation today.

I also find this to be a dubious claim. I would think a considerable
amount of testing will be needed before Rossi's eCats would be allowed
to be sold to the public within the United States. By 2013? No way!
According to Rossi's own words, the apparatus still emits what I
presume is harmful radiation, even though Rossi also claims it emits
none ...outside fo the apparatuses. The fact that the device emits
radiation (shielded or not) makes it potentially a very dangerous

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Migrant Workers in China Face Competition from Robots

2012-07-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Ah! It's soapbox time! Let me step on top of mine!

I suspect that if the prospects of robotics and LENR, or one of the
LENR cousins, pans out in the near future the concept of what money
represents to individuals, companies, and government circles will also
have to evolve with the times. Perhaps dramatically so.

For thousands of years, as the concept of money and currency evolved
in our world it has all too often been used (I'd say abused) in
efforts to amass wealth along with the vestiges of power that go along
with it by small elite groups of individuals who are more adept than
the average person at amassing such artifacts. IMHO, the single most
egregious problem money has created in our society is the fact that
people attribute wealth and power to pieces of coins or paper
currency. Because they perceive wealth and power as linked to
pieces of coins and paper currency they have done a very good job of
keeping these commodities scarce, artificially so, which in turn keeps
such artifacts constantly in high demand. (Think of the monopoly De
Beers has artificially created over the diamond trade.)

I think most of us have gotten the concept of money turned half-assed
backwards. Too many of us forget the fact that money in truth only
represents potential wealth  power. We forget is the fact that money
is only worth something when it is actively being used in transactions
between interested parties in order to purchase and/or exchange
artifacts of wealth  power among interested parties. When money is
not actively being used in such a manner, when money is sitting around
in a person's wallet, it has absolutely no value in itself. Granted,
few of this belief that... considering the number of individuals that
can a make a living as self-employed pickpockets in the world, but
that is the truth.

If something as disruptive as LENR were suddenly to come along and
cause many of societies' products and services such as energy, food,
the basic products associated with survival and a means to a decent
living to become ubiquitous it will wreak havoc with a small group of
individuals who have made a very good living at controlling the supply
of coins and paper currency that historically had always been used to
control the scarcity of these articles. Their services will no
longer be needed.

IMHO, LENR will not only be responsible for a huge paradigm shift in
the redistribution of energy, it will also be largely responsible for
the redistribution of political power back into the hands of
individuals and their respective local communities.

My virtual 2 cents.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Migrant Workers in China Face Competition from Robots

2012-07-18 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
 In any event, the current notion of austerity is nonsense and is tied to
 a tired and outdated concept that money is real or has some intrinsic
 real value which it doesn't.  Austerity = Stupidity and I think every so
 often we as a society have to go through stretches of it before we
 remember that basic truth.

I agree.

This concept called velocity, I seem to recall that it was described
as the multiplier effect, this from the macroeconomic course I took
back in college.

soap box

Eventually we'll need to vote out those in power who continue to
follow a quaint ideology that believes in maintaining the value of
currency as a fixed resource is the only way to run an economy. I
think this is a patently absurd concept to maintain in today's
increasingly automated high-tech world. In fact we don't maintain
fixed amounts of money in today modern economy anyway. Money supply
is constantly being manipulated. Any belief that we always have a
fixed sum of money flowing through the economy is an incredibly
inaccurate one.

We currently have in the United States several vocal super
conservative political groups vying for absolute power. They are
trying to put the kibosh on all sorts of government spending programs.
Many have bought into a carefully manufactured fear that basically
states: We as a society can no longer afford to pay for all sorts of
valuable government services. They fear that to continue to fund these
programs will eventually result in rampant inflation which of course
will devalue the accumulate wealth everyone's pocket book both rich
and poor, but ESPECIALLY the accumulated wealth in the rich man's
pocket book.

It is exactly on this front where the struggle for the control of
money supply needs to be better understood and better managed. Many
conservatives fear that if the government simply went ahead and
printed up more money instead of issuing additional government bonds
that will pay for such services, such fiscal irresponsibility will
eventually result in massive amounts of inflation that would ravage
the economy. However, what few Grok is the fact that experiencing the
ravages of inflation is exactly equivalent to experiencing the
ravages of taxation. The point being: you can either be taxed in
hopefully a reasonably equitable many - or we can all experience the
ravages of inflation which is essentially being levied a flat-tax
against everyone both rich and por. Either way, we all end up paying
for necessary valuable government services.

OTOH, if we refuse to pay for these programs, which is the mantra of
many super conservative organizations, we will essentially throw off
massive numbers of people back into the unemployment line making them
unproductive and an added burden to society. More of society begins to
lose access to necessary services whether those services are for
adequate health care, or to maintaining the health of our nation's
infrastructure, such as roads and bridges.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that we currently have a number of
conservative groups who are not willing to look any farther than the
notion of protecting the accumulated value of their own bank accounts.
They have bought into the illusion that maintaining a constant fixed
value for money is the most important resource to manage in their
lives. They have bought into the illusion that managing the resource
of money (as perceive in the form of a fixed limited resource) is far
more important than trying to help better manage any other resource.
A real irony in all of this is the fact that the manufacture of goods
and services is ultimately what's responsible for giving VALUE to what
has been accumulated in all of private bank accounts both rich and

/soap box

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:principles of DGTG 's technology

2012-07-17 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
 Mainly their own data, but why are you asking- do you think only independent
 data = good? DGTG has reciprocal NDA with independent observers.
 in the next paper you will receive these data- I also have a very strict NDA
 with them.

Hi Peter,

I assume the biggest complaint that will be raised on this matter is
the fact that not having at our disposal sufficient independent data
to collaborate Defkalion's claims reduces the authenticity of such

Skeptics will immediately focus on such issues, as is their right to do so.

If we don't have independent data how do we go about assessing the
merits of whether Defkalion's claims are accurate?

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:principles of DGTG 's technology

2012-07-17 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
 This could be significant only if DGTG is in some trouble, however they will
 demonstrate their Hyperions, get them on the market and that's all. Almost
 equally interesting is their
 contribution to understanding of LENR
 Then they will publish more data, independent ones included.
 Their strategy is their strategy and that's not a tautology.
 Their responsibility is not toward people who are just curious
 and unpatient.

I fully appreciate the fact that commercializing the hyperon product
trumps the need to generate independent verification.

My only concern is one of personal interpretation, which I fully admit
is based on a considerable amount of rampant speculation on my part.
I'm inclined to speculate that the hyperon product line, as well as
Rossi's ecats, while impressively more robust than any other CF
device that has been brought fourth into the public domain, are not
yet stable and/or reliable enough to make commercialization feasible.
IOW, a lot more RD is needed. I suspect that is the quandary for
which both DGT and Rossi are currently grappling with. They might need
a lot more capital. But in order to get more RD Dollars  Euros they
will have to generate a few more dog-and-pony shows, which I gather
neither party particularly enthusiastic about doing. Producing more
dog-and-pony shoes risks alerting potential competition. Neither party
wants that to happen.

IMHO, Rossi  DGT should stop squabbling, patch up their differences,
and team up again. I think both entities would be stronger
collaborating together. They would be better equipped to withstand
what is sure to be an onslaught of competition.

That said, I'm looking forward to having my speculations on the above
matters disproven.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:principles of DGTG 's technology

2012-07-17 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Akira:

 Should we interpret this as Peter Gluck is an independent observer ?

I would like to go on record saying that if Peter really IS acting as
an independent observer, and he opines that as far as he can determine
DGT's hyperon data IS valid, I certainly would be far less inclined to
dismiss DGT's claims. Peter's assessment would hold weight, as far as
I'm concerned.

Let me put it this way: It's better than nothing. ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:60 Minutes Coverage on July 17th

2012-07-11 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From CE

 SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS - Tuesday, July 17th 9p | 12a ET
 Cold Fusion Is Hot Again
 A report on cold fusion - nuclear energy like that which powers the
 sun, but made at room temperatures on a tabletop, which in 1989, was
 presented as a revolutionary new source of energy that promised to be
 cheap, limitless and clean but was quickly dismissed as junk science.
 Today, scientists believe that cold fusion, now most often called low
 temperature fusion or a nuclear effect, could lead to monumental
 breakthroughs in energy production.

 The Collider
 A report on the Large Hadron Collider, a massive scientific instrument
 located 300 feet underground the border between Switzerland and
 France. It has taken twenty years and $8 billion to build. With it,
 physicists hope to discover sub-atomic particles so tiny that they’ve
 never before detected, particles they think will explain how the
 universe has organized itself into so many different entities.

The heading, 60 Minutes, confuses me.

July 17 is a Tuesday... not Sunday.

Can you supply link(s) to where this information was retrieved from?

Googlilng the information hasn't been particularly helpful. Shoot!
OTOH, your post is already Googable, as an archived vortex-l post.
This is getting a bit circuitious.


Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: EXTERNAL: Re: [Vo]:60 Minutes Coverage on July 17th

2012-07-11 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Francis:

 Yes - we heard that title about a year or 2 ago ..
 I think this is old old info or a re-airing of same.

Originally aired back in 2009.

I was wondering that as well. I'd like to believe that the CNBC
installment woudl be a new updated installement, but who knows.


I'm left with the impression that CNBC has it's own derivative of
CBS's 60 Minutes program. Legally speaking, I'm not sure how CNBC
can pull this off since it looks like a blatant copy of CBS's 60
Minutes Sunday evening program. There must be some kind of a business
affiliate agreement going on here.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Why spammers claim to be Nigerian when they are not

2012-07-09 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

 He is not a conman because his technology has been tested too many times
 by too many people.

 I agree. But it is unnerving.

Calling Favoranti... Calling Favoranti... Please pick up phone number
six in the main lobby.

Time for a re-run:

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]: ECAT 600 C Operations

2012-07-06 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Axil

 Things are moving very fast in LENR and is difficult to
 keep up with Rossi let along surpass him.

...and from David:

 The control is now far superior if the recent reports are accurate.

I suspect not everyone within the Vort Collective shares what appears
to be a new level enthusiasm coming from certain members. Too many
implied predictions from Rossi over the past year and a half have come
and gone, causing many to become just a tad jaded. While I genuinely
hope Rossi's latest accomplishments in the solid state realm are
exactly what they claim to be, major accomplishments, the man also
appears to be an accomplished carnival barker. It's not that I'm
implying Rossi is deliberately lying about his latest claims. For me,
it's more a matter of recalling something Mr. Spock once said: I
exaggerated. IOW, Calculated [dis?]information to keep the wheels

I wait for more forthcoming solid evidence and independent validation.
A prototype where we are allowed to kick the tires would be nice too.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Baltic mystery update

2012-06-27 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Sverre:

 I am not so sure. It's flat and circular with a hole in the center
 like a coin. Strange meteorite...

Lost change.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Baltic mystery update

2012-06-27 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jones sez:

 Wo …. Mystery continues to shroud over the UFO-shaped object at the
 bottom of the Baltic Sea, as divers claim that their equipment stops working
 when they approach within 200 meters of the circular object.

 Stefan Hogerborn said their cameras and satellite phone refuse to work when
 directly above the object, but they continue to work once sailed away.
 Anything electric out there -- and the satellite phone as well -- stopped
 working when we were above the object. And then we got away about 200 meters
 and it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn't work

Oh, for heavens sake! Isn't it obvious

Measures were taken by the Yapanese to prevent the counterfeiting of
their money! No accurate scanning nor measurements allowed! ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Baltic mystery update

2012-06-27 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Terry sez:

We got lots of'em in Wisconsin.

No holes in any of'em however.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:First Interview Defkalion about Business

2012-06-27 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Thank you Peter,

Enjoyed reading it.

You give me the impression that you feel reasonably confident in
DGTG's claims. What do you base your sense of confidence on? Just

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:First Interview Defkalion about Business

2012-06-27 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Yes indeed! I see several anonymous postings. That was fast.

You're an old war horse. I'm sure you know how to kick back.

You mentioned you got some data from DGTG. I gather you were not
given permission to post that data.

So, DGTG suggests they might have something to show in another two or
three months. I've learned to be patient. Birthing a new technology,
especially a new technology that is meant to compete in a global
market is full of unexpected pitfalls. Writing new software can be
just as treacherous.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:test

2012-06-25 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Terry.

 Post it in

I finally posted my scribblings under the subject thread: Groking
CoAM, Kepler and Rossi as a txt file. Nothing appears to have gotten
terribly garbled.

BTW, I noticed that Google is upgrading to

Under new management.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Transcension Hypothesis

2012-06-20 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From David,

 ... Further, they might conclude that finding this form of communications
 is the simplest test of intelligence which would warrant further contact

Careful what you wish for.

Speciously Packaged Alien Messages, aka: SPAM

Especially during the election season. Who represents us?

Hopefully getting on the list won't drive certain elements within the
Vort Collective into fits of apoplexy.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Is OPEC afraid of synfuels?

2012-06-20 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Thanks for the post Jones.

It seems to me that most corporate business models follow
methodologies that closely resemble the theory of evolution.
Businesses fight for survival out in the Serengeti Plains populated by
fickle consumers - prey. They survive by driving potential competitors
out of business, or at least into corners of insignificance. However,
when it comes to the theory of evolution, as well as the efficient
running of a biological organism, establishing dominance does not
necessarily guarantee continued longevity of said organism. Cancer,
for example.

Buy cheap now... pay dearly later.

Sometimes I wonder if we're making a deal with the devil.

I suspect certain cells within the current political organism may
disagree with this premise. Drill, baby! Drill!

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Transcension Hypothesis

2012-06-19 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Perhaps we, or more specifically, our gene pool, is considered
something akin to a game preserve by many species out yonder. Future
selves (containers?) occasionally coming back to sample the
indigenous DNA of their ancient ancestors. Such a hypothesis would
certainly make more sense as compared to ET's that evolved completely
independently from us trying to splice our genes into theirs.
Personally, I suspect there has been contamination going on for
millions of years. In the final analysis, we are all bastards, and
we're probably related to everyone. Welcome to the family!
Unfortunately, that includes the In Laws too. ;-)

Regarding ACC's CE, (Indeed, a great novel).  This, of course, goes to
the heart of what comprises a unique identity - a soul if you will. I
suspect older souls like ACC and Carl Jung inevitably become more
attuned to the illusion of the self and all the baggage associated
with it. Perhaps at first such revelations disturb them. They end up
writing novels and turgid scientific journals on the matter as a way
to confront their internal struggles. Later, I think most simply
accept the inevitability of it all. Life  Consciousness... Even if it
does transform to something else that is currently perceived as
unknown, it still goes on. We go on.

Do individual identities exist, or are identities nothing more than
an evolutionary construct that seems to have certain advantages over
the more instinctual hive minded approach. From an evolutionary POV,
it would seem that both approaches of awareness have their advantages
and disadvantages.

Do I exist? (Personally: I think not... therefore I am not!) I
am not I. Perhaps I/we-all are observers who are playing with an
infinite number of I's on the planar field of the Universe.

I think a number of eastern approaches have got a much better handle
on such vexing matters. Western philosophies and our quaint relig'ns
are only now beginning to grasp the ramifications of what certain
eastern POVs managed to grok thousands of years ago.

My, oh my! Such a recent spat of OT discussions! ... about the nature
of consciousness. Makes my wet ware quiver! ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:re the alternative history of LENR

2012-05-31 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
Jed sed:

 I have a similar set of quote for the canals that governments
 were building all over Europe and the Erie canal in 1817, and
 the railroads they soon subsidized, and the Transcontinental
 Railroad built with Uncle Sam's loans in the 1860s, and later
 the transatlantic cable (mainly a British government project)
 the automobile industry, electrification, the highways, the
 airports, transistors, integrated circuits, the Internet,
 the aerospace industry, weather satellites, nuclear power,
 and all the other massive investments made by governments in
 infrastructure and technology.

And then Craig replied:

 How pleasant! Governments take money from people through
 threats of violence, to subsidize special interests.

I'm baffled, Craig. How do you go about equating certain government
funded programs that have occasionally helped out the automobile
industry, the electrification of the grid, building hiways, airports,
transistors, integrated circuits, the Internet, and weather satellites
so special? as somehow associated with generating threats of

And there's more...

 In _every single case_ there has been a chorus of conservative
 people saying the government should not be picking winners and
 loses. If it is real, it will come on its own. Maybe they were
 right, but most of those technologies might have been delayed
 by 20 to 50 years.

 If the technology is cost efficient, then the market will bring
 it. Even if delayed by 20 to 50 years, this is a small price to
 pay for a moral society run without threats of violence.

It seems to me that you have not heard a single thing Jed sed, or
perhaps you simply are not interested in listening. Certain new
technologies for which Jed was referring to were not cost efficient at
the time they were receiving lots of financial assistance from the
government. Under a 100% free-enterprise system I know of few business
enterprises that could justify to their stock holders a plan to make
investments that could take up to 20 - 50 years to start generating
dividends for their stock holders. If free enterprises was the only
game in town funding the development new unproven technologies like
integrated circuitry, electrification of the grid, building highways,
transistors, etc... could have never gotten off the ground. There was
no profit in funding new technologies, especially if the investor
realized he could very well be dead and buried before he gets the
chance to enjoy the fruits of his investments.

You also seem to keep bringing up threats of violence which I
presume is somehow equated to government funded programs - I presume
because governments want to tax you and me. Do I have that right?
You're giving me the impression that you have little regard whatsoever
for any kind of government assistance - and what it costs to pay for
such assistance in regards to the affairs of humanity. Do I have that

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Another web site about Rossi

2012-05-22 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jed,


These guys definitely have a lot of time on their hands! Lots of
snazzy graphics! I hope it isn't all just smoke and mirrors.

So, Jed. What do you think? Did these guys use WordPress, Drupal, or
some other concoction?

Inquiring minds want to know.

As for me, my current plans are to completely overhaul my orionworks
web site using XARA Web Designer Premium. See:

Being spatially oriented, I'm much more comfortable using a true
WYSIWYG format. This software fits the bill for my particular needs.
It wouldn't work for you however. In hindsight I sometimes think
Drupal might have turned out to have been a better fit for your needs.
A higher learning curve in the beginning however.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Another web site about Rossi

2012-05-22 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jed:

 As for me, my current plans are to completely overhaul my orionworks
 web site using XARA Web Designer Premium. See:

 That costs $99. Probably worth it. It looks similar to WordPress. They use
 the same jargon for components such as template.

I think it is quite different from Word Press and Drupal.
Fundamentally different!

IMO, working with XARA's web developer is much more like working with
Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Very WYSIWYG layout. You are
completely isolated from managing any of the underlying code - HTML,
CSS, etc... The lack of access to the underlying code may irk some
geeks, but it's fine by me. While XARA is suitable for my personal
needs the way the software is currently implemented it isn't really
good at building and/or managing a complex web site with multiple
sub-directories and lots and lots of pages that might change
dynamically. Hopefully, later releases will address some of these
matters, especially managing multiple sub-directories under the
jurisdiction of a single domain name, and/or sub-domains as well.

XARA is very good at whacking out a kick-ass presentation web site in
no time at all. It's a great prototype web builder.

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:WAY OFF TOPIC Mistaken notions about human populations and longevity

2012-05-21 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson
From Jed:


 You cannot draw conclusions about today's diet from today's longevity. To
 find out if our diet is healthy and promotes a longer life, you will have to
 wait 30 to 50 years. Chances are, it does not. Today's diets have
 caused unprecedented high levels of obesity. Obesity usually shortens people
 lives. See:


I think the history books will look back at this period of our
evolving civilization as one filled with bizarre contradictions, one
that was exacerbated by the physiological proclivities of our bodies
to eat everything in sight. Evolution had wisely designed us to gorge
at every single opportunity presented to us because famine was always
just around the corner. But once it became obvious that mealtimes
would arrive on the dinner table regularly it pretty much shot such an
incredibly successful evolutionary blue print to hell. Our
civilization, fraught by the pitfalls of economic models that are
primarily designed around the principal that making money is the only
way to survive have yet to figure out how to stay alive while not
killing the very prey it's trying to feed off of. Obesity, diabetes,
heart failure, and a slurry of other physical maladies is the price we
are currently paying for our civilization that has become too

C'mon! Admit it! You want to wolf down a bunch krispy kremes, don't you! ;-)

Steven Vincent Johnson

Re: [Vo]:Progress Photographs pdf from Defkalion Green Technologies

2012-05-10 Thread OrionWorks - Steven V Johnson

On page 32...

I want that printer!

Steven Vincent Johnson

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