Re: [Vo]:Apparently growing white blobs on Phoenix strut

2008-08-27 Thread Horace Heffner
On Aug 26, 2008, at 8:23 AM, Harry Veeder wrote: Whatever it is the fact that it only appears on that strut is odd. harry Maybe one of the oven/chemical experiments sprung a leak and dripped on the strut. The water would have frozen and sublimated, leaving solids behind. The spots

[Vo]:Carbon, graphene and LENR

2008-08-27 Thread Jones Beene
putting lead in one's pencil is an old idiom which survives into an era where the pencil is becoming obsolete. Perhaps it will be reworded for 'alternative energy' some day. The recent paper which is cited below may be of interest to both hydrino-philes, as well as LERN-philes as one of the main

[Vo]:Nanosolar gearing up

2008-08-27 Thread Horace Heffner Too bad there is no way for little guys to get on board. Best regards, Horace Heffner

Re: [Vo]:Nanosolar gearing up

2008-08-27 Thread Robin van Spaandonk
In reply to Horace Heffner's message of Wed, 27 Aug 2008 10:32:37 -0800: Hi, [snip] Too bad there is no way for little guys to get on board. The list of investors reads like a who's who of the corporate elite controlling the Western World. It seems they


2008-08-27 Thread Jones Beene
I was looking to see if there was an inverstment play in indium. Funny thing - it is listed geologically as more than three times as abundant as silver, but is much more costly as it is almost always found unconcentrated and there is too much speculation going on. However, one wonders if part of