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2006-03-13 Thread George Birbilis
Plus the GNU guys have been building a C# compiler that compiles to native code and targets native libraries (instead of a .NET [or compatible] runtime). So one could use it instead of C++ I suppose on Unix ---George Birbilis [EMAIL PROTECTED]Microsoft MVP J#

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2006-03-13 Thread Lalo Martins
And so says Peter Amstutz on 14/03/06 14:23... That said, there's probably a crossing-over point, where projects below some size are better served with a dynamic type system, and projects above that size are better server with a static type system. The point could also be made that certain

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2006-03-13 Thread Hugh Perkins
Lalo, On 3/14/06, Lalo Martins [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: And you can constrain even that using slots.If you're interested,contact me in private :-) otherwise, just record the fact that it's possible.(A class with slots makes all attribute assignments failunless the attribute name is in the slots