[vos-d] Terangreal OSX again

2006-03-14 Thread Karsten Otto
Hello everybody, Good news from the Ter'angreal on MacOSX front! Well, sort of... By accident I found the reason why terangreal (and assumedly wxterangreal) just get stuck when I run them on my Mac. Terangreal uses its own main event loop (main.cc), which emulates the functions of the

Re: [vos-d] Re: [OFF] typing

2006-03-14 Thread Reed Hedges
On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 03:26:28PM +0800, Lalo Martins wrote: Not really... you can *emulate* dynamic typing on a more static language like C++, but you only get dynamic typing between subclasses of a given root point (RefCounted in the case of VOS, IIRC). In fact, vRef is one of the best

Re: [vos-d] makehuman

2006-03-14 Thread Hugh Perkins
Peter, This is incredibly cool. On 3/15/06, Peter Amstutz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-Hash: SHA1I had heard about this as a plugin to Blender, but in fact it is a standalone GPL'd C library for constructing humanoid