Re: [vos-d] reducing number of libraries

2005-12-18 Thread Jason Moyers
Hello all,I think reducing the VOS libs is a good idea, less linking means quicker builds right? As far as I can tell there aren't that many applications using VOS (ter'angreal and betaverse are the only 2 current projects i can think of at the moment) so now would be the time to make serious

Re: [vos-d] next priorities

2006-04-03 Thread Jason Moyers
Animation and 3d model support would go a long way into making VOS look pretty verses the developer art look we are currently sporting.Has anyone played with AWS2? I am currently using PAWS for UI, while pretty feature rich it is sometimes a pain. I have recently been tempted to dump PAWS and try

[vos-d] Skeletal Animation support (.x style)

2006-04-24 Thread Jason Moyers
So last week I stumbled on this: Loading and displaying .x files without DirectX I have skimmed through the article and at glance what appears to need to happen is as follows:Add Bone, SkelModel and SkelAnim classes to A3DL. These