Re: [vos-d] Dynamic interpreted languages getting more popular.

2005-12-12 Thread Neil Mosafi
Nope, well not AFAIK anyway unless ms have changed something in .NET2. ASPX pages are actually compiled on the fly when you first browse to the page. Makes for faster rendering I guess? On 12/13/05, Reed Hedges [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Dec 12, 2005, at 6:50 PM, Neil Mosafi wrote: _javascript_

Re: [vos-d] reducing number of libraries

2005-12-17 Thread Neil Mosafi
I think I agree with you Peter, having them as a separate library doesn't make too much sense. You could perhaps use a separate namespace or something? Beyond reading the mailing lists, I've not been following VOS a huge amount recently.So to answer the question I guess you just have to ask if it

Re: [vos-d] local avatar models

2006-03-06 Thread Neil Mosafi
Hi Jason I doubt this has anything to do with it, but you default policy on your avatar object is property:ready-only rather than read-onlyRgds Neil On 3/4/06, Jason Moyers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When I connect to vip:// with my avatar object is not shown, howeven I

Re: [vos-d] Swig

2006-03-12 Thread Neil Mosafi
/osmpbb/viewtopic.php?t=333 On 9/2/05, Neil Mosafi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yep, not had much practise with managed C++ as I'm lazy and C# is so much easier (!), but I guessmanaged C++ could be the way to go for integrating with VOS as it can fully utilise the C++ classes. Still there'd

Re: [vos-d] site peering

2006-03-27 Thread Neil Mosafi
What about using XML Signature ( )? This standard can be used not only to prove who is sending a message, but also that the contents message have not been altered by a third party during transmission, which is another common security concern not mentioned in this

Re: [vos-d] Re: Re: next priorities; mySQL

2006-04-10 Thread Neil Mosafi
Surely the best approach is trying to support as many different database servers as possible, rather than pushing a single one onto the VOS user?To that extent, does anyone know of a flexible C++ data access library which can be configured to talk to many different databases? I am talking not only