Re: [vos-d] struggling with Windows...

2005-08-15 Thread res
On 15.08.2005 18:12, Peter Amstutz wrote: SIGTRAP: Invalid Address specified to RtlFreeHeap( XX, XX ) I thought maybe it was the multiple-heaps issue with Windows DLLs, except that a) I can continue and it doesn't crash and b) I'm pretty sure mingw compiles everything against the

Re: [vos-d] VOS i18n

2005-09-07 Thread res
On 07.09.2005 04:42, Reed Hedges wrote: Right, sorry, when I say Unicode, I mean something we choose (one) that is the most-inclusive of all character sets/languages. Such an all-inclusive encoding would likely be a multibyte encoding, I presume. Yeah... IIRC you have up to 2^21 characters in

Re: [vos-d] 0.22.0 this weekend

2005-09-13 Thread res
On 13.09.2005 05:53, Peter Amstutz wrote: Also having some issues with Crystal Space on Linux. Seems that there is a bug in gcc 4.0 that causes CS to crash. Also try gcc 4.1, if you can... -f.r. signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

Re: [vos-d] vip/userinterface

2005-12-16 Thread res
On 16.12.2005 09:24, swe wrote: The reasoning behind the current behavior of having to right-click to activate turning is that the usual gaming controls with mouselook on 100% of the time don't work with a windowed browser (as opposed to full screen). The mouse pointer tends to wander out of

Re: [vos-d] Building 0.23.0-pre1 release on MacOS X

2006-02-14 Thread res
On 14.02.2006 03:10, Daniel Fryer wrote: I do believe that gcc 4 on the Mac is incompatible with Crystalspace, last I heard, due to compiler bugs and whatnot. Perhaps try switching to 3.3? GCC 4.0.0 seems to have a bug that causes generation of faulty code for CS which then crashes at

Re: [vos-d] WXGLCanvas keyboard input problem...

2007-03-11 Thread res
On 11.03.2007 21:22, Peter Amstutz wrote: Bingo! I just reviewed a couple of old checkouts of Crystal Space I have, and it looks like some one cleaned up (i.e. broke) the plugin. I orginally had a function: void csGLCanvas::OnEnterWindow( wxMouseEvent WXUNUSED(event) ) {

Re: [vos-d] WXGLCanvas keyboard input problem...

2007-03-11 Thread res
On 11.03.2007 22:59, Peter Amstutz wrote: On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 10:27:52PM +0100, res wrote: I would say neither is right. Mouse enter and gain focus are two distinct events, and a mouse enter generally does not cause a focus change. Example: focus has an edit field, you want to type