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2007-01-16 Thread Ken Taylor

Reed Hedges wrote:

 Ken Taylor wrote:
  but if it makes
  you feel better, I certainly would click on the little Donate to
  Interreality paypal button if it ever appears ;)

 There's a link at the bottom of the webpage to a list of relevant books
 and things on amazon, and we get a few bucks if you buy from that.

Unfortunately, for every few bucks you get, gets a lot of bucks.
And the local used book sellers in my area don't get any :P

I have been needing to pick up a copy of Neuromancer at some point though...


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Re: [vos-d] Donate to Interreality

2007-01-16 Thread S Mattison


You know, I used to run my own webserver off of my 800mhz Windows98 laptop,
over dialup? A simple DSL connection would cost maybe 25$ a month, and
leaving your machine on overnight all month; negligible price. The cost of
the server software? Absolutely free. Of course, the domain name costs you,
what, 5$ yearly?

Overall, in my opinion, it would save you over 800$ if you ran your own
server, as compared to what it's costing now. (Interreality isn't on a T-1
line, is it? Because that's about how much a fiber-optic line in your home
would cost...)


On 1/16/07, Peter Amstutz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Well, to really support VOS development we need to raise thousands of
dollars (since we're talking about me being able to live independently
for at least a year).  Anything less than that won't do more than help
defer the cost of the server that hosts (which, if you
are wondering, is on colocation hosting and costs about $100 a month,
currently out of my pocket).

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