Re: [webkit-dev] Safari Correctly Setting No-Cache via HTML

2007-11-02 Thread David D. Kilzer
[Please reply off-list as this is off topic. I thought I'd post to the list in case anyone wanders across this thread via Google search looking for an answer.] Richard Glaser [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ok, this is really off-topic, but maybe someone has info on setting JBoss 3.0 to add

[webkit-dev] Re: WebKit/Gtk+ and how to contribute

2007-11-02 Thread Alp Toker
Holger Freyther wrote: Hi all, I'm glad the interest in WebKit/Gtk+ is so tremendous. While the current state of the port is quite good there are still a lot of things missing making it really kick ass. This includes Netscape Plugins, keyboard navigation, zooming, styling, finishing an API,

[webkit-dev] WTF license terms

2007-11-02 Thread Maciej Stachowiak
Hi everyone, I'd like to change the license terms for the contents of JavaScriptCore/wtf from LGPL to Apple modified BSD, except for the copy of Google's TCMalloc and the unicode/ directory. All the copyrights on files besides tcmalloc and unicde are held by Apple and it looks like the