Re: [webkit-dev] Moving away from qmake

2007-11-12 Thread David D. Kilzer
Kevin Ollivier [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [...] The tricky part AFAICT would be XCode, though, because even if there is a scripted solution for this, it would probably need to be run on a Mac where we have access to AppleScript or some other scripting tool that can read and make changes

Re: [webkit-dev] Windows nightly build crashes on page load

2007-11-05 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi Marcus, Please create a new bug on and post a user.dmp (crash log) file to the bug using these instructions: Thanks! Dave Marcus Better [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, the nightly builds including r27433 do not work for

Re: [webkit-dev] Safari Correctly Setting No-Cache via HTML

2007-11-02 Thread David D. Kilzer
[Please reply off-list as this is off topic. I thought I'd post to the list in case anyone wanders across this thread via Google search looking for an answer.] Richard Glaser [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ok, this is really off-topic, but maybe someone has info on setting JBoss 3.0 to add

Re: [webkit-dev] Safari Correctly Setting No-Cache via HTML

2007-11-01 Thread David D. Kilzer
Have you tried testing the Safari 3 Public Beta on 10.4.10 to see if the issue is resolved in there? You might also take a look at the wKiosk browser, which uses WebKit to render web pages (the same engine that Safari uses):

Re: [webkit-dev] Weird safari crash -

2007-10-27 Thread David D. Kilzer
Have you tried re-installing the Safari 3 Public Beta to see if that fixes the issue? Dave Amit Joshi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am having this weird safari behavior. I wonder if anybody experience this before. I have built webkit.dll using the compatible revision sources, so that when I

Re: [webkit-dev] Does Webkit support cross-compilation?

2007-10-25 Thread David D. Kilzer
Charles Woloszynski [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am trying to get webkit/qt built for a PPC processor, using a cross- compiler. I have Qt cross-compiled and running on the target machine. When I try to build the webkti for the PPC, I get an error with dftables. Apparently, the build

Re: [webkit-dev] Resize/layout code

2007-10-18 Thread David D. Kilzer
You want to read this blog entry about layout (as well as the other four entries): Dave Artem Ananiev [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm trying to understand WebKit code which is responsible for layouting the contents of

Re: [webkit-dev] Build errors on WinXP

2007-10-17 Thread David D. Kilzer
You probably just need to update to revision r26603 or later. Dave Amit Joshi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am building webkit (on Qt) on winXp. I have my 'path' set up as per twiki instructions. While trying to run 'perl build-webkit'

Re: [webkit-dev] Build question on QT window version

2007-10-10 Thread David D. Kilzer
Jerry K [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I found some discussions about localtime_s when using MinGW. I followed the suggestion to write some functions to work around the compiling error and it works. [Still using MingGW, since

Re: [webkit-dev] Should we consider switching to git over svn?

2007-10-09 Thread David D. Kilzer
Oliver Hunt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On the other hand, those of us using git currently have to use the git-svn bridge which, while functional, is somewhat slow. I think (and i'm hoping others agree) that despite the slightly more complex interface the improved merging, branching, and

Re: [webkit-dev] McAfee VirusScan considers the following files as (Trojan) in window

2007-10-09 Thread David D. Kilzer
This is a known issue: McAfee Antivirus reports false positive when checking out WebKit source on Windows If you would like this issue resolved, please contact McAfee technical support and reference the case numbers mentioned here:

Re: [webkit-dev] Disabing SVG?

2007-10-08 Thread David D. Kilzer
% ./WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit --no-svg It would be nice if build-webkit provided a usage statement, but it doesn't currently. See the GetOptions() call for details (or man Getopt::Long). Dave Greg Simon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How exactly is SVG supposed to be disabled from the

Re: [webkit-dev] Webkit Building on Windows

2007-10-08 Thread David D. Kilzer
Jith Thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 10/5/07, Adam Roben [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: *Did you try running svn cleanup as suggested?* Yes, I tried * * *$ svn cleanup WebKit*, but it is expecting the files to be inside .svn/temp folder which in my case is inside .svn

Re: [webkit-dev] Bus error while building WebKit on Mac

2007-10-08 Thread David D. Kilzer
Xcode 2.4.1 is the latest release. You should be able to download it from, but you'll still need an ADC account ( to access this update. (Installing Xcode 2.4.1 will also update gcc on your system.) I recommend updating to Xcode 2.4.1.

Re: [webkit-dev] Extending the multipart support

2007-09-21 Thread David D. Kilzer
WebKit supports multipart/x-mixed-replace as long as the content type doesn't change (14149) or as long as it's not used through an XMLHttpRequest (14392): The multipart/related (7168), multipart/mixed

Re: [webkit-dev] Extending the multipart support

2007-09-21 Thread David D. Kilzer
Maciej Stachowiak [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: To support non-replace multipart schemes, where resources are considered related, you'd want to provide some implementation of the cid: URL scheme that knows how to find attachments. Currently we consider this the domain of mail clients to

Re: [webkit-dev] Can't open file WebKit/LayoutTests/fast/encoding/.svn/tmp/text-base/utf-32-big-endian-nobom.xml.svn-base

2007-09-17 Thread David D. Kilzer
What client are you using to check out the source? Are you using something like TortoiseSVN or the svn command-line from Cygwin? If you're using svn from Cygwin, what version does svn --version report? Is the path too long? If I remember correctly, Windows has some limit on the length of the

Re: [webkit-dev] reload after an upload

2007-09-11 Thread David D. Kilzer
Please file a bug on with explicit instructions on how to reproduce the bug. Don't worry if it's a duplicate! Dave Bernu Bernard [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When I do a reload after an upload a previous page on the site is refreshed, not the curent page. I have

Re: [webkit-dev] disable scroll bars in webView....

2007-08-31 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi Kathryn, Are you wanting to do this using HTML? If so: img src=; style=top: 200px; left: 200px; position: absolute; To make a containing element not scroll, use the overflow: hidden style (e.g. to disable scroll bars for the entire page): body

Re: [webkit-dev] disable scroll bars in webView....

2007-08-31 Thread David D. Kilzer
produced the bridge to making browsers). What I am trying to do is create a web browser that is tiny and has no scroll bars--the images would be thumbnails. Thanks, Kathryn On Aug 31, 2007, at 9:54 AM, David D. Kilzer wrote: Hi Kathryn, Are you wanting to do this using HTML

RE: [webkit-dev] Directory for Safari 3 for Windows plugins that isn't in Program Files?

2007-08-21 Thread David D. Kilzer
Please file a bug using If you don't have an ADC account, please create a free online account using Also, please provide the Radar bug number in a reply once you've filed it. Thanks! Dave MILIANO Vitorio [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [webkit-dev] Assistance

2007-08-19 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi David, I would guess that you should start looking in RenderObject::paintBoxShadow() and RenderObject::drawBorderArc(), although I'm not a rendering expert. (Maybe I will be after reading Hyatt's blog postings!) Also, if you're

Re: [webkit-dev] Some .strip files are not generated anymore

2007-08-15 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi Artem, Please file a bug on I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, but it won't hurt to track it there. Dave Artem Ananiev [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, all, in some of the recent WebKit changes in I see the following diffs:

Re: [webkit-dev] AtMail 5.x and Safari

2007-07-31 Thread David D. Kilzer
Joe Auty [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Apparently the developers are working on adding Safari advanced interface support, but in the meantime I was sort of curious as to what the technical hurdles may have been with supporting Safari? Does Safari have some issues with parsing XML documents that

Re: [webkit-dev] detect virus while download webkit source code

2007-07-17 Thread David D. Kilzer
Filed Bug 14649 to track this as an evangelism issue. Dave Yuehfu Shih [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I am new to Webkit. I am downloading WebKit source code using subvsion. My antivirus software detects virus while downloading the source

Re: [webkit-dev] Issue retrieving SourceCode: SC containing Trojan horses?!?

2007-07-17 Thread David D. Kilzer
Filed Bug 14649 to track this as an evangelism issue. Dave Paul Bakker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Trying to download and install WebKit, following the instructions at, but am running into the

Re: [webkit-dev] DOM Mutation Event compatibility.

2007-07-03 Thread David D. Kilzer
Please file bugs on for each individual issue, even if you're not sure it's a bug. Reduced test cases for each bug (that fail on Safari/WebKit but work on MSIE or Firefox) would help a lot! Please attach the test cases as HTML files rather than pasting the HTML in a

Re: [webkit-dev] DOM Mutation Event compatibility.

2007-07-03 Thread David D. Kilzer
Kalle Alm [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We're in the process of making isolated test cases for as many of the issues we found as we are able to. I think our reports will straighten out most of your confusion. Since we're talking user input=issue, I've made a template for mutation-event style

Re: [webkit-dev] iPhone Orientation and Scaling

2007-07-03 Thread David D. Kilzer
Christopher Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In the community we've been puzzling through how to identify the change that happens when the iPhone's physical orientation changes from portrait to landscape and back, and also how to control the viewport scaling. We need

Re: [webkit-dev] Unpacking Nightly Builds

2007-06-13 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi Michael, You probably tried to download the file while it was being uploaded to the server and got a partial copy. Please try to download it again. Dave Michael JasonSmith [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I get and error unpacking the latest nightly build of WebKit for Windows from

Re: [webkit-dev] Safari Win and plugins directory

2007-06-13 Thread David D. Kilzer
Safari probably works this way because the average user shouldn't have to install three copies of the same plug-in for MSIE, Firefox, and Safari. :) I'm not sure if there is a way to install a plug-in for just one browser, though. Others on the list may have an idea of how to do this. If

Re: [webkit-dev] WebForms 2.0 and Webkit

2007-06-06 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi Andre, Is Web Forms 2.0 the same thing as XForms? If so (I think it is), you may be interested in these bugs: Dave Andre-John Mas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have heard that the W3C was

Re: [webkit-dev] Your opinion on a CSS proposal

2007-06-05 Thread David D. Kilzer
You may be interested in these blogs as well: Dave Windy Road [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place/way to ask this. I recently posted on the www-style list a

Re: [webkit-dev] Adding New Layout Tests

2007-05-29 Thread David D. Kilzer
automatically generated for new tests are correct? Thanks, Reem. David D. Kilzer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Reem Yazigi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 1- Are the expected-results files browser dependent? The expected results files are simply text, but there are two basic types

Re: [webkit-dev] Question about porting webkit

2007-05-27 Thread David D. Kilzer
Jin, Yihua [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Based on my understanding, the webcore of webkits using KHTML as its main rendering engine, and KHTML is from KDE/Qt library, So if webkit will be port to some platform, then that one must support KDE/Qt, am I right? No. You will have to provide your

[webkit-dev] Fwd: [ANN] Release of Bugzilla 3.0!

2007-05-10 Thread David D. Kilzer
Upgrading would allow a custom Radar field to be added to each bug! Dave ---BeginMessage--- In 1998, the first open-source version of Bugzilla, 2.0, was released to the world without much fanfare, just this little post on the netscape.public.mozilla.announce mailing list:

Re: [webkit-dev] Keychain access

2007-04-28 Thread David D. Kilzer
It's a known issue. See Forms auto-fill doesn't work: Dave P A [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there anyway to use Webkit but also have Webkit access Keychain? For me this a

Re: [webkit-dev] old WebKit SDK

2007-03-11 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi Riccardo, The Historical User Agent Strings page for Safari shows that the last version of WebKit released for Jaguar was 85.8.5. If you then look at the WebKit Subversion repository, you'll find branches and tags that are

Re: [webkit-dev] Should editable webkit accept option space to insert non-breaking space?

2007-02-20 Thread David D. Kilzer
Dan, Please file a Bugzilla bug to track this issue. Your comments below would make a good initial bug description. Dave On Feb 20, 2007, at 12:43 AM, Dan Wood wrote: Just to clarify my needs and expectations: When I type in the following, with _ representing option space: We use

Re: [webkit-dev] layout tests

2007-01-19 Thread David D. Kilzer
On Jan 19, 2007, at 4:23 AM, Lars Knoll wrote: * run-webkit-tests generated results for new tests on the fly [...] I've fixed this issue with r18976. run-webkit-tests does now not generate new results by default anymore. You'll have to pass the --new-tests flag to it to force it to do

Re: [webkit-dev] CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp

2006-12-21 Thread David D. Kilzer
Hi Mike, Since you're feeling the pain, you could make the changes yourself! I think there are examples of similar code changes in the history (review the ChangeLog for a candidate, then find the matching svn revision and review the diff). I may be over-simplifying the change, and you'd have to

Re: [webkit-dev] Impossible to compile Webkit on Windows

2006-12-20 Thread David D. Kilzer
This is a common occurrence for the Windows build right now, but the fix isn't usually too far behind: Dave On Dec 20, 2006, at 4:57 PM, Robert BÅ‚aut wrote: Hello Probably after changeset: 2006-12-16 Adele Peterson [EMAIL PROTECTED]