Re: [webkit-dev] CORS and user credentials prompting

2014-05-22 Thread Anne van Kesteren
On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 10:33 AM, youenn fablet wrote:
 While looking at, a question came to my mind on
 user credentials prompting for cross-origin resources.
 WebKit allows prompting users for credentials in case of loading
 cross-origin resources (except for XHR).

Having just an exception for XMLHttpRequest seems very strange to me.
In the normal same-origin case both XMLHttpRequest and img prompt,
so if CORS is enabled I would expect both not to prompt.

(In general we should more closely investigate where we can avoid
prompting and just return the 401 as it's a source of very confusing
end user UI.)

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Re: [webkit-dev] EFL bots for ARM architecture - update

2014-05-22 Thread Osztrogonác Csaba

Hi All,

WebKit hackers from University of Szeged are still on the board,
and we are committed to having better WebKit on ARM Linux.

We migrated the two builder bots to :
- EFL Linux ARMv7 Thumb2 Release (Build)
- EFL Linux ARMv7 Traditional Release (Build)

Additionally we managed to setup JSC tester bots for ARM and Thumb2,
temporarily on , because they
need some special config which doesn't work with the official master.cfg
(cross compiling on x86, wrap the jsc by a script which run tests via
ssh connection on an ARM development board, ...)

One more thing: Gábor managed to setup an ARM64 build only bot,
which can be found here:
We are planning to run JSC tests on this bot too, once there
is ARM64 Linux development board available.


Gabor Rapcsanyi írta:

Hello WebKittens,

I would like to annonunce our fresh new EFL Linux bots for ARM 
architecture. If you are interested, you can find them at:

The bots:
 - EFL ARMv7 Linux Release (Build)
 - EFL ARMv7 Traditional Linux Release (Build)

These bots are just builders but we are also planning to support jscore 
and layout testing as well later.

Gabor Rapcsanyi

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