[webkit-dev] Wincairo support for wss:// urls with websockets

2015-12-21 Thread Isaac Devine
Hi all, I have a patch that enables support for wss:// urls for websockets with the wincairo port. I haven't created a bug and attachment yet because it requires curl 7.45, which is newer than the curl that the current wincairo build depends on. How do I go about proposing updates of the curl

[webkit-dev] Removing ENABLE(DATA_TRANSFER_ITEMS)

2015-12-21 Thread Gyuyoung Kim
Hello, It looks like no ports have used a data transfer items feature. Even the feature hasn't been updated since 2011. If anyone doesn't have a plan to use it in future, I plan to remove it. Any objections ? Gyuyoung. ___ webkit-dev mailing list