[webkit-dev] Request for position on Schemeful Same-Site

2020-05-28 Thread Steven Bingler
Hello WebKit-dev, I'm seeking WebKit's position on Schemeful Same-Site. I've provided the explainer [1], spec [2], TAG review [3], and Blink's I2P [4] which contains some additional discussion you may find useful. Thanks, Steven [1] Explainer: https://github.com/sbingler/schemeful-same-site [2]

[webkit-dev] Position on WebXR Anchors Module

2020-05-28 Thread Piotr Bialecki
Hello, WebKit! I'd like to ask for WebKit's position on WebXR Anchors Module. It is an extension of WebXR Device API, the standardization efforts are happening in the Immersive Web Community Group. In short, the API would allow web applications to ask the underlying XR systems to track particular