Re: [webkit-dev] Shrinking Git clone size (WebKit Transition to Git)

2020-10-19 Thread Konstantin Tokarev

19.10.2020, 07:38, "Ryosuke Niwa" :
> Hi all,
> While we're making the transition to Git, I think we should try to
> shrink the Git clone size. Right now, it's 10GB and I suspect we can
> cut it down quite a bit without sacrificing much. For example, we can
> exclude any history for LayoutTests/platform/chromium* and
> LayoutTests/platforn/*qt*. I bet that would reduce the clone size
> considerably.

Note that you can use partial clone, for example this command

git clone --filter=blob:none

will download only data which is required for files present in trunk,
resulting of repository + working directory size of 5.3GB. If you access
old parts of history or files which were removed in the past, missing
git data will be automatically fetched from network.

You can also set up custom sparse checkout pattern and completely
exclude any subdirectories you don't need, in this case you can
reduce size of working directory and .git even further.

(Note that it's recommended to install latest git release for best experience)

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Re: [webkit-dev] in WebKit?

2020-10-19 Thread Anders Hartvoll Ruud
Yes, there's css/selectors/is-where-error-recovery.tentative.html

(.tentative tag to be dropped momentarily).

On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 10:17 AM Antti Koivisto  wrote:

> Seems like a sensible change. Are there WPT tests for this behavior
> already?
>   antti
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 8:06 PM Anders Hartvoll Ruud 
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are about to ship support for :is() and :where() in Chromium,
>> including support for .
>>  As
>> far as I understand, :is() in Safari 14 takes a regular ,
>> and Chromium API owners are concerned that this is a potential source of
>> interop problems.
>> Are there any plans to implement the  behavior
>> in WebKit as well?
>> Thanks,
>> Anders
>> FYI:
>> ___
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