[webkit-dev] Request for Position: object-view-box and object-overflow

2022-03-25 Thread Khushal Sagar via webkit-dev
Hello WebKit! We're working on adding 2 new CSS properties : object-view-box and object-overflow. These properties allow the content for replaced elements to paint outside their content-box, similar to ink overflow for other elements. The spec for these properties are as follows : -

Re: [webkit-dev] Request for position on FedCM (was WebID)

2022-03-25 Thread Sam Goto via webkit-dev
That's great to hear, Alex!! On FedCM, any suggestions / recommendations on where to go from here? We typically conduct our work at the FedID CG (and sporadically attend the Privacy CG, so both are good options for us to work together) and I hear that Tess is going through the requirements for

[webkit-dev] @scope

2022-03-25 Thread Anders Hartvoll Ruud via webkit-dev
Hello, We're about to start experimenting with @scope and scoped styles in Chromium. Do you have any thoughts or plans for @scope? https://www.w3.org/TR/css-cascade-6/#scope-atrule (Linking to TR, since editor's draft is down at the moment). Thanks!