[webkit-dev] offsetWidth/Height/Left/Top int to float

2012-06-18 Thread Ion Rosca
Hello, I have some questions regarding zooming and offsetWidth/Height/Top/Left. Currently, Element.offset* properties return imprecise values when zooming in/out. One of the bugs describing this problem would be Issue 104074: offsetWidth of element is shrinking when zooming

Re: [webkit-dev] offsetWidth/Height/Left/Top int to float

2012-06-18 Thread Levi Weintraub
Hey Ion, A few things... - We didn't actually switch to floats for Layout, but with sub-pixel layout enabled, we use integers that represent 1/60th of a pixel instead of one (similar to Gecko). - The CSSOM defines those properties to be longs

Re: [webkit-dev] offsetWidth/Height/Left/Top int to float

2012-06-18 Thread Ion Rosca
Hello Levi, The getClientBoundingRect can improve precision only for elements without any transformation applied. This demohttp://jsfiddle.net/2kEZ7/1/ shows that for a div with a transformation applied (45o rotate), getBoundingClientRect().width is different from offsetWidth. Is there any

Re: [webkit-dev] Reflecting pixel delta distance in ImageDiff

2012-06-18 Thread Elliot Poger
Food for thought... Skia's skdiff tool generates two diff images for each image pair: - 1. every pixel which is different at all between images 1 2 shows up as white - 2. every pixel shows the color difference between images 1 2 (much more subtle) For an example of what this looks

[webkit-dev] Feature Announcement: CSS3 intrinsic width keywords (min-content etc.)

2012-06-18 Thread Elliott Sprehn
I'm currently implementing the CSS3 writing mode spec intrinsic width keywords: http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-writing-modes/#intrinsic-sizing Tracking bug: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38919 Currently I'm only adding support for width to match the behavior of Gecko. I'll move on to