Re: [webkit-dev] PSA: WTF::move has been renamed to WTFMove

2016-01-04 Thread Anders Carlsson
Hi Andy, see my comment in the bug. - Anders > On Jan 2, 2016, at 2:28 AM, Andy Estes wrote: > > Hi folks, > > As of , WTF::move has been removed > and replaced with a macro named WTFMove. This allows us to take advantage of > some

Re: [webkit-dev] Wincairo support for wss:// urls with websockets

2016-01-04 Thread Alex Christensen
Sorry for the late reply. That repository *should* have no significant WebKit-specific changes, but it has some build fixes and probably some other minor changes. I’m aware of one fix to pixman to support Windows XP, which is no longer supported by WebKit. The repository should be just

Re: [webkit-dev] DRT Test case video-canvas-drawing-output.html failed on Win Enviornment

2016-01-04 Thread Alex Christensen
Are you using the WinCairo port, which uses MediaFoundation for video, or the AppleWin port, which uses AVFoundation for video? Linux uses GStreamer for video. These are all completely different implementations of video players. It is quite possible there is a bug in one of them that needs