Re: [webkit-dev] REQUEST_ANIMATION_FRAME on all ports?

2017-01-16 Thread Joseph Pecoraro
I also like the idea that we should remove flags for core web features that have been stable for a while. There were no objections raise on this thread to remove the REQUEST_ANIMATION_FRAME flag. Patch up on:

Re: [webkit-dev] Bugzilla spammer

2017-01-16 Thread Lucas Forschler
Thanks Michael. I’ve disabled this account: The following changes have been made to the user account • The user has been disabled. • The disable text has been modified. > On Jan 16, 2017, at 10:15 AM, Michael Catanzaro wrote:

[webkit-dev] Bugzilla spammer

2017-01-16 Thread Michael Catanzaro
Hi, We appear to have a Bugzilla spammer [1]. The user posts a link to an unrelated website (I guess trying to improve SEO) and gave herself away by asking a nonsensical question about the bug (a request for detailed instructions on how to solve the bug when the bug was "add a comment"). In