Re: [webkit-dev] EWS now parses error logs in case of build failure

2019-10-29 Thread Ryosuke Niwa
These enhancements are great. There is one feature of the old EWS that I really miss, which is that I used to get emails when some EWS failed. With new EWS, I have to keep checking back the bugzilla to see if any of them have failed periodically. Can we add a feature to opt into such an email

[webkit-dev] EWS now parses error logs in case of build failure

2019-10-29 Thread Aakash Jain
Hi Everyone, I am happy to announce another EWS feature. >From now on, in case of build failure, EWS will parse the errors and display >them in a separate 'errors' log. You wouldn't have to search through thousands >of lines of logs to find the error message. For example, in

Re: [webkit-dev] [blink-dev] Re: What to do about scroll anchoring?

2019-10-29 Thread Emilio Cobos Álvarez
Hi all, 10/18/19 7:19 PM, Chris Harrelson wrote: Hi, Another quick update: Emilio, Navid, Nick, Stefan and I met today and discussed which issues are important to fix and why. We now have a list of spec issues, and WPT tests to fix that are Chromium bugs, that should substantially improve

Re: [webkit-dev] Lazy loading

2019-10-29 Thread Scott Little
> Are there plans to better specify CSS background images lazy loading? There aren't currently any plans to add lazy CSS background images to a spec, or at least no plans that I know of right now. Right now in Chromium, the default lazy loading behavior is essentially based on whether or not the