[webkit-dev] Position on emerging standard: WebCodecs

2020-04-29 Thread Dan Sanders
Hello, I'm reaching out to see if WebKit would like to weigh in on the WebCodecs WICG proposal: https://discourse.wicg.io/t/webcodecs-proposal/3662. The WebCodecs API enables web developers to instantiate codecs (audio/video encoders/decoders) and use them to process individual frames. There is

[webkit-dev] Exposing FeaturePolicy to the web

2020-04-29 Thread Sergio Villar Senin
Hi, WebKit currently implements the feature policy mechanism[1] to allow developers/sites to enabled/disable certain features and/or browser APIs like geolocation or access to camera among others. While implementing the WebXR API I realized that we are not exposing[2] the values of feature