[webkit-dev] High web process CPU usage

2016-07-20 Thread Chris Aljoudi
Hi all, In the Safari shipped with the latest macOS Sierra beta, as well as Safari Tech Preview 9, there's an odd CPU usage issue with individual tab's web processes. For example, if one navigates to huffingtonpost.com , Activity Monitor will show the tab web

Re: [webkit-dev] Preferred style for checking for undefined in our built-in JavaScript code?

2015-11-30 Thread Chris Aljoudi
FWIW, performance seems to be equivalent: http://jsperf.com/typeof-vs-undefined-check/39 Chris https://chrismatic.io/ > On Nov 30, 2015, at 1:01 PM, Geoffrey Garen wrote: > > For the time being, I like “x === undefined”. > > Long term, I’d like us to switch to “x ===