Re: [webkit-dev] MathML layout refactor proposal

2015-12-22 Thread Dave Barton
Since I was the one who changed RenderMathMLBlock to derive from RenderFlexibleBox instead of RenderBlock back in 2012, I thought I should reply to the recent question on it and give my reasons for doing so.1. Ideally, we want most webkit developers to not even have to think about MathML. If you

Re: [webkit-dev] build-webkit stopped working for me

2012-10-22 Thread Dave Barton
Thanks very much to all three of you! FYI, building with --chromium still compiles ok on Snow Leopard, though it takes longer than just building plain WebKit. It uses clang instead of gcc. Take care, Dave B. On Oct 21, 2012, at 4:54 PM, Eric Seidel wrote: Thank you both for the