Re: [webkit-dev] nested scopes

2009-02-26 Thread Raj Kiran Talusani
Darin, You are right. I was using SpiderMonkey before switching to JavaScriptCore. And i am developing on Android plaform. on Android, public API is not compiled into the libraries.. so i am using kjs API from Interpreter.h. Is there anyway i can implement scopes using the private/internal API.

[webkit-dev] nested scopes

2009-02-24 Thread Raj Kiran Talusani
Hi all, I am developing a wrapper API on top of JavaScriptCore for integration with my application. Here is an overview of my API. In my application scripts are executed and variables are defined in different scopes. This example shows the functionality needed. js_init(); - initialize

Re: [webkit-dev] XML Events in WebKit

2007-12-07 Thread Raj Kiran Talusani
Guys, thanks very much for all the comments. let me be more specific about my problem. i want to add multimodal capabilities to the webkit. I want to trigger (or communicate with) an external app based on events happening in the xhtml document. Also i want to insert custom events into the XHTML

[webkit-dev] XML Events in WebKit

2007-12-06 Thread Raj Kiran Talusani
Hello all, Does webkit support the XML Events specification To be specific, some thing like the following is valid for WebKit? ev:listener event=focus observer=mytextbox handler=myhandler/ thanks in advance Raj ___