Re: [webkit-dev] Touch Bar Web API

2017-10-25 Thread Theresa O'Connor

Aishwarya wrote:

>> I am working on a Touch Bar Web API that would allow websites to
>> customize touch bar controls. There is currently no web standard for
>> an interface like the touch bar, so my plan is to experiment with
>> this feature and gather feedback that can inform a web standard.
>> We have a fairly solid plan for how we want to go forward with this.
>> We are planning to make use of the existent menu and menuitem tags to
>> define the touch bar and touch bar items, respectively. The menu will
>> be recognized as a touch bar menu if it has the type attribute
>> “touch-bar”, and its contents would be rendered in the touch bar.
>> I will be posting and landing patches under an experimental feature
>> flag. The umbrella bug on Bugzilla can be found here:
>> .

Anne replied:

> Heya, I'd appreciate it if you could give the HTML Standard community
> a heads up about using the "touch-bar" value.

We'll propose specific spec changes once we know what they'll be. The
work behind this flag is how we'll figure out what to ask for.

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Re: [webkit-dev] web-bluetooth API support

2016-09-01 Thread Theresa O'Connor
Hi Julien,

You wrote:

> I wish to raise our interest for web-bluetooth support in Safari.

This mailing list is for discussing the development of WebKit and is not
an appropriate forum for requesting feature support in specific vendors'

That said, you can file a Safari feature request at

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