[webkit-dev] @scope

2022-03-25 Thread Anders Hartvoll Ruud via webkit-dev
Hello, We're about to start experimenting with @scope and scoped styles in Chromium. Do you have any thoughts or plans for @scope? https://www.w3.org/TR/css-cascade-6/#scope-atrule (Linking to TR, since editor's draft is down at the moment). Thanks!

[webkit-dev] Scope of FrameLoader::isProcessingUserGesture

2011-01-10 Thread Joe Mason
In our platform implementation of dispatchWillPerformClientRedirect, we check whether the redirect was triggered by a user gesture: m_frame-loader()-isProcessingUserGesture() Since svn rev 65082, isProcessingUserGesture returns true when processing a meta tag refresh. We have a fix for this,