[webkit-dev] Fwd: [ANN] Release of Bugzilla 3.0!

2007-05-10 Thread David D. Kilzer
Upgrading bugs.webkit.org would allow a custom Radar field to be added to each bug! Dave ---BeginMessage--- In 1998, the first open-source version of Bugzilla, 2.0, was released to the world without much fanfare, just this little post on the netscape.public.mozilla.announce mailing list:

[webkit-dev] WebKit Project Goals

2007-05-10 Thread Maciej Stachowiak
Hi Everyone, I recently watched a video on the topic of preventing poisonous people from hurting an open source project. One of the practices it recommends for a large open source project is to have a mission statement, so it's clear to everyone what is and isn't in scope for the