[webkit-dev] Migration to Visual Studio 2013 Is Happening Now

2013-12-13 Thread Brent Fulgham
I am landing changes to switch our builds over to Visual Studio 2013. You can assume I know about any build failures on the Windows port. However, please let me know if you encounter any problems on non-Windows platforms ASAP. Thanks, -Brent ___

Re: [webkit-dev] WebKit, C++11, and Visual Studio 2013

2013-12-13 Thread Anders Carlsson
On Dec 9, 2013, at 2:43 AM, Osztrogon√°c Csaba o...@inf.u-szeged.hu wrote: Hi, is there any plan to use more C++11 featurese not mentioned here? I just ask it, because many of us still use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with its default compiler - GCC 4.6. (Now EFL and Nix port builds fine.) So my