Re: [webkit-dev] Request for Position on URLPattern

2021-08-31 Thread Ben Kelly via webkit-dev
FYI, there is now an intent-to-ship [0] for this feature in chromium. [0]: On Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 4:19 PM Ben Kelly wrote: > Hello, > > I would like to request an official WebKit position on URLPattern [0]. >

Re: [webkit-dev] Network Information API reboot: request for early feedback

2021-08-31 Thread Thomas Steiner via webkit-dev
> > I'm going to stop replying to this thread going forward since I have other > things to do but please note that my lack of future response does not, in > any way, constitute a lack of signal or acceptance of an argument, idea, or > amendment to the proposal. > > Apple's WebKit team is against