Re: [webkit-dev] Unified sources have broken our #include hygiene

2018-09-04 Thread Don . Olmstead
This was actually something I wanted to bring up at the contributors meeting especially since I was bit by this recently with some CMake changes that busted WPE. It would be nicer to move our tooling to clang. Include what you use is something I think would be of great use as well. CMake has

Re: [webkit-dev] Intent to land PlayStation port

2018-10-29 Thread Don . Olmstead
The PlayStation is x64. No JIT in the initial implementation. From: Sent: Monday, October 29, 2018 2:29 PM To: Olmstead, Don Cc: WebKit Development Subject: Re: [webkit-dev] Intent to land PlayStation port On Oct 29, 2018, at 2:19 PM,

[webkit-dev] Intent to land PlayStation port

2018-10-29 Thread Don . Olmstead
Hello WebKittens, We've been working hard on our WinCairo port of WebKit and would like to begin landing our PlayStation port to trunk. We have opened a meta bug at for the work. We would like to land patches individually for each component of

Re: [webkit-dev] Intent to land PlayStation port

2018-10-30 Thread Don . Olmstead
First patch is up at From: webkit-dev On Behalf Of Sent: Monday, October 29, 2018 2:20 PM To: Subject: [webkit-dev] Intent to land PlayStation port Hello WebKittens, We've been working hard on our

[webkit-dev] Clarifying feature flags

2018-11-05 Thread Don . Olmstead
Hi WebKittens, After I saw that CSS_PAINTING_API wasn't exposed in CMake I took a stab at looking into the different ENABLE_ flags inside WebKit's source to try and get what's exposed on the XCode side synced. I ended up searching through the source code and found around 200 different ENABLE_

Re: [webkit-dev] Remove HAVE_ACCESSIBILITY

2018-11-15 Thread Don . Olmstead
It’s weird that we have ENABLE(ACCESSIBILITY) and HAVE(ACCESSIBILITY) so at the very least one of these should go away, probably HAVE. Currently there are actual implementations for iOS, Mac, Windows, and ATK. The WPE implementation is just a stub with everything notImplemented. I did some

Re: [webkit-dev] Clarifying feature flags

2018-11-06 Thread Don . Olmstead
Any thoughts on what it would look like? If there are preferences we can work off of that. From: webkit-dev On Behalf Of Simon Fraser Sent: Monday, November 5, 2018 11:41 AM To: Olmstead, Don Cc: Subject: Re: [webkit-dev] Clarifying feature flags On Nov 5, 2018, at

[webkit-dev] What goes in FeatureDefines.xcconfig

2018-12-10 Thread Don . Olmstead
Hi WebKittens, Recently I did some work around syncing the contents of FeatureDefines.xcconfig and WebKitFeatures.cmake, . Michael mentioned someone noticing that ENABLE(RESOURCE_LOAD_STATISTICS) didn't end up in that list. I did some digging and

Re: [webkit-dev] WebCorePrefix.h vs. config.h

2018-12-10 Thread Don . Olmstead
There was some work done by aperez to try and enable precompiled headers on all platforms at which never landed. I always thought of WebCorePrefix.h as a precompiled headers sort of optimization. Last time I checked though there was definitely an

Re: [webkit-dev] WinCairo EWS bots down

2018-11-19 Thread Don . Olmstead
There were some hiccups over the weekend. Rebooted some hosts and things seem to be coming back online. Thanks for asking about it! From: webkit-dev On Behalf Of Aakash Jain Sent: Monday, November 19, 2018 2:33 PM To: Olmstead, Don Cc: WebKit Development Mailing List Subject: [webkit-dev]

Re: [webkit-dev] Regarding problem in building webkit2

2019-02-25 Thread Don . Olmstead
We've put a large amount of work on the cURL networking layer and are continuing to improve it. It's used by both the WinCairo and PlayStation port so it works cross platform. I'm not familiar with the stack on Haiku but it would require OpenSSL, we use LibreSSL in both, nghttp2 for HTTP/2,

[webkit-dev] WinCairo Intent to Deprecate WebKitLegacy

2019-02-21 Thread Don . Olmstead
Hi WebKittens, Since taking over development of the WinCairo port we've made a lot of good progress with enabling Modern WebKit on Windows. Because of that we plan on beginning to remove support of WebKitLegacy on the WinCairo port and switch to a fully Modern WebKit implementation. This will

Re: [webkit-dev] Unified source builds and adding or removing files...

2019-03-20 Thread Don . Olmstead
The ability to toggle unified builds on and off was enabled in . Immediately afterwards this bug was opened which needs to get resolved. We're open to adding a bot with ENABLE_UNIFIED_BUILDS=OFF if

Re: [webkit-dev] Moving to Python 3

2019-07-12 Thread Don . Olmstead
Mentioned this on the other thread but here’s it again. and might be of use considering the sheer amount of code. They’re both mentioned in for

Re: [webkit-dev] New EWS Non-Unified builder

2021-04-29 Thread Don Olmstead via webkit-dev
When the Mac CMake build is in a working state I'd request an EWS that is Non-Unified as well since Mac builds cover more code. -Original Message- From: Alex Christensen via webkit-dev Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2021 8:16 AM To: dpino Cc: Subject: Re: