[webkit-dev] WPT first test policy proposal

2021-11-19 Thread Tim Nguyen via webkit-dev
Hello everyone, I would like to start a discussion on a policy to enforce WPT usage as a first choice, that would be enforced via check-webkit-style on Changelog files. Why use WPT? Contributing to WPT has many benefits: interoperability/compatibility issues with WPT we write may be detected

Re: [webkit-dev] Proposed changes to Bugzilla 'Resolution' categories

2022-02-10 Thread Tim Nguyen via webkit-dev
Hi! Pretty sure WORKSFORME corresponds to “Behaves As Designed”, that’s how Mozilla’s bugzilla’s instance uses it at least. Adding new resolution statuses seems fine, but maybe old ones (WORKSFORME, WONTFIX, INVALID, etc.) should be cleaned up/migrated too, otherwise folks (coming from other

[webkit-dev] Style guide: enforce `while (true)` over `for (;;)`

2022-10-05 Thread Tim Nguyen via webkit-dev
Hi everyone, The WebKit codebase has an inconsistent mix of `while (true)` and `for (;;)`. Given 2/3 of the usages are `while (true)` and only 1/3 is `for (;;)` from code search, I would suggest enforcing `while (true)`. I also think it is generally more explicit and readable than `for (;;)`.