[webkit-dev] DFG jit Type checking

2012-03-15 Thread blake fiddler
I'm trying to figure out how does the DFG JIT type checking work? I'm also interested in the following: if I start DFG JIT without using LICM will the types of variables be checked in the cycle? To make it clear, I'll bring this example for (var j=0; j1; j++) { var i = 10; var

Re: [webkit-dev] DFG optimizations

2012-05-23 Thread blake fiddler
Hi, Have you some news about dfg optimisations? what are you planing, what have you now or what is your current work ? Currently we do not have either LICM, or loop peeling, or GCSE. We do have a patch that implements LICM, but we are letting it simmer for now because under the current DFG IR,

[webkit-dev] WebKitQt

2012-08-16 Thread blake fiddler
Hey! I have problem with WebKit Qt port build. Why you disable Qt4.x ??? As I can understand now WebkitQt works only with 5.0 version? But Qt5 isn't stable version - it's beta. ___ webkit-dev mailing list webkit-dev@lists.webkit.org

[webkit-dev] recompilation in dfg

2012-10-12 Thread Blake Fiddler
Hi. I have some example in which my function recompiling in dfg jit (it's parsing in second time without OSR exits). Can you explain me why that happens and in which cases? Regards, Blake. ___ webkit-dev mailing list webkit-dev@lists.webkit.org