Re: new to AWS

2016-10-14 Thread Paul Hoadley
Hi Ted, On 15 Oct 2016, at 12:19 AM, Theodore Petrosky wrote: > I just opened a free Amazon Web Service account. This is going to be my first > attempt at setting up a WO deployment. > > I know there is some experience with AWS here. Are there any real gottchas I > should

Postgres double connection: fixed

2016-10-14 Thread Michael Kondratov
It is caused by er.extensions.ERXObjectStoreCoordinatorPool.maxCoordinators=1 Working properly. Michael Kondratov Aspire Auctions, Inc. 216-231-5515 ___ Do not post admin requests to the list. They will be ignored. Webobjects-dev mailing list

Postgres double connection

2016-10-14 Thread Michael Kondratov
I can't seem to be able to get wo app to create a single connection to a Postgres db. It always creates two. Added a parameter to the connection string, no success. Any advise? Michael Sent from my iPhone ___ Do not post admin requests to the list.