[libreoffice-website] LibreOffice 3.4 images/photos

2011-05-14 Thread Marc Paré
I'm helping out with the upcoming release 3.4 and was wondering if there were some rules to observe when taking image/photos/screen grabs for some of the features in this newest version. What size and quality should they be taken? Cheers Marc -- Unsubscribe instructions: E-mail to

[libreoffice-website] Re: Links to Extensions

2011-05-14 Thread Alexander Thurgood
Le 14/05/11 00:03, Andrea Pescetti a écrit : Hi Andrea, Andreas appropriately described the current version as very alpha: this site (at this stage; I'm sure it will get better!) is definitely not comparable to Thorsten Bosbach's new sites at OOo, and not even to Michael Wheatland's