PHI and Divorced Parents

2003-02-17 Thread Catherine Lohmeier
Can PHI concerning a minor child be release to both parents even though they are divorced? Excluding the circumstances of individual state law that allows minor children to receive some medical services without notifying parents, I say yes both parents though divorced can receive PHI about their

Re: Disclosures - NPP and tracking

2003-02-17 Thread Leah Hole-Curry
Teri, I also agree - these are separate requirements that are not mutually exclusive. A covered entity must meet all requirements, relevant to a particular use or disclosure: A covered entity must have a notice of privacy practices which lists relevant disclosures and examples, among other

Re: Disclosures

2003-02-17 Thread David Ermer
Teri -- You are overstating the accounting for disclosures requirenment. Under the modified final rule, the only disclosures that are subject to the accounting for disclosure under § 164.528 are most post-4/14/03 (but not all) disclosures that are made without an authorization under § 164.512

acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

2003-02-17 Thread Fairley2
On April 15, 2003, we are anticipating that we simply do not have the staff available to supply all patients that walk in our door with our NPP. It's hard to find someone to do a job like this for only 3-4 months! We plan to hire college students to accomplish this task when school let outs

Re: acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

2003-02-17 Thread Jeanace123
Dr. Fairley, My firm is recommending that the NPP be developed and implemented as soon as possible just for the reason you mention: otherwise every patient who walks in the door on 4/15 will need to be provided with this document, any discussion/questions, etc. If you can implement this part

RE: acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

2003-02-17 Thread Patricia Hamby
Would this maybe fall under reasonable and may depend upon the size of the CE? Great question. Interested to see what others have to say. Patricia Hamby HIPAA Compliance Project Manager XANTUS Healthplan of Tennessee, Inc. (615) 463-1612, Office (615) 279-1301, Facsimile

RE: acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

2003-02-17 Thread David Blasi
Just wanted to add for some of those who aren't knee-deep in HIPAA that the acknowledgment requirement discussion is a health care provider issue. For health plans the acknowledgment requirement in 164.520(c)(2) is not applicable. Health plans should be able to satisfy their notice requirement