SS# and e-mail

2003-11-06 Thread Dana Frank
If a social security number is not tied to any other personal identifiers, is it okay to send via e-mail? Any thoughts? Dana M Frank Sales Administration Manager Dental Select (800) 999-9789 CONFIDENTIALITY This email and any attachments are confidential and also may be

RE: SS# and e-mail

2003-11-06 Thread Deborah Campbell
A SS is an identifier. So if the SS is tied to past, present or future health or payment info its PHI. As for whether its safe to email, that's an internal decision. But our company has determined its not safe for us. Hope that helps. Deborah Campbell -Original Message-From:

Re: SS# and e-mail

2003-11-06 Thread Vicki Hohner
I would say no, because there are places on the Internet, etc. where you may be able to connect the SSN to a person's identity. Vicki Hohner FOX Systems, Inc. 360-970-6856 360-352-4584 Information transmitted is confidential and may be proprietary to FOX Systems, Inc. It is intended only for

RE: SS# and e-mail

2003-11-06 Thread Halterman, Anita
Title: Message Those interested in this subject might want to review this GAO report. With identity theft, I would not want my SSN sent via email. I have already had credit card information stolenwhich had been sent via an email. Anita

Thanking a patient for a referral

2003-11-06 Thread Catherine Lohmeier
I thought Id tell the group the opinion I formed regarding this issue in the event it may help others. I thank everyone for their input. I decided that the opportunity to agree or object did not apply in this area because that is reserved for family and friends involved in the patients