RE: NPP revisions

2003-01-30 Thread Chris Apple
Doug, In accordance with the Office of Civil Rights Guidance issue in December 2002, only covered health care provider that have a direct treatment relationship with individuals are required to make a good faith effort to obtain the individual's acknowledgment of receipt of the notice - 45CFR


2003-01-30 Thread Leah Hole-Curry
42 U.S.C. Section 1320d-5 (General Penalty for Failure to comply with Requirements and Standards) The pre-codified version is on HHS' website at: Leah Hole-Curry, JD FOX Systems, Inc. 602.708.1045 Information transmitted is confidential and may be

RE: Any HIPAA Humor tools out there?

2003-01-30 Thread Felix Bruce
Title: Message That is the best piece of HIPAA info I have seen in months. Thanks for the grin. Bruce -Original Message-From: McKinlay, Mike [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 12:48 PMTo: WEDI SNIP Privacy Workgroup ListSubject: RE: Any HIPAA Humor

Re: NPP revisions

2003-01-30 Thread Connie Hein
You're correct, Doug. Here's an excerpt from the recent guidance on the Privacy Regs: [begin quote] Q: Are health plans required to make a good faith effort to obtain from their enrollees a written acknowledgment of receipt of the notice? A: No. Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, only covered health

RE: What PHI to give out to callers

2003-01-30 Thread JillGWlaw
Yes, but is it possible for a patient to authorize disclosures of his PHI to a spouse for example? It seems that an authorization would need to be so specific that it would require a signed authorization every time a paricular situation/condition came up. It should be NONE to anyone other than

RE: What PHI to give out to callers?

2003-01-30 Thread Bentz-Miller, Judith
We are working on having an authorization that will cover these "gray areas". It will follow the guidelines with HIPAA and allow us to share information with anyone the patient wishes to be involved in their care. It will only be valid for a year, and the patient will be able to revoke it

Archiving Emails

2003-01-30 Thread David Frenkel
I think there was an earlier discussion on archiving emails. VENDORS UNITE TO OFFER E-MAIL ARCHIVING SOLUTIONS Bringing together components from each provider, EMC, Iron Mountain and KVS aim to save users time and money when implementing e-mail archiving solutions. For the full

RE: Any HIPAA Humor tools out there?

2003-01-30 Thread Clay, Roy III (NO)
Don't forget Alan Goldberg's HIPAA-ginity! HIPAA-ginity - that exemption from HIPAA regulations that vanishes when a healthcare provider succumbs to the temptation of electronic billing. -Original Message-From: Ron Moore [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]Sent: Thursday, January 30,


2003-01-30 Thread Rachel Foerster
Section 1176 of the HIPAA statute addresses penalties. Section 1176 of the Act establishes civil monetary penalties for violation of the provisions in part C of title XI of the Act, subject to several limitations. Penalties may not be more than $100 per person per violation of a provision, and