RE: What PHI to give out to callers

2003-01-31 Thread Mendel, Linda R.
I think many health plans will share limited (i.e., financial) PHI within a covered family group. The thought is that this comes within the scope of 510(b). The thinking may be that the family shares e.g. deductibles and out of pocket maxim mums and so are involved in each other's coverage. I

RE: Any HIPAA Humor tools out there?

2003-01-31 Thread Phil Burns
During the intro,ask everyone to introduce themselves to the person sitting next tothem, sharing their name, dept. etc. Thenask them to share their age,weight, sexually transmitted diseases, drug addictions -Original Message-From: Benjamin W. Tartaglia [mailto:[EMAIL

Covered Entity or Not

2003-01-31 Thread Charles_Carnahan
At a meeting yesterday of our parent organization's privacy officers we had a discussion I'd appreciate some feedback on. One of the organizations is a long-term care/retirement facility that indicated they do not bill electronically. Therefore they are not a covered entity. However, after

RE: Email Usage

2003-01-31 Thread Ribelin, Donald
Time for a quick survey. Please reply just to me. I will post the final results to the group next Tuesday (Feb 4). Thanks in advance. Please respond with the single number that best describes your organizations use of Email in relationship to PHI. External Email is defined as Email

RE: I need a Heads Up on Who Is Preparing BAA's

2003-01-31 Thread Darrell Rishel
Accreditation is one of the specific qualifying services listed in the definition of Business Associate in Sec. 160.103. Darrell Rishel, J.D. Director of Information Services Arapahoe House, Inc. This message is not legal advice or a binding signature. -Original Message- From: Nancy

RE: Covered Entity or Not

2003-01-31 Thread Boyle, Joan
A provider is a covered entity under HIPAA if the provider sends any of the HIPAA mandated transactions electronically. Once a provider sends one of these transactions, he/she is in and must comply with the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA as well as those for the electronic

Re: Covered Entity or Not

2003-01-31 Thread Leah Hole-Curry
The answer is in the covered entity definition found at 160.103 Covered entity means...A health care provider who transmits any health information in electronic form in connection with a transaction covered by this subchapter So the transmission must be in connection with a standard transaction


2003-01-31 Thread Dee Warrington
I need some help, please -- it relates to ERISA plans. What level of access, if any, can aplan sponsor, such as a HR rep or an accountant, have to a health plans data in order to do their job. I have encountered a few "ERISA experts" who say the plan sponsor has few rights if any to review


2003-01-31 Thread Dee Warrington
Question #1: What restrictions does HIPAA place on "self-insured" health plans regarding intercompany disclosure of health information? In a company that self-funds and self-administers their employee health plan, what protections do employees have in ensuring that their private health

PRIVACY: Self-Funded Benefit Plans

2003-01-31 Thread Stephen Luptak
Is anyone willing to share changes to self-funded benefit plan documents prompted by HIPAA's Final Privacy Rule? If so, please contact me directly. Thank you. Steve Luptak Privacy Officer Ottumwa Regional Health Center 641-684-2515 (voice) [EMAIL PROTECTED] This electronic message and any