RE: BA Agreement

2003-02-27 Thread Chris Stahlecker
Perhaps look at this upside down. If you were the elderly person and participated in the program only to find out that your PHI had been disclosed, likely you would go after the pharmacist first but also the group that facilitated this program since they were the ones to select this pharmacist and

Re: medical vendors as Business Associates

2003-02-27 Thread Doug Webb
Jo, quite so. I would lkie to call an entity that would be a CE if they did a single electronic transaction that a standard has been established for a "Potential Covered Entity" (PCE) and avoid all the repeated verbiage. Any takers? The opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily

Re: Medicare audits: operations?

2003-02-27 Thread Phillip Otto
Medicare reimburses for the Bad Debt of providers, under certain circumstances, subject to a cost report audit. SEE CFR 412.115(a) and CFR 413.80.I think it is mostly deductibles and coinsurance. So that the provider is held harmless to revenue loss by the failure of benes to pay

Re: Questions in regard to Security/Privacy

2003-02-27 Thread Doug Webb
Richard, The first question is: Is what is being transmitted Protected Healthcare Information? If not all the rest is moot. If what is being transmitted is strictly the financial data (This merchant charged this person this much), it probably isn't PHI, but just money. If it is you must do

Amendment Questions

2003-02-27 Thread Patricia Conroe
I have two questions regarding amendment of the medical/billing record. 1. Do we have to amend info kept prior to the deadline? (The disclosure log specifically says you do not, but nothing on the amendment. What about all those places that have info on microfilm?) and 2. When a patient

RE: Questions in regard to Security/Privacy

2003-02-27 Thread Catherine Lohmeier
I don't see these POS terminals being affected by HIPAA if in fact they are doing a financial patient is making a payment for services rendered(paying the co-pay with a credit card). Now, there is a network of POS terminals that do eligibility checks and referrals etc..these

Re: Questions in regard to Security/Privacy

2003-02-27 Thread Doug Webb
Catherine, Just a clarification. These non-financial POS terminals would have to use standard transactions (such as 270/271, 278, etc.) to do their job when a standard is available. The opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily the opinion of LCMH. Douglas M. WebbComputer

Standard transactions - POS Terminals

2003-02-27 Thread Samoe
Douglas, I recently participated in the development of Internet-based online systems with a major health plan. It should be noted that there may be a qualification regarding the requirement to use standard transactions (such as 270/271, 278, etc.) with online systems, i.e. the format portion of

RE: Amendment Questions

2003-02-27 Thread Matthew Rosenblum
Patricia, 1) It depends what you say in your NPP, but HIPAA does not mandate that a CE include past information (i.e., PHI created prior to the compliance date) 2) HIPAA does NOT require a written request from the individual I hope that this helps. Your questions are always welcome. Matt

'Do Not Call' follow-up

2003-02-27 Thread David Frenkel
ATT Government Solutions Awarded $3.5 Million Contract by FTC to Develop And Implement 'Do Not Call' Registry Consumer Registration Expected This Summer VIENNA, Va., Feb 26, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- ATT Government Solutions announced today it has been awarded a $3.5