2003-03-07 Thread Doug Webb
Dee, Yes, only the codes on the list may be used on a Complient claim. This applies now. CMS stated in the Federal Register that they won't enforce until October. You can get the list from WPC. Also, the Remark codes are at

RE: Unlocked charts

2003-03-07 Thread Rupe, Cindy
Title: Message The OCR guidance states that a BA is not required: With persons or organizations (e.g. janitorial sercie or electrician) whose functions or services do not involve the use or disclosure of protected health information, and where any access to protected health information by

Re: OCHA Answer and Disclosure Question

2003-03-07 Thread Patricia Conroe
I like your answer since it confirms some of my thoughts. We joined the OHCA just to make sure there would be no problems with credentialing, peer review, etc. We also thought sharing the NPP and policies would be a nice gesture to our medical staff so we would carry the burden of getting all


2003-03-07 Thread Traci Winter
Interesting occurrence just took place…… I just received a NPP from Guardian Life Insurance Co. It was put in my inter-office mailbox by our HR staff person. There is no acknowledgement form for me to sign.. Do they think by having my employer distribute them that they are not required

RE: Unlocked charts

2003-03-07 Thread Hare, Dennis
Title: Message Cindi, I have to disagree with you. The definition of a Business Associate is someone that "performs certain funtions or activities that involve the use of disclosure of protected health informatin on behalf of [my emphasis], or provides services to, a covered entity." A

RE: Unlocked charts

2003-03-07 Thread CBowman
Thank you for your input. I agree 100% with you. Do you mind if I privately share your response with the person that misquoted Ms. Sanches's response? I hate for her to be misquoted. The person may want to recheck their notes and post a correction to the other list where they quoted her.