RE: Displaying Data in web browser. Indefinitely.

2003-03-17 Thread Gregory Park
I believe the correct answer is more litigious than technical. Obviously this sounds like a area that is compromised, but maybe not...depending on your internal analysis. There are lots of questions here regarding WEB applications and security as a general question, but I think it would be

Re: Displaying Data in web browser. Indefinitely.

2003-03-17 Thread Doug Webb
Gregory, You make a good point. If the Patient is accessing his/her own data, you are not respnsible for what he/she does with it. If it's a CE or BA of a CE accessing Patient data, the CE is responsible for ensuring Privacy. Offering a process to make the CE's task easier might make good

RE: Privacy Certification

2003-03-17 Thread Schmitt, Laura A.
Title: Message Following the link from David Frenkel's link to the news article... NCQA, JCAHO SIGN LETTER OF INTENT TO DISCUSS COLLABORATING ON PRIVACY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM FOR BUSINESS ASSOCIATES Program will certify that business associates appropriately safeguard protected health

postcard reminders

2003-03-17 Thread Kelli Caiafa
I know this has probably been asked but please reply again. Is there any concern with sending postcards (as compared to a sealed envelope reminder) in the mail to remind patients to call and schedule an appointment? The only information on the card would be the patient's name and the physician's

RE: postcard reminders

2003-03-17 Thread Dan Kelsey
Kelli - Look at page 16 of the OCR clarification document dated December 3, 2002. This should answer your question - this follows under reasonableness. Dan Kelsey Practice Advisor Indiana State Medical Association 800-257-4762 (317) 261-2060 (317) 261-2076 - fax -Original

OHIO Age Limits

2003-03-17 Thread Jim Moores
Hi All, Can anyone tell me what age limit we should cut off the automatic granting of Confidential Communications, without a signed statement from the parent or a court order? We know we have to grant it automatically to anyone over 18, but how much younger than that do we have to

Attorney Authorization

2003-03-17 Thread Thomas Johnson
Wondering how Ce's will be treating a general authorization by attorneys to release medical information and/or records, especially if some info not pertinent/exceeded minimum necessary standard pertaining to the matter that the attorney is representing the insured for? Thomas L. Johnson Vice

RE: Attorney Authorization

2003-03-17 Thread Gerald E. DeLoss
If the attorney is providing an authorization, the minimum necessary rule does not apply. If the attorney is a business associate of the CE, then no authorization is required because legal services are health care operations. In addition, the CE may rely upon their own professional's

RE: NPP in Other Languages

2003-03-17 Thread Halfhill, Annette
We are currently having it interpreted into Russian, Somali and Spanish. -Original Message- From: Kathy Findley [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, March 17, 2003 2:08 PM To: WEDI SNIP Privacy Workgroup List Subject: NPP in Other Languages Hello All! I don't belive it's required

RE: NPP in Other Languages

2003-03-17 Thread Sherry Neuman
Title: Message In the compliance tool I have developed, I am offering not just the Notice in Spanish but the other important "patient" documents as well--the Authorization, Requests for Restrictions/Confidential Communications/Access/Amendment forms and the letters to patients denying

RE: Privacy Certification

2003-03-17 Thread HRNCIRIKJ1
Perhaps when the public begins to trust those of us that actually do the work to do our jobs. The public is very afraid of their personal information, not just health information being misused by car dealers, insurance companies, banks, identity thieves, the government, etc. and HIPAA is a well