RE: Disclosing Claims Info to Fully-Insured Group MovingtoSelf- Fund ed

2003-03-25 Thread Jim Moores
Oncethe group hascertified, doesn't the group have to become fully HIPAA Privacy Compliant? It's not the responsibility of the "discloser of the data", but perhaps of some interest to the group. A discrete word to the wise might be appreciated by the group, since they might not know fully

Re: Separating financial and clinical data

2003-03-25 Thread PainClinicAssoc
Noel, our charts have divided sections for clinic notes, test results, reports from other doctors and insurance information. Our training is that staff only access that section that his or her job requires. Often, in a small providers office, a nurse will schedule tests using the insurance info

Confidentiality Agreement for Board Members

2003-03-25 Thread Kristen Emerson
I amputting the finishing touches on my policies and procedures and just realized that the confidentiality agreement I have for staff will not be sufficient for our board members. I haveseen others in the pasttalk about this issue and was wondering if anyone can point in the direction of a

Financial and Medical Chart

2003-03-25 Thread Teri Baskett
We do keepa "billing chart" in our Accts Rec Dept for copies of insurance cards, any payment plan information, collection info, etc. It does not contain the "official medical chart" info. That being said, copies of the insurance cards are vital to the medical chart data, because so many

Fw: New to this list, have two questions.

2003-03-25 Thread Doug Webb
Title: RE: New to this list, have two questions. Gregory, We just do not send any e-mails containing PHI. It might be something to consider when the ordinary patient has encryption/decrpytion capability for e-mail that is easy enough to use that a technoLuddite can use it. We do contact Web

RE: Disclosing Claims Info to Fully-Insured Group Moving to Self- Fund ed

2003-03-25 Thread Traci.Jensen
Title: Disclosing Claims Info to Fully-Insured Group Moving to Self-Funded Problem is that the group would need the claims experience (full PHI) at the time of their renewal or right when they are switching from fully-insured to self-funded. It is more than likely that the group would not

RE: psych notes

2003-03-25 Thread Huber, Cheri
Contrary laws that are either more stringent with regard to protection of privacy OR grant more rights to the individual will preempt the HIPAA Privacy Rule which merely sets a minimum federal standard - or floor - with regard to medical information privacy. See 45 CFR 160 Part B - Preemption of

Medicaid Administration and Medicaid Health Plans - Defining the Relationship

2003-03-25 Thread Teresa Mulford
How have other states' Medicaid Administrations defined their relationship with the Medicaid Health Plans who have contracted to provide medical coverage/services to Medicaid beneficiaries? Business Associates? Trading Partners? Something else? Is there an exception to the business

RE: Separating financial and clinical data

2003-03-25 Thread Gamini Gunawardane
Noel, does this have something to do with the designated record sets which are subject to patient's access and amendment ? CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail and any attachments are confidential and may be protected by legal privilege. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any

military authorities

2003-03-25 Thread Harpe, Leslie
I know we are at war and HIPAA is probably the last thing on armed forces' minds, but has anyone heard of any military authority publishing the appropriate military command authorities purposes to disclose PHI in the federal register?(section 164.512 (k)(1)(i)) I am looking for the Air Force to

section 164.514(d)(3)(iii)(B)

2003-03-25 Thread Harpe, Leslie
Your opinions on the following scenario: A patient is seen in the ER last night. Dr. A ordered labs. Dr. B calls the lab for the results today. Lab only knows the ordering doctor. Based on the fact that Dr. B knows labs were ordered and according to section 164.514(d)(3)(iii)(B), we are going


2003-03-25 Thread Jorge Laguna Colon
Please, if you have links related to lawsuits relating to privacy issues I'll appreciate if you send me some. Thanks!!! Regards Jorge Jorge Laguna Oficial Principal de Privacidad y Seguridad Departamento de Salud Tel.: (787) 777-2702 Fax:: (787) 777-2710 --- The WEDI SNIP

Re: section 164.514(d)(3)(iii)(B)

2003-03-25 Thread Leah Hole-Curry
Leslie, In my opinion, while it would be good to apply some minimum necessary principals, I don't think you are required to do so in this situation. Because these are providers (covered or not) using, disclosing, and requesting the PHI for treatment. Under 164.502(b)(2) - min. necessary

Release of PHI for Mental Health Services for Children/Youth

2003-03-25 Thread Beth Miller
Hello, all - I would especially appreciate any answers to these questions from anymental health service providers in Californiathat provide mental health services tochildren/youth as the result ofalocal education agency's (LEA)development of an individualized education program (IEP), as

RE: Separating financial and clinical data

2003-03-25 Thread Hal Amens
Sometimes "good ideas" bleed from a context where they make sense to other contexts where they don't. The banking industry is struggling with the distinction between financial information which is related to payments,does not contain PHI and is specifically exempt from HIPAAand the