RE: Thanking a patient for a referral

2003-10-31 Thread Deborah Campbell
And if all else fails, couldn't the doctor send a note to the patient saying. "Thank you for referring your friend." With no name, there is no PHI, right? Deborah Campbell -Original Message-From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003

RE: Thanking a patient for a referral

2003-10-31 Thread rachelmcass
Why does the thank you note have to identify the patient who was referred? Seems to me if the thank you note said "Our office thanks you for referring a friend to our office," that accomplishes the same purpose, and does not release PHI. I had an eye doctor once who was referred to me by

Use of the Privacy Notice

2003-10-31 Thread Catherine Lohmeier
I need opinions on whether or not one can use the Privacy Notice acknowledgment as evidence of agreement to the disclosures listed in 164.510 (Facility directory-disclosure to family and friends) if those disclosures are listed in the Notice. Catherine Lohmeier Implementations Project

is this practice O.K.?

2003-10-31 Thread Fairley2
The practice that I am going to describe is quite common in our community but I am not sure it is acceptable. I wanted the opinion of the experts on this list. Occassionally, we run into a problem with a patient who seems to be doctor hopping and getting multiple prescriptions for narcotics.