RE: BA v Trading Partner Agreements

2003-03-21 Thread Beth . Kranda
Title: RE: BA v Trading Partner Agreements I do disagree with the below The TPA is a document used to establish EDI relationships. Those relationships are not always between covered entities and are not always HIPAA impacted. A BAA is a document between a CE and another company that

RE: BA v Trading Partner Agreements

2003-03-20 Thread Beth . Kranda
A Business Associate is someone who is performing a function on your behalf. Many Business Associates are also trading partners because you send them a file to carry out their duties. A Trading Partner is an entity that you trade electronic data with. A person can be a training partner and not a

RE: Billing Services with Contractors

2003-03-19 Thread Beth . Kranda
Yes. We do this all the time. Internally we refer to these as subcontractor business associates. We have a template called a c-BAA that we have sent to all out subcontractors based on the provision in the BAA that requires us to pass through the same requirements to any subcontractor. The

RE: Fee for Access

2003-02-20 Thread Beth . Kranda
The regulation says the fee may be reasonable and cost based There is no way you can meet the test of these two requirements with a flat fee unless you plan to charge based on the cost of the smallest possible record - then it does not seem worth doing. cite 164.524(c)(4) My opinion BK

RE: Some Questions that I've asked before....

2003-01-28 Thread Beth . Kranda
I will only take 3) 164.502 (g)(1) requires that you treat a Personal Representative as the individual i.e. must give access (g)(3) requires that you treat a parent or guardian as a Personal Representative The only exceptions provided are described in (g)(3) which seem to be very

RE: Is patient email address PHI?

2003-01-28 Thread Beth . Kranda
I will go out on a limb with an unsubstantiated opinion because it is late Only if the email also contained health information or some indictor of health status - or - If they could infer by the name or address of the sender the health status of the recipient. Would anyone out there agree

RE: NPP and recurrent patients

2003-01-27 Thread Beth . Kranda
The citation Noel references below is true and can be found at 164.520 (c) (3) (i) An entity that maintains a web site ... must prominently post its notice on the web site and make the notice available electronically through the web site. Thanks BK -Original Message- From: Noel Chang

RE: HIPAA privacy and telephone

2003-01-17 Thread Beth . Kranda
Title: RE: HIPAA privacy and telephone Be careful - If you say that an authorization is required, a y/n question will not fill the void even if you track it. If you say that an authorization is required, it must be a HIPAA valid authorization and there are a list of about 10 required

RE: Costs

2002-10-22 Thread Beth . Kranda
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